LTFU About Us: The OmniTrace Solution – A Comprehensive Approach to Locating Missing Patients in Clinical Trials:

At OmniTrace Corp., we understand the challenges that CROs, pharmaceutical companies and clinical trial investigators face when patients go missing during a clinical trial. That’s why we provide a comprehensive solution to mitigate the risks associated with patient lost-to-follow-up. Our dedicated team of experienced investigators uses innovative techniques and cutting-edge technology to locate missing clinical trial patients worldwide.

The Problem of Missing Patients in Clinical Trials:

Missing patients pose a significant problem in the clinical trial industry, leading to costly delays, impacting the validity and reliability of study results and adding additional expenses to the study’s budget. Some reasons for missing patients include relocation, lack of transportation, and lack of engagement.

The OmniTrace Solution:

Our approach is fully compliant with data protection regulations and integrates seamlessly with existing clinical trial workflows. We conduct investigations to locate missing patients and communicate our findings to the study sites.

The Benefits of the OmniTrace Solution:

By addressing the issue of patient lost-to-follow-up early in the trial process, our solution helps improve patient retention rates, reduce costly delays, and ensure that your study is completed on time, within budget, and with accurate data.


Locating missing patients is critical for the success of a clinical trial. The OmniTrace Solution provides a comprehensive approach to locating missing patients, which helps reduce the number of lost-to-follow-up patients, improve patient retention rates, and increase the chances of a successful trial outcome. Addressing the issue of missing patients will not only improve the quality of clinical trial data but also reduce the cost and time associated with patient recruitment and retention.

At OmniTrace Corp., we provide services worldwide and believe that our solution can significantly benefit CROs and pharmaceutical companies by improving patient retention rates and ensuring that your study is completed on time, within budget, and with accurate data. If you have any questions or would like to discuss our services in more detail, please do not hesitate to contact us.