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  • Founded in 2001, OmniTrace is a leading provider of probate and genealogy research
  • Customized heir searches, personalized service and flat rate fees
  • Court acceptable reports and affidavits to satisfy legal requirements
  • Global network of researchers to handle all heir search needs
  • Free review of each case by licensed researcher
  • Clients include banks, attorneys, trustees, executors, real estate investors, financial services firms, public administrators and guardians

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We offer Named Heir Searches, Lineal Heir Searches and Tier Level Heir Searches.

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The Heir Search Experts

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why Should I Hire OmniTrace?

    Our team of experts has access to millions of public and non-public records, enabling us to resolve cases quickly and cost-effectively. Our extensive network of local and international investigators, genealogists, and researchers allows us to leave no stone unturned in our search for missing heirs.

    How Long Does A Search Take?

    The length of an investigation can vary depending on the scope of the search, but our state-of-the-art capabilities typically allow us to complete searches quickly and thoroughly. Investigations can take anywhere from a few days to several months.

    Where Does OmniTrace Conduct Heir Searches?

    We provide heir search services globally, with a worldwide network of investigators and researchers who are second to none.

    What Is Your Success Rate?

    Our success rate is unsurpassed, and our client satisfaction rating is nearly 100%.

    What Are Some Heir Search Services Provided by OmniTrace?

    We offer a range of services, including:

    • Identifying, locating, and providing detailed reports on known and unknown heirs and beneficiaries.
    • Providing notice to heirs and beneficiaries regarding estate or trust matters.
    • Locating heirs and beneficiaries in matters of property ownership and clear and quiet title.

    What Our Clients Are Saying

    Case Studies

    Case Study 1:

    OmniTrace was hired by a Kentucky attorney to locate the heirs of Joan, who died intestate without any known family members. Through extensive research... Read More, we discovered that Joan had a half-sibling and four half-siblings from her father's second marriage. Additionally, we were able to locate Joan's maternal aunts, who had sixteen children. Through further research, we located all living heirs, including five cousins and twenty-five first cousins once removed, who were children of Joan's deceased cousins.

    Case Study 2:

    A real estate investor hired OmniTrace to locate the heirs of a property he wanted to purchase. Through our research of census records... Read More, we discovered that the property owners were born in the late 1800s and had two children born in the 1920s. While the property owners and their children had passed away, we were able to locate all five living grandchildren of the property owner, providing our client with the information needed to rectify the improperly signed deed.

    Case Study 3:

    An attorney hired OmniTrace to locate the relatives of Donald, who died intestate without any known siblings or children. With only Donald's birth... Read More certificate and a common surname to go on, we conducted extensive research of birth and census records, discovering an enormous family with many cousins. After a monumental research task, we located all sixty-four living heirs, including three cousins, twenty-seven first cousins once removed, thirty-three first cousins twice removed, and one first cousin thrice removed.

    The Heir Search Experts

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