OmniTrace – The Heir Search Experts. Find missing or unknown heirs/beneficiaries anywhere.

Our network of investigators and genealogists provide the nation’s #1, top rated, state-of-the-art, search service. Clients include: Attorneys, Trust Officers, Executors, Administrators and Fiduciaries.

Discreet, fast, accurate, with experience in: trust, estate, notice, property, gas & mineral rights matters, we’ll handle all your probate needs.

We offer best in industry, very affordable, flat rate fees, not based on a percentage of the estate. At the conclusion of your case, we’ll provide a detailed report and court accepted affidavit to help you settle matters smoothly.

The Heir Search Experts

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Documentation Do You Provide Your Clients Upon Completion Of An Heir Finder Case?

    Once we determine the whereabouts of an heir or have confirmed that the person is deceased, we provide proof of compliance with due diligence requirements. We have extensive experience preparing affidavits and compiling evidence for the courts.

    What Resources Do You Use To Locate Missing Heirs?

    • Genealogists, Researchers and Investigators Covering All 50 States
    • International Researchers and Genealogists in Most Countries
    • Salt Lake City Family History Library Access
    • Federal Archives Access
    • State-Of-The-Art Current and Historical Databases
    • Multi-Lingual Staff
    • In-House Investigative / Genealogical Library

    Why Should I Hire OmniTrace?

    OmniTrace’s highly experienced investigators and genealogists have access to millions of public and non-public records, allowing us to resolve cases fast, saving you time and money.

    Our record access is supplemented with an extensive network of local and international investigators, genealogists and researchers allowing us to leave no stone unturned.

    How Long Does A Search Take?

    Our state-of-the-art capabilities allow us to typically complete searches quickly and thoroughly. Depending on the scope of the search, an investigation can take days, weeks or sometimes a few months.

    Do You Provide Court Ready Reports?

    Yes. OmniTrace will provide a detailed report and affidavit if necessary.

    What Are Your Fees?

    OmniTrace charges a very affordable, non-percentage, flat-rate fee. Once we review your missing heir search, we’ll provide you a quote. Best of all, we will not charge you a fee unless you are satisfied with our service.

    Is OmniTrace Insured?

    OmniTrace has $2,000,000 in Professional Liability Insurance against Errors and Omissions. We are proud to state that we have never had a claim.

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    The Heir Search Experts

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