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Troy The Locator On WE tv

Troy The Locator

Troy The Locator has been reuniting birth family for over twenty years and is one of theAdoption Search most viewed shows on WE tv.  Millions of people have witnessed Troy The Locator conduct reunions between birth parents and adoptees.

A new episode of  Troy The Locator airs Saturday, Sept. 12, 2009,  9:00 PM Eastern Time and 8:00 PM Central. 

Here is what WE tv has to say about Troy The Locator:

Troy Dunn is a true phenomenon: From finding birth parents to organ donors, his brilliant investigative skills are a marvel to all who see him in action. His impressive track record for locating people means that he and his staff are routinely inundated with dozens of new cases to solve on a weekly basis.

But for one week each month, Troy devotes all of his staff and resources to one important case that they call the Angel Case. This Angel Case usually comes to Troy because there is an urgent need to find someone and because she has exhausted all other possible avenues. The Angel Case meeting begins with Troy’s staff presenting him with three to four potential cases and after a brief discussion, Troy decides which challenge he wants to take on. On his way out of the meeting, Troy assigns specific tasks to his staff members to streamline the search process.

Join Troy and his team on these emotional journeys, where everything from creative tactics to sheer luck provide breakthroughs in his quest to reunite loved ones and reconnect lives

Like Troy The Locator, OmniTraceThe Adoption Search Experts – reunites birth parents and adoptees all over the world.  We estimate that Dave Betz and his search team currently conduct more adoption related searches than any other company in the world.  We believe our success rate is unsurpassed by any other search firm!!!  

If you do not have the opportunity to reunite with your birth family via WE tv’s Troy The Locator, please contact us and one of our experienced and friendly search consultants – Sheila, Barbara, Sharla, Lisa, Michelle or Diane will provide you a FREE search consultation and answer any questions you have about your search.  You can call toll free at 1-888-965-6696 or email us at:

We hope you enjoy this season’s episodes of We tv’s Troy The Locator.

Find Your Birth Family

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  1. Anne Ardolino says:

    personally, I as an adoptee amd really sick and tired of all the consideration being given to the birth mother or parents and none to the adopted children.
    I mean really – what RIGHT does someone have to promise anybody that they won’t tell their child or children who they really are or where they came from?
    Okay – until the adopted child is a legal adult, go ahead and keep it hush hush but if they are of age and want to know their name? They have a RIGHT to know their name. Former slaves in America have apparently got MORE RIGHTS to their own information than adoptees. In particular, the Catholic Church is one of the WORST when it comes to this stuff. They apparently believe they’re above the law – that is, the freedom of information act. Wasn’t that law passed already – possibly a few years ago? So then why can’t I access my name? I am beyond frustrated at this point. At sixty five years of age and still looking – I am BITTER.

    • Brian Pierce says:

      Your right as the state of Ark is really bad too. I know my birth name ( William Earl Garst) but, can’t find out about my father who fought for 2 yrs to keep me. I also have 2 brothers & 2 sisters and don’t know anything about them. I want to know if I was the only one given away and if the others even know that I exist? Do they tink I’m dead or something? I’m alive and have 4 kids and have been married for 29 yrs. I’d like to meet my birth father and siblings.

    • Sari Hunt(Coyle) says:

      Hi all! :smile:
      I am searching for my son, born Nathan Kyle Coyle…Jan.4th 1988. I hope him to be in great health,a good stable upbringing,and all the love I could have given and more. I would also like to thank the adoptive family for having my son.
      I too was adopted and am searching also for my father and sibs..Birth Father-Marshall Elliot Swinford, I believe to be in Indiana. If you do not wish to see me,maybe I may have the chance to meet my sibs at the very least? I would appreciate this soo much and understand if you do not wish to contact me.
      To all, good luck in your searches and good day!! :smile:

      • Arni Elliott Swinford says:

        Hi my name is Arni elliott swinford i live in iceland and my father marshall elliott swinford was living there with my mom and me he left in 1980 and i have been looking for him since then..

        • Janet Tilley Swinford Coyle says:


          If you are searching for Marshall(who also went by the name of Mark) I may have some info for you. Sari was his first child and he has many! We were married Nov. 1970 and divorced Jan.1973. He and his current wife are in the Evansville,indiana area. Along with his brother Ron and SIL.

          Please email me if you need help with your search. My duaghter,Sari, has spoken with some of then family.

        • Janet Tilley Swinford Coyle says:

          I was his first wife and we hae a daughter, Sari. Please contact me if you need info. We know quite a lot about the family.

          • Bryndís Jóhannesdóttir says:

            My name is Bryndís I am a mother of Árni Elliott Swinford, would be lovely if we could get some information about his relatives.

      • cheri says:

        It’s nice to read that a mother is searching for her child. I sure wish my birth family would do some searching. I have many illnesses and would like some information and not only that I would like to meet them. I use feel bitter about it, but not at all anymore. I have a wonderful family and was raised in a good home. I have one daughter of my own and three grand children that I adore. I would like for my birth family to see what they are missing. Good luck on your journey to finding your son.

        • Ruby says:

          I am also looking for my son. He disappeared in 1991 and I have been looking for him ever since. His name is ‘Edward Eugene Freeman’ and he would now be 38. The reason he left was my husband at that time told him I did not want him in my life. He took my husband at his word and left. My huband is now dead so he does not have him to worry about anymore. I am hoping someone out there can help me find my son before it is too late.

    • Scott says:

      I’m an adult adoptee, born and adopted in Texas. When I was searching for my natural mom, I was told by the District Clerk that “you don’t need to know”. What kind of crap is that? I understand that Texas likes to keep their secrets, but come on. The way that adult adoptees are treated is nothing short of DISCRIMINATION and a violation of our CIVAL and HUMAN RIGHTS. It’s my opinion that there should be a massive class action law suit brought against all states who keep adoption records sealed.

      Closed records were not, nor were they ever, meant to keep mother from adoptee and adoptee from mother. Nowhere in the surrender and relinquishment papers does it promise anonymity to anybody except the adoption agency. Why? Call it paranoia, but probably to protect the agency from illegal practices. Just my .02 worth.

      Yes, I’m really pissed about this.

    • Steven says:

      Descendants of former slaves may have certain rights, but no right in the free world can give them back their original surnames and true history. Something everyone else takes for granted.They are branded for eternity, with white, slave-owner surnames, all because of a stupid drop of blood rule! No one else in America has this problem, not even the almost extinct Native-Americans. Thanks U.S. Government! Your are correct though. Everyone has the right to know their full name, and history!

  2. Anne Ardolino says:

    Oh wow – well thank goodness at least you have your name. My name (birth name supposedly) was/is Sherry Anne Blythe. My birth mother MADE IT UP. I am apparently named after her favorite drink and Anne Blythe the movie actress. I was told by the Catholic Charities that my birth mother used FIVE DIFFERENT NAMES and meanwhile they won’t or can’t tell me any of them. They told me everything else though – all the dirty details including that I was apparently in a penile institution with my mother soon after I was born. I was adopted at fifteen months of age – rather old by comparison and I guess I’m lucky I got adopted at all – even though it wasn’t the greatest situation, it could have been MUCH worse. Anyway – I advise you to never give up. More often than not, little consideration is given the fathers. That needs to change quickly.
    Okay – they don’t have to give birth but once there is a baby born? They have every right to be a part of the child’s life. God bless you and good luck.

  3. Linda Burditt says:

    I am looking for a son, Born March 30, 1983, at Good Shepard Hospital,Gregg Co. in Longview, TX. I was told his first and middle names were, Nicholas Russell. This was a private adoption. I was in college at the time and took a maternity leave for his birth. Dr. Lucas was the attending OBGYN. in place of Dr. Bianca. And The attorney used was a Lynn Patton of Longview as well. I would appreciate any help or guidance. Thank you and God Bless!

    • Linda Burditt says:

      Thank you, thank you, thank you! Omni TRACE IS
      AWESOME! I found my son with the help from a lady named Jan she read my posting and helped me until I finally located my son. To make a long story short, we met a week later and have kept in contact ever since. My heart if full…
      Thank you Omni Trace and Thank you Jan
      May God Bless You in Many Ways
      Linda ~*

  4. jana friend says:

    i am looking for my grangpa. All I know is his name is Jerry and he either was a pharmacist or worked for one in jackson mississippi. My grandmother met him at a bar in jackson and he rapped her and she became pregnant with my mother so she gave my mom up for adoption and my moms great uncle adopted her.. I would really like to meet him and the rest of my family. If anyone can help me or has any advise please let me know!!! thank you!!!

    • Mary Apper says:

      Have you gone to the town where the conception took place and done some leg work… more then likely he might have owned the pharmacy.. check out the Cole directories and then make it to the drugstores and check them out..

  5. Carol Williams says:

    😆 I am looking for a son Born 8-28-1981 at Community Memorial Hospital Winona,Mn Birth name Darrell Joe Brink. If you are out there I need to find you for your birth mother and father. etc

    Hope to meet you soon
    Carol W 😆

  6. garryspear says:

    i have been looking for my birth mother since 1981. my search has been very costly in the past, and when the cost of your search is affecting you ability to pay your bills it is time to let it go, so i did. i would really like to contact my birth mother, just to let her know that i am very thankful for putting me up for adoption, as i had very good parents. i would also like to know if i have any siblings? i live both in southern ontario, and western new york, and i have good health and i am willing to travel, if a reunion is possible. i would love to meet her, and tell her about my family, and her grand kids, great grand kids, and her great great grand child…..hopefully you can make this happen for me…..garry

  7. Michael Broton says:

    I completely agree with the first post about the Catholic Charities, I am totally disgusted with the way they operate. I as an adult have every right to that information as an adoptee. I was born in Naperville Il, on 8/16/72, if that wasn’t changed also!! I was a few weeks old at adoption and I’ve been searching for years and I’m so frustrated at something I have a given right to know!!

    • Sarah says:

      hey michael, do you know your birth parents names or ANY information? what hospital were you born at?

      • Michael says:

        Hi Sarah, No I have no info on who my birth parents are. My adoptive parents won’t share that info with me and I’m 38 years old. It’s a real shame. I go in waves to see if my birth mother might be searching for me somewhere, but it always ends the same, a big emotional let down. I was born at Edwards Hospital in Naperville. Thanks for the reply.


  8. Joseph Todd Pack says:

    I am looking for my biological parents. I was put up for adoption in 1971 in Moundsville, WV, I was one or two weeks old. My adopted parents mean the world to me but there still remains a hole in my soul and the only thing that will fill it is knowing who I am. My adopted father, Jack, was the head football coach at John Marshall High School during that time. We moved to Princeton, WV a few months after I was born.

  9. sue doland says:

    12-19-48 Iowa. Looking for brother given up for adoption. I am the oldest. He was 6-8 months old when placed with the welfare dept. I did get non-identifing info after I wrote the state of Iowa and requested it. His adoption was finalized in Cedar County, Iowa in 1952. So I am assuming his first name stayed the same Allen, or Alan. Seems really sad the he is 61 years old and I am 62 and still cannot get info.

  10. Jenny Farris says:

    troy, I think you are the best. I just think people need to hear that. keep going gate keeper!!!!

  11. michelei tiffani ulibarri says:

    I was born in Tarzana medical center in Tarzana California on february 21, 1983 im looking for my birth parents. please help. 😥

  12. Vicki says:

    😉 Well any way I was born in 1959 . My mother had tb and she survived the treatment at the time. She was diagnosed when she went to see if she was pregnant with me She won the right to raise me. Her family and the time I was born was not a good or easy road to travel. Many times I asked the name of my father James Murphy do you realize how common that name is in Chicago . My mother finally did marry but I was was always the illegitimate one . It took me years to realize I was suppose to be here .What I was told that my father was married and had six children by the time I came around. All boys that would make me the only girl he ever had. I never got child support from him . My mother has pasted and he might have done so as well all that I know was that at the time of my birth he was a prison guard in Cook county. Which was how he explained to my mother he could not always be with her. She was a young woman who loved him. He might not be around however I have always wanted to know not only him but all the brothers I have somewhere in this world .I have tried all the resources I know of and have hit dead roads . I cant get his middle name from anyone and the employee list from cook county jail is private .I am just tiring one more time to find the other part of my family. He was married to a woman named Maryanne. I could not find a marriage license he was Catholic. My brother and sister from my mothers marriage have always looked down on me because my stepfather always loved me . Even tho I was not his daughter I was in his heart . I would like to give it one more shot to maybe meet him and my brothers .

  13. Brain Mckay Gaddis says:

    Brian McKay Gaddis is the name given to my husband at birth he was born in Gulfport Mississippi on May 4, 1964 and was adopted by Ralphine and Joseph Lewis who lived in New Orleans, LA. My husband found out he was adopted when his adopted mother passed away he never know he was adopted after her death he approached his adpotive father who was very evasive, his family has always been very distant now we realize why everyone in his family are so distant they were all so afraid to tell him he was adopted. I am really in search for his biological mother and father. He disparately would love to meet them and know his roots. I can tell it is a dream for him to truly know who they are. I have received the final decree of adoption however it did not give the name of his parents. I pray that someone can help. I know they would be proud of there son and all he has accomplished. I just feel that this is a missing puzzle for my husband that he has to complete. PLEASE HELP!!! A new year is coming and we REALLY want to know.

  14. Tracy Olli says:

    I feel so bad for all of these people given up for adoption and then denied valuable info. I know from experience what its like to want to know. I wasn’t adopted but I wasn’t raised by my mother and ibesides me looking for my siblings, I’ve wanted contact with my mothers side ofr the family but some don’t really care. I have an aunt who lives and has lived my ENTIRE LIFE in the same county, matter of fact, less than 15 miles away and has known this and never responded to my repeated efforts in contact. I did have contact as a young child and remember a lot about her but some ppl just don’t care. ANYWAYS, I am looking for my sister who was put up for adoption. She was born in the spring of 1991(I think) and her birth name was stacey ann olli. Birth mother tammy jo olli( maiden name miller) the legal father who had to sign paperwork and was on birth certificate was daniel lawrence olli. She was born in michigan. She may know or may be record that she was the third child born to tammy, me being the first. I don’t know much. May have been adopted through adoption associates or adoptive associates?? I want to meet her so bad. A part of me has been missing. I also am looking for my brother and younger sister but I believe that my bro was adopted by a family member of his biological fathers and I’ve benn told that he won’t know he was adopted and also the two younger ones wouldn’t even be 18. I wasn’t raised by our mother but I was never legally adopted by anyone. I wish I could find stacy so bad. Heradoptive parents may have kept her first and middle birth name. I am trying to find her exact bday because I know my bilogical father(her lagal father befroe adoption) has paperwork because he had to sign his rights away since he was still married to her mother. Does anyone know how I can get more info? I have had trouble since I am only her halfsister. I feel like I have every right to know who and where she is. If I had been older than 5 I would have taken her myself and all of my siblings. My Ýoungest would be 8 and has down syndrome. I wish those records were open because I have a feeling that she never found a stable permanent home because of her illness, I would take her right nowin the blink of an eye. Ok. Sorry for all the babble, hope you all read this post as I have read yours, I am just upset and I get all worked up everytime I come on these sights. P.s. I am on my phone, not a computer but can get to a computer if I really need to. ANY and all advice or feedback will be appreciated from THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. Good luck to all, please know that someone, somewhere loves you and thinks of you everyday!!!Love always and forever,Tracy ann olli

  15. Stacie McGlamery says:

    I am looking for my birth mother to thank her for one thing and another to find out any info on the medical history that may be of some help to me. I was born on Aug. 14, 1978 at Flow Memorial Hosp. in Denton, Texas. My birth mother’s name was Nancy Elkins and she was 22yrs old at the time of my birth. I would also love to find my brotherthat is 2 yrs older than me. Please if any info. let me know!!!

  16. Patti says:

    So this is the hardest case i have ever had, not that i am a pro or anything, Not that i get paid to be a crazy person sitting at my computer searching countless leads only to realize you have none. Hey i found and made two reunions, what the heck. Why is it harder to trace when they are adopted at two and a half? Could it be I don’t have real information? This would be a good case for a show, actually there should be a show for us crazy people who search for free for people we hardly know. Does anyone know of any child born 4-23-1959.
    State could be WA. but maybe not? I have been to every library in my area done all the inside trade secrets… I tell you I feel it, I know they are looking for her, this person i hardly know, but do know from her story. This person who deserves to know her roots. I read countless stories of searchers who just want one connection to their roots. I don’t even know what drives me to search and help people along the way, I think I feel all the ancestors in heaven pushing me to not give up…. and I search like a crazy person when
    I could be protesting the court houses that hide all the information i need.

    • Dee Drumheller says:

      Patty, God Bless you i know how hard it is to search on the computer for Adoptee’s some times i spend 12 hours a night looking for my two half brother’s who were adopted at birth and born in Virginia 1960? and feb or march of 1969 i have found 3 sister’s 17 years ago without the help of a computer back then i didnt know how to turn a computer on really my two half sister’s found my Brother and i Dianne who is now name Sally born march 24/1959 Martha Ann Miller born aug 20/1961 and i bought a book that had a Virginia Beach S.working name and phone number in it and i called her up i lived 3,000 mile way and i cryed just like a baby please tell me where my full sister is two day later i was on the phone to my sister mrs.Donna M.Gaylord born in Norfolk va.Dec 1956
      she was 9 when she was adoped so she got to keep her birth first and middle name. i also try to help the adoptee’s that were born in VA.i now live 45 min away from va. iam in NC.

  17. Anne Ardolino says:

    I wish I didn’t have complete and utter disdain for the Catholic Charities but at this point, I do. They believe they are above the law. There is a freedom of information act but apparently, they don’t have to respect it. If there is a God I hope HE PUNISHES THEM for withholding my name from me.

  18. Richard Weisel says:

    I was adopted in July of 1952, Oakland CA. at the age of 2-months old. I was born in “Oakland Hospital”, (now a Kaiser Hosp.), I was the 15th child adopted from the newly opened “Children’s Welfare Department” and have spent some $$$ on gathering information as to who my actual parents are. All I have received is this information; Father was German, and Mother was Irish, and that my birth name given to me was David Lee. I have yet to find my last name, because I was adopted in the 1950’s all files were sealed and any/all information pertainning to my birth parents idenity is kept a secret. I had joined “Adoptee/Adoptor Groups”, put my information on the internet as a part of this group and have never heard any information as to who I really am. I don’t understand why this information is so damn hard to find, I have five children, nine grandchildren, and would like so very much to be able to tell them where they come from. Actual bloodlines that could be connected, health matters, if I have any siblings I could one day meet just to feel connected. I have gone through marraige’s because I have never felt the family ties. Why does this valuble information need to be withheld from children? I have a sister and she was adopted also, and there has never been a connection between the two of us. She was adopted from different parents, not the same as mine and it was like growing up with a pretend family. All of our cousins looked different from us, and we were both teased and treated differently from the rest of the children. I have not even spoken of the hatred kept deep inside of me for many years until now. I feel I have the right to know who my real family is!!!

  19. Twyla Anderson says:

    Male child born 6th of April 1983 in Nashville Tennessee, Baptist Hospital is seeking his birth mother. She was 18 years old so her birth year is 1966 or 1967 i assume, and from what he was told was a small petite woman with blue eyes and blonde hair. He has dark hair and brown eyes and freckles. I can’t think of any other distinguishing features that she might recognise.
    The doctor his birth mother and adoptive mother were seeing was a OBGYN Dr Jackson Cothern and/or Dr Bishop.
    The story is that his mother was unable to have children and that the doctor said about a 18 year old woman who was pregnant and looking for a loving and good home for her unborn child. His parents name is Hartman. I hope someone can help us.

    I am looking on behalf of my fiance who is now 27. The details that he knows of his birth are few but please look them over and if anyone knows anything.. any information would be much appreciated.

  20. donna elaine dean says:

    i am looking for my sister born grenville south corlina 1947-1949 my mother gave her to a lady name evelyn benfield in greer s.c. she was there for 3 years .my aunt call human service in greenville s.c. and told them my mother had never sind papers to human service came in and took her and adopted her to someone els.she does not know i exiest. my mother name is lilly bell dean busha she is dead now and never get to see her if any one knowes anything .

  21. Martie says:

    My brother is looking for his birth mother. He was born August 12, 1947 in Cook County Il. (Chicago or Elgin) Pearl Raeburn was the social worker. His mother was very young (14-16) and came from abusive family. Judge took him away from the motherbecause of the abuse in the home. She vowed to find him, but never has. Please reply if you have any info. Believe his birth name might have been Paul Allen.

  22. Martie says:

    Looking for birth father. Girl born July 4, 1950. Mother was Charlene Schmit of Elgin. Mother now deceased. Believe birth name was Gretchen. Have found mother’s family but they won’t give any details about the father. They just say to “leave it alone”. Hummmmm…
    Please reply if you have any information.

  23. Ashley Pawlyzyn says:

    I am searching for my half sister who was born in Long Island, NY in 1991 to a Danae Trapaga and Frank E Pawlyzyn, they were living in Long Beach, Long Island at the time. My Grandmother and I want to find her. Please call us at DEBILOU FITNESS in Bayonne, NJ at 201 823 4577.

  24. alforgi says:

    I have dated a girl in Tulsa Okla. in 1974.Her name was patti Riley. I heard she claims that she had a boy from me in 1975. I would like to know if anybody is that boy

  25. dawn says:

    looking for a bi-racial female born november 25th 1977. born in texas. birthmom named jan shafer she had just turned 20 at the time. birthmom’s address was michigan. mom was white dad was black. the birthmom was in an unwed mother’s home in texas.

    That’s all I know.

  26. Amanda (Tammy) says:

    I am searching for any birth family. I was born in 1973 in Pontiac Michigan. My bmoms name was Judy and bfather was Larry. My bmom had 2 older children when I was born. The girl was 3 when I ws born and the boy was 2. Bmom was born n 1949 or 1950. Bfather born 1946 or 1947. I would just like to see where I come from. I am married with 3 children and a great career. I have a happy life and want to make sure they do too.

  27. Leeah Rice says:

    Im looking for my younger sister Taylor Rice i havent seen her since she was like 2 she will be 16 soon…i dont even know if she knows she has two big sisters and two little sisters and shes an aunt of a 3 yr old and a 4 month old.Her mom Chris took her away and we never saw her again last we knew she was in columbus.i just want her to know that her dad jerry rice loves n misses her and so do her sisters and we would like to meet her someday…

  28. Norm says:

    Looking for birth parents. male born 7/21/55 Omaha, NE. 4 days after birth was given to Child Savings Institute. Mother was 22 yrs. old. Said father was 23. Said last name Hayes. She was 2nd of 8 children. Named father as “Ricky Lee Hayes” (that could be her brother or father’s name)Lived outside of NE entire life. Moved into brother’s home in KS 1 yr. before birth. Said she was secretary for card company (maybe Hallmark, maybe lived in KCKS)Child Savings Institute has more information, but will not release and under NE law all records sealed.

  29. Pati says:

    Searching for my nephew. Born 7-22-75. Springfield memorail hospital, Springfield, Il. Have his birth Mothers okay for this.

  30. Joann says:

    Searching for any information on birth mother/family. Born 6/16/1961, Jamaica, Queens NY @ Mary Immaculate Hospital.
    FEMALE FRAZIER. Adopted 3/4 days after birth, private adoption.Mother supposedly married and already had another child. Any info appreciated

  31. jaime l clark says:

    Male born july 17,1983 in Spartanburg,SC look for birth mother or father I was born with a first name not show if it was given by my birth mother or just a name.

  32. betty sims says:

    my name os betty sims,i have 7 kids whom i am trying to find. i am getting up in years and my health is fair, and i would like some help in finding my kids.i dont remember to much at my age but i will do my best, i have been trying to find some or all of them for years.they have been adopted out for reasons i willexplain when u call. was wrong not on my oart and i would like a chance to explian my side to my kids. i would so much like to have this wish if not all 7 some before i leave this earth, and i thank u troy from the bottom of my heart!

  33. Rashidah says:

    I am trying to hep a friend of mine find her 2 sons, who were adopted in Birmingham Great Britain, in December 1983 she left the boys with social services under temporary fostering. while she came to Brunei to see if it was the right move for her and the children. She had no family in the UK who would help look after the boys. she married here in Brunei and within a few months received a letter to say the boys had been adopted. She was told she had 3 months with temporary fostering, she contacted social services and was told it was to late. she was immature and a bit naive and didn’t no what to do.Every time she went back to the UK she went to social services with no luck the. She is not blaming anyone she just wants to see or no that her 2 sons are well and had a happy childhood, the only info i have is as follows; Mothers name Georgina Miller dob:16-11-60 fathers name Muhammad Hassan dob:04/01/58. Georgina lived at the following address 81 Trafalgar Rd, Mosley, Birmingham Uk when her 1st son was born moved to Varden Croft, Balsall heath,Birmingham, Uk. Eldest sons details Gamal Muhammad Miller dob:06/09/79. born in Sorrento Maternity Hospital, Birmingham, Uk. his National health service NO is VHPPS.185 his doctor was S.S.Ahmad. 2nd child Kasmat Miller 04/12/82 born born in Sorrento Maternity Hospital, Birmingham, Uk. lived at Varden Croft, Balsall heath,Birmingham, Uk. BIrths registered in Birmingham UK. The social worker assigned to the case was Maureen Caldwell or Maureen Caldwill. All correspondence between social services and Georgina and birth certificates have been misplaced. It has been a long and sad 27 years for my friend. She thinks the adoption took place in January or February 1983. If you can help in anyway or advice me how to search it would be much appreciated i just want to help her dream come true. Look forward to hearing from you. Rashidah

  34. Mitch Coleman says:

    I’ve recently been thrilled to learn that I have a daughter born April of ’82. Her mother and I knew each other the previous summer, while rehearsing with separate traveling show bands at “The Barn,” Gabe Garland’s studio near West Hazelton, PA. The mother was a singer, who I believe was from South Carolina. I also understand the child spent at least part of her childhood in south central Michigan (Albion? Litchfield?)and may now be in the Monroe, Michigan area, working as a nurse. I’d be overjoyed to hear from her.

  35. Tia says:

    Hello, I am a spouse of an adoptee. He has asked me to help find his birth parents.I have been doing some research and found that it is very difficult. He was born in Evansville, IN August 1, 1979. He thinks his birth name was Jesse but not positive. His mom(adoptive) passed away last year so we don’t have a whole lot of information to go off of. If any one has any advise to help we would appreciate it greatly. Good luck to everyone and thank you for your help.

  36. sue says:

    Shock of my life after searching for my birth sibling for over 20 years, he had the info for the last 40 years and just decided to try and find his birth mother. Well it took him one month to fine me and my sister. So it has been 61 years and we are talking and emailing all the time. We are going to see him in Dec. So never give up!!!


  37. Michelle M. says:

    Searching for birth son. Born Sept 9, 1989 in Baltimore, MD @ Union Memorial Hosp. It was a closed adoption thru an agency located in Washington, DC. Please forward any available info. If he doesn’t want to see or know me fine. I just REALLY NEED to know he is ok, and I want him to know I have always loved him and I am so sorry for anything that went wrong because of me.

  38. Nicole Jenkins says:

    Ok this may sound a lil strange but i am lookin for my older brother that was adopted out about 35 or 36 years ago. He was born in normal il, and the adoption agency was baby fold in normal il. i believe he was born nov. 26 or 27 of 1974 or 75. This has been hauntin my parents everyday. My mom wants so bad to find him but doesnt want to risk it being bad news. They have tried to find him in the past with no luck and a lot of money wasted. he also would have 2 full blood sisters and a full blood brother as well as neices and newphews now. any information you may have that would help would be greatly appreciated.

    • sue says:

      Have you requested non-identifying info? I got the county that the adoption took place in, go there and look in the court index on the date his adoption was finalized. Or in anything that will give you the charges for what happened in court on that day or 10 days before and 10 days after. Whoever paid those charges is the person you need to find as they are probably related to your sibling. Sue

  39. LucyMazurek says:

    A friend of mine has no family left, and was adopted. Born July 5, 1951 in Cook County Hospital, his adopted parents passed away a long time ago. John was told his birth parents were of Scandinavian descent. And that there was hereditary mental illness (Schizophrenia) in the family. Since John is not on the computer very often, I have gotten his consent to find any birth relatives that may still be living such as parents, siblings, etc.

  40. Jamie McDonald says:

    My name is Jamie McDonald, I was born in Hermosillo Mexico and was adopted at 3 mos old. I have ALWAYS known I was adoped and have ALWAYS wanted to find my birth mother ever since I can remember. Growing up I never felt like I fit into my family or that I was 100% accepted. I felt out of place and left home at the age of 16. I am now 30 and have no relationship with adoptive parents. I am really ready to find my birth mother. I just want to see her and actually look at someone that I resemble, someone I came from. My own flesh and blood. It would mean more to me than any prize position of this world. I now have 2 daughters of my own and know how amazing it is to have children of your flesh and blood and how connected we are. I really would love some help finding my birth mother, and seeing her face would mean the world to me.

  41. tiffany perry says:

    my name is tiffany perry i was born in nashville tn 04/10/1980 i was giving up for adoption nov 22 1980 i only know that my birth name was danielle i dont know what my last name was my adoptive parents changed my name to tiffany perry i was born at baptist hospital i been searching and searching for my birth mom and yet to have found her i need help i dont even know where to start i need advice on where to start.

  42. rechalle barksdale says:

    hi my name is rechalle and i gave my son up for an adoption in 1992 and i have regreated evey day he is been gone which is 18 years now.i was still with my kids father and he did not want to except another child in my life that was’nt his,and tried to kill me with a after this he made his brother take me to the hospital,and then said you not bringing that babie around me and my kids.he made me tell them people that i was rap and that i did not now the father.the socail worker that was on the case kelp asking me was he threating me to have this done,and i kelp saying no because i did not want him to hirt me or my other 4 if someone can help me find my son please fell free to call me at anytime someone is always home.i really am desprate to have this done.

  43. bill hall says:

    hay troy ,i just want to say that what you do for people is awsome .keep up the great work .you are bringing alot of people back together.i know whats its like not knowing.

  44. sue says:

    I too spent 20 years searching for by brother who was adopted 61 years ago at the age of 1. I knew what county his adoption was finalized in and had been there seaching many times. I petitioned the court two times and was turned down. I had just about given up. Well, my brother knew all along he was adopted and was given the actual papers with his birth parents names on it but didn’t really want to hurt his adopted parents and just packed the info away. About 3 months ago his wife got on him to be looking for his birth family. He got ahold of the orphange that had him and someone he knew worked there and he got everything!!! You must have an “in” to get anything. It took him less than a month to find me and my sister. We email or talk everyday. We live in Iowa and he now lives in Florida. My sister and I are going down to see him and his great wife in Dec. DO NOT GIVE UP HOPE. I cannot believe this is happening to us. We are so lucky. I pray everyone has such an outcome. Sue

  45. morgan fisher says:

    I am looking for my mother, I was born April 6,1981
    in Edinburg, Texas. I had a birth cert. in Tx. and my name
    was Tina Ann Miles, mother was Debra Ann Miles, 21 yrs. and a student at Pan Am University, no father was listed. I need
    medical information, plus would like to know if I have any siblings.

  46. hi,
    my name is angel. im trying to find my dads brother and sisters. there names are james, sandy and paulette sinners. theire mother and father, nadine and jb sinners. the last he knew they lived in tennessee or michigan. it has been 45 years since he saw them. if you know them please help me
    thank you

  47. sonya mcneal white says:

    I am looking for a brother that my mom gave up for adoption. I have no info except that he was born in South Carolina. I believe it was 1965. All i know is that she was sent to a home for unwed mothers by her father and that she had to give him up. My mom’s maiden name is Phillips and she was from Georgia. Im scared to ask her for info cause I dont want to upset her but this is something that I have wanted to do for years. I just want to konw that he was adopted by a good loving family and that he has a had a good life. And yes I would love to get to know if him if possible.

  48. Julie says:

    I have been searching for my kids for a few years my maiden name is Odette. I want to reunite with them so bad. There hasnt been a day I dont think about them. The state forced me to give them up I was between a rock and a hard place and I was young. My youngest found me 2 weeks ago on face book his adopted parents were open with him. I have 2 more kids out there. Last time I saw them John (j.j.)was getting ready to start school and Christina was 4. Andrew was 2. John was born 6/26/87 christina was born 9/20/88. The reason the state got involved was my other daughter was murdered by her father. She was shaken. I was at school when it happened. I am hopping to reunite with my kids and have them back with the family they are missed by every one. Their birth father is also looking for them. John and Christina have a different father then the other 2 kids.

  49. Larry Gauthier says:

    I am looking for my birth parents. Have questions about medical history. I was born on September 9, 1968 in Shreveport, Louisiana. The only thing I know is that they were both students in Lafayette. Any information would be appreciated.

  50. Precious (postelwait) says:

    looking for a sister. From what I’ve been told, she was born to Vikki (Vicki?) Phillips of Benton Harbor, Michigan. Maybe Saint Joseph County. She was supposedly adopted by her mother’s new husband. Somewhere around 1955? I am one of five siblings. My dad’s name is Joe. He’s getting older, and I’d like to find her before time slips away if she ever wanted to know.. I know I’ve always wanted to meet her.