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Troy Dunn – The Locator Is Now On WE Channel

Troy Dunn – The Locator
Callers and visitors to our web site have been saying that Troy DunnThe Locator was on Dr. Phil yesterday.

Troy DunnThe Locator has been in the business of reuniting birth parents and adoptee (s) for about twenty years.  As a matter of fact, he helped his own mom, Katie Dunn an adoptee, find her birth mother.  What could be better than that?

After helping his mom find her birth mother, Troy Dunn decided to dedicate his time, his resources and his life to reuniting birth family members all over the world.  Even Troy’s mother is now an adoption search specialist!  According to Troy, he has helped reunite thousands of families!  Literally millions of people have witnessed Troy Dunn conduct reunions between birth parents and adopees on TV.

Troy Dunn has a new adoption reunion show–The Locator–on the WE Channel which premiered Sept. 6, 2008.  You can catch it on Saturday evenings 9:00 PM Eastern Time / 8:00 PM Central.  If you missed the first couple of episodes, you have a good chance of catching reruns on WE.  Are we starting to sound like a commercial here?

Our company founder Dave Betz and his Research Staff are also dedicated to reuniting birth parents and adoptees all over the world.  We love what we do and truly appreciate the unique position we are in to help so many people.  OmniTrace currently conducts more searches, reunites more birth parents and adoptees, and has a greater success rate than any other search firm in the USA. So, if you can’t get your search done on TV, give us a holler!

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  1. kayla says:

    i need help. i dont know who to go to when i need to find my father. i have a 3week old baby girl and i want to meet my father and tell him he’s a grand-dad. does troy only do adoptee’s? or does he help the rest of us that need help also? if not i need to know if there is someone that will help me because if not then im on my own or it’ll never happen and i dont have alot of resourses

  2. nancy Gabrick says:

    I need help finding,my birth parents.I’ve had no luck on my own.I was put up for adoption as a baby.i know what my name would have been.I since have been come ill.I have sleroderma/Lupus,MS &Had cancer removed.Had twelve surgeries in the past three yrs.I would love to find my birth parents, to see my medical history and fill the emptyness I have.I don’t have the resources to do that.would Troy be able to help me??I would so appreciate his assistance.

  3. Tammy Mays says:

    I am wanting to find my biological father. My mom is very ill and I don’t want to waste any time in finding him. She has told me that his name is Larry Caulkins and the last time she saw him was when I was an infant. She says he went AWOL going to El Paso to see us before he went to Vietnam. She doesn’t know if he came home from the war. But I feel that I still have a family out there somewhere that I am a part of. My children has family out there that they do not know about. Can someone please help me??

  4. Cat says:

    I have been trying to find my mother family and has had no luck. My mother past away in 2005, I do not have much information she was born Dec 18, 1945 in Harlem Hospital in New York. My mother was the start of our family and now that she is gone we don’t have anyone. I really would like to find out who i am, because right after my mom die my father died 8 months later. I do not have any money but would really like some help finding my mother’s family.

  5. Sarah Jackson says:

    I need help trying to find my real mother. I havent seen her in 15years. She left me when i was three. Im fixing to have a kid of my own and i need the closer before my baby gets here. Her name was Lori Ann Schuld. I have really bad abandament issues and i belive the only way to help my issue will be to talk to her and ask her why she didnt want me. Please try to help me please. :sad:

    • cheryle says:

      There are a few of those names listed on Facebook…….also you don’t mention an area to search if known…….might help .

      Good Luck…..

    • kristi says:

      how old are you now have you checked on facebook to see if you can find her

  6. roxxielyn says:

    :smile: hi, there my name is Roxanna. I,ve been looking for my father for as long as a could remember. So now I,m comming to u.I really hope you can help me.all I really know is that he was from Ok and his name.He use to come down to wk with my family. They use to do migrent wk all over well alot more around the area I grow up. you see when my granddad passed he took ALL the answers with him.My mom doesn’t know that much.I promise I’ll explain that part hopefully soon. Sry it’s just to long to get in too. I know he must be getting up there in age. I would love to meet him before our good lord takes him home. I don’t even know if he even knows i exsit. I’m an only child, and would like to know if I have any brothers or sisters. Plus my father has 4 grand kids. and they don’t have a grandfather on either side. I’v been told I look like him. 😀 so Iknow he has to be good looking. 😆 So if you can HELP ME

  7. Anna King says:

    I am 43 I gave birth to 3 beautifull children unfortunately I was in an abusive situation my ex threw grease on me when I was 6 months pregnate with my second Growin up I myself was in 48 different foster placements I am one of seven the youngest an was too much 4 my parents I got lost in the shuffle both parents were addicts(I am recovering sober since 2002) My children names are Jacob fredrick claypool 9-29 Casey ann marie king 5-29 and cody edward king 5-22 the last I seen of jake WAIT BAC UP.. see I became an alcholic b cause of the abuse an unsolved issues I grew up even to this day that if i leave first they cant leave me I got in trouble and had to go to jail so my ex filed 4 custody and told courts that I had abandoned and they granted him custody of case an cody Not jake so as 4 jake I gave custody to my mother BUT….She was raided an the courts took jake cause she wouldnt tell them whwere i was I stuggled to get bac on my feet jake was diagnosed with severe adhd as with casey I went thru the courts proved myself but jake was too much 4 me he run away 4 days he abused animals was destructive and threw violent tempers I was involed with social services they advised me to give custody to the courts I remember leavin him at that court house 10 years old with the attorny and never was able to find anythin out after that with my casey an codyI tried to visit but he wouldnt let me an his 17 year old new wife at that time told them from the time i left that i was terrible person would terrorize casey by callin her annie Finally at age 7 thier father let me see them I took jake with me I was allowed 2 hours that was it then celeste started fightin with ronnie about it so I had to go What i left with them has left me I have had very severe abandonment issues several suicides I never remarried never had any other children I did get to talk to casey when she was 16 she was in a home…BEcause he gave them up instead of given them bac casey told me horrible stuff that happen to her I hurt everyday i beat myself for not being able an being helpless Since that day that I left jake at the courthouse was the worse I had done so much to get him bac I dont know if jake got adopted? as for casey the rumor says she is in a pa prison 4 murder??? They need to know I am lookin an have tried even goin thru family who have children in foster care (jake was placed first with his neices that my mom also lost) I am now sober I thought i was making all the right decisions an listened to everyone sayin and tellin me what to do…I am not a bad person I long to hold them an know if I have grankids that there well please please if anythin if they r lookin maybe theyll read this I cant afford to pay 4 sum of the sites that offer help so I am tryin u PLEASE HELP ME GET RID OF THIS PAIN AN USELESSNESS and the all so consuming guilt !

  8. tammy says:

    hi, im trying to find my cousin. my aunt carolyn flynn/alfonso was forced by my grandfather sgt. 1st class jack c. flynn to give her baby up only to have my mother bring home her baby to the same house two weeks later. i cant imagine how she must have felt to hear my brother cry, laugh and watch him grow knowing that she would never see her child again.
    as far as i know it was a closed adoption. we dont even know what her name would be, her nursery card only read “baby girl fynn”. she was born in ft.bragg n.c. @ womack army hospital, in dec.1978 or jan.1979. If any of this sounds familiar to anyone out there please feel free to write back we would love to see her and find out how her life turned out and let her know that she was and is loved and thought about. thanks for reading, tammy.

  9. Nina Bodden says:

    My name is Nina Frances Bodden,I discovered two days last year that I was adopted,And my birth mothers name is Ms.Audry Phillips,She is originally from Boston Mass,I was told that she relocated to 3rd st in Camden NJ around 1958 and lived a short time with a family last name Walker in Camden Nj also,I have several brothers and sisters,My birth father name is Unknown,The adopted parents names are John and Altamease C. Bodden from Camden NJ,PLEASE help me find my birth Family!

    • Nina Bodden says:

      Sorry I doscovered two days before my 48th Birthday…that I was adopted,now my adopted father john Boddenhas passed away, However my adopted mother Altamease C. Bodden is 83 and lives in Florida now.

  10. My name is Nancy,am an adoptee, both of my adopted parents have passed away and I would like some help. I was adopted from the Boys and Girls Aid Society on August 25th 1958. I had received conflicting information from the Boys and Girls Aid Society,In the early years of 1990 I was told that my name was Julie Inetta Brooks, and had gotten a copy of my birth record and it had my mothers name as Shirley Mae Brooks and she was African American, I have no idea about my dad. I dont know how much you charge please let me know Im on a limited income,and my birth records were sealed by my parents friend Judge Tollifer in Bend Ore.

  11. Nina says:

    Hello My name is Nina. I was adopted by John and Altamease C. Bodden from Brookly NY,moved to Camden NJ on 431 South, 3rd St I was born at the metropolitian hospital in Philadelphia P.A, My adopted mothers name as I was told is : Ms.Audry Phillips she is originally from Boston Mass, she moved to Camden NJ around 1957. I was born on Feb 18,1962. I am light skinned with a round mole or birth mark on the left side of my face on the upper cheek. I have Dark brown hair. You can find urrent photo’s of myself along with baby pictures of my along with my adopted parents at 6 months old and 7 yrs old up to April 11,2011. Today I am 49 years of age, I now reside in NC, I recently relocated here from Voorhees NJ, last year. I lived in Camden NJ every since 1962- 1979 then my adopted parents relocated to Pennsauken NJ, where I lived until 1981 then married gave birth to a daughter named Eva Howard. I would anything to locate my birth family,mother and father also siblings no questions asked I’m not here to judge,I just want to begin a relationship and move on,I want to know who I am?? for god sakes!!!!!!Altamease won’t give me any information about my birth family which is my civil right! as well as my god given birth right!….I have alot to offer,let’s start OVER AUDRY!!!! LOVE YOU ,GOD BLESS

  12. Damira says:

    Troy, I’m 25 years old I live in Harve de Grace, Maryland.. But I’m from Hayden alabama .. Im moving back..I have two older sister.. Where half sisters we don’t say that because we have the same momma but different daddys.. My oldest sister has never meet her daddy if I could give her any surprise it would be that and my mddle sister no her dad but she dont know all her family if her dad as other kids. she meet one.. I would love to help her to and me I know my daddy but he is not her for me.. He has been on drugs alot.. I know I have a brother on that side and I would love to meet all them and have a relation ship with them .. Can you help us???

  13. Robert says:

    Hello, my biological name is Robert “Bobby” Earl Osborn. In 1955 my 3 siblings and myself were taken by Child welfare and put in the Marion Childrens Home in Indiana. In 1957 I was adopted from the Childrens Home and have never seen my siblings since. I have been searching for a long time now and very much want to find them. Their biological names and birth years are Ida Fay Osborn (1950), Brenda Osborn (1951/52), Myself Robert Earl Osborn (1953) and Ronnie Lee Osborn (1955). I have my original birth certificate and my adoption papers but they won’t give me anything on my siblings.

  14. Rhonda says:

    I have 4 grandchildren that were adopted by 2 different families. The boys went to one family and the girls to another. My question is how hard will it be for me to find my grandchildren when they become of age. Right now I get to see the girls. But the family of the boys have been distant. I did get to see my oldest grandson and he remember me but the youngest did not have a clue who I was. I’m so afraid I’ll never get to see them again and they’ll never know that all these years we have loved them and never wanted them to be out of our life. How soon can we try to contact them? Do we have to wait until they are of age?

  15. jennifer says:

    Hi, I am looking for my husbands bio-mother. She was originally from Wonder Lake, IL my husband was born on March 4, 1979 in Woodstock , IL. I know she was 16 or 17 when she had him. We have looked at High Schools in the area and looked at many year books. We don’t have much information to go by. If anybody has any tips for me please pass them on.


  16. Rebecca says:

    Hello My mom had a son in 1969 or 1970 and was at the Florence Crittenton home for unwed mothers in Akron Ohio, i BELIEVE the baby was born at Akron city, that was the only info i know! She has passed away 2 years ago but i still want to find him!

  17. Steve Haynes says:


    We have one sister we cant find. We were all 4 adopted out when we were little. I am 45 and the oldest. Last November I made contact with my sister Wendy and my brother Eric. Eric was born Mark.

    Eric and Wendy just found out about me last year but I have known about them since I was 12. I was told I was adopted when our mother died 33 years ago.

    Wendy’s wedding was just featured as the season opener on David Tuteras “My Fair Wedding” as the “Make A Wish Bride” Speak to David and his people. I told David the story.

    I met Wendy April 7th and photographed her wedding (fighting the camera crew) on April 10th. Eric I met last December.

    Christina Marie Lewis 8-12-1969 is who we are looking for. Born in Decatur, IL. Our mother was Alta Mae Lewis born 5-28-50. Their father is Thomas Lewis. I have been contact with Tom for years. I introduced Eric to His father Tom last December and Wendy met him April 8th.

    I sent you an email before but had no reply.
    PLEASE help us find Christina!

    I know this story would pull at the heart strings of America with finding our sister and the whole story. From our mother being killed by a drunk driver, to her being 15 when she had me, to having Eric in Colorado on an Army base and fleeing back to Illinois and leaving Tom in Colorado, to Tom being in prison for killing someone in the Decatur area. Tom is now free and does construction.

    I am a security officer and photographer, Wendy works for the state of Kansas and married Rocky Nichols (11 year State Representative) Eric is in disability due to his arthritis.

    You can see the pics from Wendy’s Wedding on my Facebook and you can watch her wedding on My Fair Wedding’s site.

    If you are not able to help could you please forward our story to someone who can.

    I sincerely thank you for your time!

    Steve Haynes

    • Hi, I am not the Christina you are looking for but I was adopted. Years ago while searching I met a Christina Marie Lewis online. She was from Maine i was told. She was searching for her birth daughter and had a site called Christina’s Adoption Page. She was living in Florida when I last talked to her. I can’t remember her birth date. I do remember her telling me though that her parents were Graydon Lewis and Mary Dall Poole. I remember because I tried to help her with her search. Anyhow hope this may help but most likely the wrong person same name. Last I talked to her she lived in Fort Lauderdale.

  18. Cynthia says:

    I am helping a friend who wants to find her Mother or Father. she was born on JUNE 21st, 1970 at long beach hospital. Can anyone help us??????

  19. Margaret Breyette says:

    My name is Margaret. I am 76 Years old. I am looking for my Brother. His name is Lewis Marvin Reynolds.He was born in Petersburg, VA. He is 74 Years Old. His birthday is 08-05-1937. His Last Known place He lived was in Braithwaite,LA. I do not know His Phone # or Address. I last talked to Him about two years ago. My daughter has been during Searchs about 1 Year and She has No Luck. I miss My Brother so Much and I want Him Back in My Life. I miss Him Terribly.Our Sister passed away on June 10, 2010 in Jacksonville, Fla. He does not know Yet.It’s Hard for Me not knowing if My Brother is Died or Alive. That’s Why I am trying to get intouch with Troy to see if He can Help Me. Thanks so Much for Doing what Ya’ ll do.

    Margaret 😥

  20. Jennifer says:

    My name is Jennifer and i am 28 years old and i am married and i have one kid is going to be 3 yrs old soon and i am looking for my birth father named mike faber from plainview high school and that is all i know about him and i know he tryed to see me when i was born in brookhaven hospital in patchogue and my mother would not aloud him to see me and then 7 yrs later he seening my mother’s brother told him i was not his kid and that he was not my father and it really hurts me that my mother’s family would not aloud him to see me and now i have a kid and married i would like to know him . and i have a black spot in my life not know who is my real father as a person and when i bring it upto the family they want to talk about something else then him and tell me to stop asking . 😥

  21. Becky says:

    I was adopted and through St Anne LA CA back in 1964 and I did find my birth family, It has been allot of ups and downs through my journey. I went to school to be a PI for Ca and now I live in Jacksonville, NC at Camp Lejeune. But a word of caution about St Anne is this place was really bad and what my bith mom went through was just awful..There were allot of celebrities that used this place and there was allot of baby buying back in the day.. I know my adopted family paid over 20,000 dollars that was allot of money back in 1964,The woemen were locked in there rooms and only out to do different events, She was really drugged when she had me she was only allowed to see me as the Preist was doing his blessing and the staff of the church told her to never look for me or this will be a sin.. But I found my Birth Family back in 1997..

  22. Jennifer says:

    hi! THIS JENNIFER again and i don’t have no money to find my real father but i really want to find my real dad but all i know that his name was mike faber but that is all i know from my family and i really want my daughter and my husbun to meet him too and i love your show on tv ….when it comes on

    • Dana says:

      Hi Jennifer. Just so you know, OmniTrace is not currently involved with any TV show. Thanks for writing!

  23. claribel says:

    Im 26 year old im try to find my dad im born ón Mexico and my mom come to usa Seattle. When i was ti little so she lost Contact to my dad i dont have any pictu. from him the only thing i k now its his name Francisco Javier venta Domínguez and i k now he is ón Mexico im been my hold life with no daddy also i have. 2 kids they always ask me About granmpa they he os a life ir edad i cant answer anything because i dont know nothing they ask how os granmpa And when are we going meet him i said i dont k now im still looking for my dad. P léase Help us Jr. 4 michelle.7 and me his daughter i really to Contact to him i miss him alot from the time i come to this World with no daddy and alone mommy. Thank you claribel juarez

  24. Taylor says:

    Hi, Im Taylor.
    I am a ex- foster youth and was adopted at age 9. Im currently 21 years old, i been in and out of fosterhomes, and shelters. As a child i was born with a disability that affected different parts of my body and as a comprehending disorder. When i was born, i had a lifespan to live up to 5 years old. i never knew my dad or mom . But would love to know if theres any information that can be helped to unify me and my family, as much would be appreciated. Been figuring how to and where to look. i found my real mom just last year. Being told things about my other half wasnt there. And that my adopted parents was my ” Real Parents”. And so forth. But all that i know is my dads name is Steve(Steven)Ellis. And been just trying to know who i am, my identity, my other half. And would love to be reunited. Even if my dad is not ready, to meet. Or to be in contact. But for him to know IM Alive!!

  25. Jessica Dunn says:

    My name is jessica Dunn I am looking for any family whatsoever, my father is James Dunn I’m looking for his father and hopefully any aunts or uncles I may have, his father is a different story I have no info on him

  26. Gerardo Matos says:

    Hello I’m interested in finding my birth parents I was born on oct. 3 1974 in Lincoln Hospital, Hunts Point, Bronx NY, the last name I had at that time was Sierras. Now is been 40 years and I’m curious I really did not know how to look ir were to start. Please help me thank you

    • Dana says:

      Please give us a call Gerardo. 1-888-965-6696. We can likely assist you.

    • Becky says:

      Have you looked at all birth for the date that you were born on and birth certificates, Not sure what type of adoption this was. I found my birth family and it has been lots of ups and downs …

  27. Gerardo says:

    Hello I’m interested in finding my birth parents I was born on oct. 3 1974 in Lincoln Hospital, Hunts Point, Bronx NY, the last name I had at that time was Sierras. Now is been 40 years and I’m curious I really did not know how to look or were to start. Please help me thank you