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Successful Birth Brother Search

Congratulations to our client: Cherrylann St. John. We recently located her birth brother! Here is a note that she sent us:

“Subject: Formal Review

I began searching for my birth mother about 28 years ago and found that she was was dead, but I had a name address for her mother (my grandmother) and I wrote her a letter. I received a reply, but not what I was hoping for. My
grandmother had died also. Her husband said my brother was about 19 years of age. He said he had some pictures in his garage and that he would look through them and send me some.

I waited a couple of months after not hearing
anything and rewrote him – I never heard from him. I was in the military and had to go overseas for a 4-year tour so I figured my search was over. I was really sad because I could never learn anything about my mother or grandmother because there was no one alive to tell me about them.

I joined about 1 year ago and began trying to research my birth mother’s roots. Her mother and father were from Russia (no city) so it’s almost impossible finding anything out. I figured I had better begin earnestly trying to find my half brothers before it was too late (we’re not getting any younger). After countless hours of searching (various genealogy sites) I was still nowhere close to finding them. I even joined Troy’ and paid $99.00 to join his member’s club which promises you assistance in finding lost loved ones. I haven’t been able to use the site as advertised
and I haven’t been able to get assistance from them either (so don’t waste your time and money there).

However, I did contact OmniTrace. That was the best money I have ever spent. Unbeknownst to me, one of my brothers had been adopted by another family after his birth and had a completely different name. I would never have found him. OmniTrace found him within a month’s time. I have been in contact with “Bill” and I am so grateful to OmniTrace.
If you need to find someone and you have exhausted all your options, invest in OmniTrace, you will be glad you did. I am.



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