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Social Security Number | Search For Someone For Free

Search For Someone Free

Did you know that having the first 3 digits of a person’s social security number (SSN) can help you search for someone for free?   

The Social Security Administration (SSA) began issuing SSNs around 1936.  Typically, a person was not issued a SSN until they turned fourteen or thereabouts (usually when they were first employed).  Around 1986, the SSA began issuing SSNs to children as young as five.  Since 1990, SSNs are typically issued to children shortly after they are born.   The first three digits of a social security number reveals the state where it was issued.

How is this important when searching for someone?  We thought you’d never ask!  :)

If you know the first three digits of someone’s social security number and know roughly how old they are you can narrow down your search to a particular state and have a good guess of where they were born or where they likely got their first job.

Having a partial SSN can also help you narrow down a search when you are trying to search for someone who may be deceased.  You can search the Social Security Administration Death Index for free and if you find multiple matches you can narrow your list down by eliminating incorrect SSNs.

[Please note:  Having a complete Social Security Number can allow a company such as OmniTrace to search and find someone fast and very affordably.  OmniTrace can also perform search miracles with very little identifying information (we don’t need a Social Security Number to search for someone).   :)

Please call us at 888-965-6696.]

Here is a list of social security numbers issued by state:

001-003  New Hampshire
004-007  Maine
008-009  Vermont
010-034  Massachusetts
035-039  Rhode Island
040-049  Connecticut
050-134  New York
135-158  New Jersey
159-211  Pennsylvania
212-220  Maryland
221-222  Delaware
223-231  Virginia
232          North Carolina
232-236  Virginia
237-246  North Carolina
247-251  South Carolina
252-260  Georgia
261-267  Florida
268-302  Ohio
303-317  Indiana
318-361  Illinois
362-386  Michigan
387-399 Wisconsin
400-407  Kentucky
408-415  Tennessee
416-424  Alabama
425-428  Mississippi
429-432  Arkansas
433-439  Louisiana
440-448  Oklahoma
449-467  Texas
468-477  Minnesota
478-485  Iowa
486-500  Missouri
501-502  North Dakota
503-504  South Dakota
505-508  Nebraska
509-515  Kansas
516-517  Montana
518-519  Idaho
520          Wyoming
521-524  Colorado
525           New Mexico
526-527  Arizona
528-529  Utah
530          Nevada
531-539  Washington
540-544  Oregon
545-573  California
574          Alaska
575-576  Hawaii
577-579  District Of Columbia
585          New Mexico
587-588  Mississippi
589-595  Florida
600-601  Arizona
602-626  California
627-645  Texas
646-647  Utah
648-649  New Mexico
700-728  Railroad Retirement

So, for example, if a social security number begins with 136, you know the SSN was issued in New Jersey.

Here’s one more free search tool to help you search for someone… SSN Validator  If you have a person’s SSN, fill in the fields and you can determine if the SSN is valid and when and where the social security number was issued.

You can find many more free search tools to help you search for someone on our blog pages.  Click on this link and knock yourself out!

Feel free to write us with any questions you may have.

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  1. christy kinard says:

    Hi my name is christy i been searching for my children for 7years their dad never brogth yhem back its getting hard to deal with i cry a lot and pray

    • susy says:

      hi christy i have been looking for ma brother i only have his personal info his dad took him :(

    • Savannah says:

      Hey my cosin was less than a year old when his dad took him we never gave up 12 years later we found him and he is very much apart of our life and his mom and sisters but has nothing to do with his dad because what he did. Keep looking one day you will find them and they will be just as mad at him for the stolen time.

  2. Randee says:

    I’m trying to find my husband to get a divorce involving children. The judge said I have to have a reply from him to get the divorce. He has blocked me from his Facebook account. No longer at his last known address. I don’t know what else to do.

    • Erica says:

      The courthouse should let you run an ad that gives him so long to respond if you do not know where he is. They will give you a form to show that you tried by contacting his family members etc.

    • Dia says:

      you should be able to post a notice in a public section of the local newspaper (chose one that also circulates in his area) for about 1 month.

      The Court/s will be able to assist you with this process and the correct forms to fill out.

  3. Olivia says:

    Hi I am looking for my birth mother after 21 years foster care I need help bad

  4. Britnie says:

    Hello I am looking for my mother I haven’t spoke to her in about 2 years because my “dad” is controlling and doesn’t want me to find them. I need to find my mom!!!!!! I am worried for her.

  5. kathy says:

    Im looking for my grandchildren. Have court ordered visitation but their mother disapeared with them. My deceased son is their father. Her parents know where they are but won’t tell us. Haven’t seen them or talked to them since Christmas 2011

  6. sharryl says:

    im 47yrs old lookin for my kids;starla;8/12/02 & wesley;3/11/96.state of ore.pretty much stole them.took my rights.i want more than anything in the world 2 find them & hope they want 2 c me & let me get2know not perfect,but dont feel i deserved2lose my babies.thats all i ever wanted in life..i hope they will give me a chance 1st GOTTA FIND EM!!! they live in salem ore.w/adptd.parents..joe& darlene.DEAR GOD PLEASE HELP FIND MY BABIES & LET ME B THE MOM I WANT/NEED2B

    • Karen says:

      I am not one of your kids, but i do know how it feels when you get your kids taken away. My kids were taken away from me back in 2002 by C&Y (children and youth) in pennsylvania. Just like you they were literally taken from me for bad choices that i made. I regret everything that happened and yet i have nothing to show for it now. All i have is me, and some memories. On the other hand…..I now drive and am earning good money…..hopefully one day i will find and see my children again. They are 26, 25, 22, 14, 13, 11 years of age. Good Luck!!!

  7. James Joseph says:

    Searching for my mother and father, raised in foster care since 5 years of age. I left at the age of 18 and now am 26 going on 27 this year. I know nothing of my parents except there names, I’m not sure if that helps. I do know I need help desperately.

  8. Ken says:

    I was abandoned by my mother at the age of 5. She is now deceased and I have her social security number. I would like to find out if I have siblings after her two following marriages.

  9. Rachel says:

    I’m 18 and looking for my brother who will be turning 14 this year. The state of Georgia took him for no legit reason and allowed a family to adopt him less than a month later (they has wanted him from the time my mother found out she was having a boy). I really want to be a part of my little brother life, and so do my (and his) parents and other siblings.

  10. dawn cruz says:

    My name is Dawn. I’ve tried many ways to find my mom whom I have not had any contact with since I was 8 years old and Im now 30 years old. I have her ss# as well as her date of birth and full name. It is prettt costly to use the websites that are available online. Please Im asking for any help or advise that can perhaps help me locate her?

  11. Hi I’m actually trying to do two things. I’m trying to find my husband Scotty Davidson and my two children Hank and Mary Davidson. Trying to find my husband to file divorce and file a violation of a court order for visitation of my children. But I haven’t got his address and the court said to file for either I have to have a address. I haven’t seen my husband or children since September 4,2012. What the heck can I do without an address? Someone else told me if the courts wont help me to go to the media… please help… thanks Ellen

  12. michael moore says:

    hi my name is Michael moore and I lost my three kids to dss in 2002 there name is savanna , Dakota and my son name shawn…I have been looking for them for 8 years for them … I need some hope.. thank yall

  13. Karen says:

    Hi I’m trying to find my children… two girls. One was born, Cassandra, 8/31/88; the other Amy, born 9/10/89. I also have other siblings that they don’t know that they have. Two younger brothers and a younger sister. I had given them up voluntarily to give them a better life…and i regret every minute of it. I hope to find some answers, thanks.

  14. hello my name is nova and I have 2 boys timothy d.o.b 4/25/93 and Anthony Boling 3/21/99 and tyler boling i found on f.b but I am having trouble finding the other to! please i miss them so much

  15. Stephanie says:

    Hi I have been looking for my sister and brother angela m king and Brian w 1990 I was 14 years old and did a bad thing,I did not want to go to school even though my parents tried to force me to go.i was abused by a teacher in ma on fort sevens and was scared to I acted up and got put in to hospital’s. And was taken away by dep child service .and so was my brother and sister. And I accused my parents of abuse that were lies. I have not seen them at all I was18 years old. They were a few years you younger. And my mom just passed in feb 2014, and they have never got to see her avian and I cry because it is my fault. Tried everything to find them and hoping someone knows them they were in ma last time I saw them.

  16. Monica alfaro says:

    Hi,😔 I’ve been trying to Locate My Half brothers for like 20 years.. I just hope I’ll find them Soon… They’re My Dad’s son.. & I want to find them for him 😔

  17. Alicia says:

    Hi im trying to find my sister who was adopted about a year ago in arizona all i have is her ss# is their a way or place i can find her please help me im desperate

  18. hi im john its been 13 years since i seen my child can u help me says:

    Its been 13 years since I seen my child can u help me.the mother name is Tameka jones

  19. carolyn says:

    Hi my name is Carolyn, I’m a 43yrld women who was just told that the man I thought was my dad really wasn’t. I was told my real father’s name, but he’s been dead scene I was two. I was told that I have brother and sisters. Is their anyway you help me locate them??? I just feel cheated and incomplete.

    • nicole says:

      My dad told me he had another daughter that would be your age she was born in California and the grandparents and mother said they wouldn’t let him be part of her life. If you look for him by name and SSN it does say he has died but he is very much alive! If you were born in california please contact me my name is Nicole I would be your little sister.I now live in Arizona. I hope you’re who I’m looking for!

  20. Tracy Collins says:

    Hello my name is Tracy.Im looking for my half brother Jay Jacob winkle and 2 half sisters Betty Elizabethann Winkle and Amber Ruth Winkle.I have been looking for years and cant find them.I got b days and ss number but not having any luck.They were in foster care out of Bulter county.SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP.

  21. Amber says:

    I am trying to find my birth mom. I’m 19 yrs old and live in Tx. My nadopted mom changed my first name to amber and put my birth name as my middlr. If anyone out there knows what to do, pls tell me. Thx

    • Dana says:

      Hi Amber. Thanks for posting on our Blog page. If you would like professional search help, please consider OmniTrace and call us at 1-888-965-6696. Thanks!

      (If outside the USA, you may need to dial: 561-470-8937.)

      • Rhonda says:

        I am searching for Junior C. Mouck location or death location. Born June 4, 1922 in Jefferson County NY. (Watertown) Thank you

        • Dana says:

          Thanks for posting on our blog page. If you would like professional search help, please consider OmniTrace and call us at 1-888-965-6696. Thanks!

  22. Carter B. says:

    My father passed away two years ago tomorrow and I’ve been looking for my step mother, as I believe she has something to do with his death. I’m looking for a way to find her, reach her, and bring justice to her.

  23. Nena stevens (meme) says:

    I am looking for my 2 grand daughter’s born in iola kansas on December 25 2002 was Taylor mae LaRue and born in olathe kansas on october 21 2004 was jasmin Nicole larue they have a brother born on july 7 2006 iola kansas i have contact with him but have not the girls last time i saw them was march 17 2011 i know thete ss numbers and knew where they were when thry were in foster care in cherryvale ks but yhey have been adopted and i miss them help me heal my heart