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Find Missing Persons – Call A Skip Tracer

Skip Tracer 101

Skip tracers are professional searchers who specialize inSkip Tracer locating people such as debtors and deadbeats (people who owe money).  Skip tracers often work for companies that are owed a lot of debt such as banks, credit card companies and utility companies.  Skip trace departments within these companies can be a great source to find someone you suspect owes money. 

Skip Tracers are constantly tracking down and developing current address and current employment information on debtors and deadbeats.  Skip tracers typically rely on using the phone and employing various pretexts (phone tricks) to get debtors and deadbeats to reveal their locations.  Sometimes this can be more effective than database or Internet Searching.

If you suspect the person you are searching for owes money to a specific company or companies, contact their skip trace departments and see if you can enlist their help.  (If you are searching for your deadbeat husband or dead beat wife, you may have possession of an old credit report, which will list all their creditors.)

When you call a skip trace department, tell them who you are and tell them you are skip tracing someone.  They may be more receptive to assisting you if you provide them whatever information you have on the person you are searching for (an information exchange).  Be as nice as pie and promise your unending gratitude if they help you!  :smile:

If they agree to help, get all you can get:

  • Address history
  • Employment history
  • Social Security Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Phone numbers
  • Driver’s information
  • Spouse information

When done speaking with a skip tracer, thank him (her), provide him your phone number and address and ask politely that he contact you if he develops any new information.  Assure him that you will do the same and get the best phone number to contact him. 

Here is a link to many skip tracing departments throughout the USA: 

Of course, you can also contact OmniTrace – The People Search Experts – to help you with your search.  We’ll do all the work and only charge you a fair and reasonable fee.  You can also call us toll free at 1-888-965-6696 or email us at:

Find Your Birth Family

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  1. Dale says:

    Can a skip tracer help me find my birth mother? I understand she owed a lot of money when I was born.

  2. jeff jones says:

    I am curious if they can help me find old missing persons reports from the 1920’s-40’s. it would be a big help.

  3. Kimberly says:

    I would like to find my birth father…..haven’t seen him since I was 5 I am 32 yes old now….his name is james alan smith…he was born and raised in new York city in Manhattan….I know his grandmother’s name was Shirley george…I need to find him.some please locate me…

    • Dana says:

      Thanks for posting on our blog page. If you would like professional search help to find your birth father, please call us at 1-888-965-6696. Thanks!

  4. admin says:

    It’s possible a skip tracer can help you. Once again, they are experts at obtaining information over the phone and may be able to obtain cooperation from an entity that has information on your birth mother.