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OmniTrace Private Investigator Reveals Search Methods

Here is a post about  OmniTrace search methods from our youngest and perhaps most enthusiastic OmniTrace Private Investigator:Rachel Weiss Reveals OmniTrace Search Methods

By Rachel Weiss

Hello my name is Rachel Weiss, and I am originally from Boston, Massachusetts, the home of the Boston Red Sox.  I come from a family that is made up of a set of fraternal twins which are my brother and sister.  There are also my my mother, father, and, of course, me.  I recently graduated last year from college with a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Psychology.  In my spare time I love to enjoy the outdoors, whether it is going to the beach, or just being outside walking around somewhere.  A big part of me is definitely still a homebody, and I love spending time with my family as much as I can.  

One of the things I love about my job is using search methods to reunite people with their lost loves,  long lost family members or friends, which is very rewarding.  For as long as I can remember I have loved helping people in every way that I possibly can.  I currently work at OmniTrace as one of the Private Investigators that does research on the many different searches we receive.  Here is one of them and the search methods I used:

Locating a lost love with whom you were once involved is definitely a heart felt process.

One specific case was near and dear to my heart.  On the 30thday of March a man named Steve (we’ll protect Steve’s confidentiality by not providing his last name) called  and spoke with Barbara, one of our search consultants here at OmniTrace.  Barbara took down all the essential information that Steve had on the lost love that he was searching for.  This information included the first and last name of the woman and her possible date of birth.  Another key piece of information that was given for the woman was a last known partial address (in New York State) where she once lived in the year 1967.  There were two other key pieces of information that Steve provided to Barbara:  the names of the woman’s father and sister.  (The first name of Steve’s lost love is Tanya.  We’ll protect Tanya’s confidentiality by not providing her last name.)

Barbara then provided me the details of this new search.  The first step I took in this search was to locate all the Tanyas, nationwide, that happened to be in the age range that Steve provided to us, which was 1942 through 1945.  This in turn allowed me to correlate a list of all Tanyas in that age range nationwide.  I located all current whereabouts of these Tanyas and made contact with all of them.  I discovered that none of these women were the correct Tanya, which allowed me to eliminate all of them and move on with my search.

The next step I took in this search was to locate all Vincent ______nationwide, since that was the name that Steve gave Barbara for Tanya’s father.  So,  I located only one Vincent _______that had connections to New York, and he had unfortunately passed away.  However, I was able to locate a relative of Vincent, his son, and made contact with this person.

A few days went by and I received a call back from Vincent’s son.  I spoke with him on the phone for quite a few minutes and I told him who I was looking for, and I confirmed with him that he was indeed the brother of the Tanya that I had been looking for.  I asked Tanya’s brother to please have her get in contact with me so that I can speak with her myself and decide out if she would like to contact my client.  This is usually the correct protocol that we take when we have a client that is searching for an old girlfriend and/or old boyfriend.

The next day I received a call from Tanya herself, the woman for whom I had been searching.  I spoke with her for awhile on the phone and she told me she actually was hoping that the person that was looking for her was indeed our client.  So once it was confirmed that I located the correct person, I got in contact with the Steve and shared the great news with him.  He was so happy!

After speaking on the phone with Tanya, Steve called me to give me an update to let me know how things were going, and he told me that Tanya sent him some pictures over email. He then emailed me an update, and stated that “you have started me on an adventure which may never end, and I thank you for your efficiency in finding her.  I will play it out to the best of my ability, and will keep you informed”.

A few days after that first email, Steve sent another email to update me on how things were going with Tonya and him.  Steve said, “My relationship w/ Tanya has gotten very warm.  I don’t know where this could ever go since I am married.  I have no choice but to follow the path, I respect & love her terribly & we retrieved so much time of so long ago.  An amazing experience.  We never forgot that long ago time.  Thank you for finding her.  She is a terrific person.”

I did receive one last email from Steve a week after the other two emails, and it was a little disappointing to hear but understandable.

 “It seems I became a bit passionate” which Tanya said, “I appreciate your passion re: our relationship,” then morphed into the fact that I made her uncomfortable, since I as a writer waxed poetic which is my way.  “For me it means termination, which was my response.  Thanks for all you did in finding her.  I no longer wish to communicate with her, & her last e-mail was cutting.  On to better things.  It was a 42 yr. odyssey.”

So overall, the search methods I used for Steve’s lost love were successful.   This does happen quite often with searches when a client is searching for a long lost love from many years ago, as the client never knows where the other person is in their life right.  This can sometimes turn out to be very disappointing.

Please leave a comment if you have any questions about the search methods used to reunite Steve and Tanya.

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  1. rachel bernstein says:

    looking for birthfamily- i am female born 12-8-1983
    maimonides hospital in brooklyn closed adoption ahndled by a laywer- i grew up in long island- i think they are form the south im not sure- i was a c-section- i dont have much else.. except i got the best blue eyes ever

    i dont know what to do now.

  2. NOVEMBER 7,1966

    looking for (birthname) Carol Henderson Steele,
    born Booth Memorial hospital, Phila.

  3. Deb says:

    I am 27 years old, adopted at birth through a private/closed adoption. Even my parents claim to not have any of my adoption paperwork. I have done everything the state requires, with no success- ALL BRICK WALLS.
    I am left with no names, nothing about my biological past and history. I am wanting to find anyone or anything about my biological family…