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The County Clerk’s Office Can Help You Search For People

Search For People 

A while back, we wrote a post on how to search for people with free help from the city clerk’s office.  You can read that post here:  City Clerk’s Office Can Help You Find People.

When you search for people and you know the county where they reside, the county clerk’s office is another great free resource.  Here is a nice website to help you find any county in the USA:  NACO – Find A County.

An easy way to find the address and phone number of a particular county clerk is to enter the county clerk’s name in google.  For instance, if you google “Palm Beach County Clerk,” this clerk’s office will show up prominently in your google results and you can obtain their address and phone number.   

Make sure when you contact a county clerk’s office and ask them to help you search for people, you are polite and that the person you are speaking with has ample time to help you.  They may be able to help you:

  • Search For People in a phone, city or reverse directory.
  • Determine whether the people you search for have business licenses, business permits or occupational licenses. 
  • Determine if the people you search for have been involved in any recent court proceedings.

If you are adopted and are conducting a people search for your birth parents ask if there are any birth, marriage or death records available.  Birth records or birth indexes may provide name information on the birth parents.  If you know your birth mother’s maiden name, marriage records can help you obtain her current name.  If one or both of your birth parents have passed away, death records can help you determine if you have any birth relatives.  (The informant’s name on the death certificate is typically a relative or close friend.) 

So, when you search for people, use the free help provided by the county clerk’s office.  Please send us a comment if you have any questions.  You can also us at or call us toll free at:  888-965-6696 for a free and friendly people search consultation. 

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  1. Tiara richardson says:

    hi my name is lamocha at birth my name was Tiara Renee Richarson i was born 1989 in clark county ohio my birth mother was only 13 at the time she had me. i don’t no much else but i would love to meet my birthfamily and i think about them all the time if you think you can help me please e-mail me at…

  2. clement muman jr says:

    hi my name is john muman i want to know if my father is still alive.hes an air force here in clark air base in pampanga philippines.he is staff sgt clement muman.pls help me.thank you so much.

  3. Leshonetta Harris-Brown says:

    I am looking for my father that I haven’t seen in over 20 years. His name is Robert Lee Harris (african american male), born between 1927 or 1929. He’s originally from West Memphis, Arkansas and he was in Cleveland, Ohio when he married my mother Betty Harris in 1954. His marriage license states that his mother name may have been Geneva Coverdon and his father’s name may have been Turner. He also may have a brother by the name of Beverly that lived in Illinois.

    If you have any information pertaining to the location or what happened to him, please let me know.


  4. Tammy Stamper says:

    I am trying to help my friend find her brother who was adopted right after birth. he went to Hope Hill in Hope ky. and from the information have he was adopted by a family in Menifee County KY. he would be in his early 30’s.

  5. leila says:

    I am trying to help my mom find her father or someone in his family.He was born in Fleming,Co. Kentucky.His name was Shirley Earls a farm worker is what it said on the birth record. Or Mary Ruth Perkins from Cattlettsburg Ky.Last know address wasPinegrove precint 5 waltz ky.

  6. BECKY ESTRADA says:


  7. admin says:

    Hi Becky. Thanks for writing us. We found a likely match for you and your twin brother…

    A baby boy Tavares and baby girl Tavares were born in Santa Clara County, CA on 12/9/1965. Tavares was likely your father’s last name.

    Your mother’s maiden last name was listed as DeRose.

    To complete your search, you’ll need to request your non-identifying information. You can find out how to do this by reading this post:

    Once you have your non-identifying information, write us and we’ll complete your search. For FREE!


    Dana / OmniTrace Corp.

  8. mary says:

    how do you find a biological brother who was adopted I know his name is James Edward but not for sure of last name tried horn and horner and im finding nothing

    I dont know who the family is that adopted him just that they lived in milton ky at the time of adoption around 1973 or 1974

    i know he was adopted from a family in milton ky my brother was born in carrollton ky

    I looked up births 1911-2000 and finding nothing

    my real mother’s name is only listing me and my other brother and sisters but not him

  9. patricia ann (miller)regan says:

    Hi, I was born in Buffalo ny at Children’s hospital to single mom- elizabeth popp in 03/04/1946. I was premature and stayed 1 month in the hospital. private adoption at birth by Harmon and hazel miller of Fillmore ny-where I live now. elizabeth was catholic and hungarian. Father was english/irish.
    Can you help me find her? Does ny have open adoption laws now?

  10. andrea sosa says:

    I’m a 31 yr old female that was born at santa clara valley med center on april 5, 1978. Looking for my birth parents and have no identifying info…I need help! I was adopted July 1978.

    • Tanya says:

      Hi. Do you have any other info besides what you posted? I have a sister who was adopted in 1978 that I have been searching for. Please contact me and let me know. My names is tanya. I have hit so many dead ends for years. i have been searching for about 3 hrs a day..I am determined to find her..could this be you?

  11. Jonathan Fregoso says:

    hi I was born may 3rd 1985 and apperently my twin brother died 3 days or so after I was born. in I think Ensenada Mexico. I don’t know much but he apparently died chucking on his mucus and I don’t know anything about him or if he really died or not. apparently my dad recieved him wrapped in newspaper and he didn’t look at him I guess because of the pain. anyways. his name was suppose to be Jovan Fregoso. my moms name is lidya Garcia b4 she married my dad Nicolas Fregoso. if anyone can help me out I would appriciate it.

    we were identical apparently.

    I need to know if he’s alive or not. and what I can do to finally find out everything about this.

    I love you Jovan always in my heart<3

  12. For more than a year now, I am living on loneliness and emptiness after I was abandoned by my adopted family and relatives. I am living alone like an orphan on my own now. They turned their backs on me. I experienced severe depression, anxiety and worry at all time. My adopted father, Col. Eriberto Quimada Paran passed away more than a year ago and my adopted mother, Nieves Poloyapoy Chan-Paran who’s very sickly & old after she had a stroked was taken away by my relatives, uncles and aunties of both sides in our hometown in Pagadian City, Zamboanga del Sur, in Mindanao, Philippines where I was legally adopted 37 long years ago (January 03, 1974) from my single biological mother during her teen age years named DELILAH MARIQUIT after I was born out of wedlock being the family househelp of my surrogate mother’s family.

    I underwent Family Tree Healing Seminar and Re-parenting the Child Within Seminar for the healing of my Inner Child to help me recover from depression, loneliness and so much insecurities. I didn’t find or look for my biological parents at all because I was in good hand and I was provided with everything.

    I would like to ask how your organization can help me in my personal journey?