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Reunion Stories

Reunion Stories

Here are some family and adoption reunion stories sent to our OmniTrace private investigators:  Sari Acevedo, Rachel Weiss and Chris Maione.

Happy Monday Chris!

I cannot thank Omnitrace enough for bringing such joy into my life!  I sent a letter to Laura’s parents, they called her and she called me.  We set up a meeting for a reunion on Saturday; what a spectacular day for all of us.  Her parents, adopted brother, Laura, myself and my husband met at Applebee’s in West Covina.  We were there for hours, laughing, telling stories and trying to catch up on 31 years of absence.  Laura was raised by the most outstanding, wonderful people.  It was fabulous to meet them and now we will all be able to spend wonderful days together. 

Thank you again for doing such a wonderful job at uniting this family with mine.



Dear Sari,

Hi there! …….I just got in contact via email with Silvia, Leticia’s daughter….a very emotional reunion event that you made possible this very moment for Silvia and for me…, as I had not heard of these folks in 28 years….

I thank you from the bottom of my heart…..and never take for granted the impact your efforts have on those whose hearts are placed at your feet for you to bring minds and spirits back together… I thank you 100 billion times….

My friend Leticia passed away last June…..timing is everything in life, isn’t it?  I wish I would have discovered you guys much, much sooner……  I hope you are well…..

With all my gratitude,



Thank you for the results.  I called Debra right after I talked to you and it went great.  Come to find out, my cousin knew where she was for years but didn’t know that we knew about her.  She wants to meet us and it made my day talking to her.  Omnitrace is a wonderful company and they care about their clients.  Thanks again for what you did and just know that we appreciate you and the work that you do.  I’ll write again with any reunion stories I can share.




I just wanted to thank you for finding my birth mother.  I did talk to her after 50 years and found out that my Dad had kidnapped me.  The stories she told me!  I now have a feeling of belonging somewhere and have finally found my relatives.  I will recommend Omnitrace to anyone looking for a search.  I’ll try to send you more family reunion stories shortly.

Thank You

Karol R.


To: Rachel Weiss

Subject: Re: Barton Daley Search


I am on vacation in Tennessee this week, but I just wanted to share exciting news and reunion stories with you!!  Thanks to your intervention on our behalf, I wrote a letter to Scott.  The day after I got to Kentucky with his birth mother, he called.  He sounds so neat, cheerful, and great.  I talked to him, then he spent a long time talking to Joy.  The next day he called back, and said he would like to get our emails, and send us pictures of his family, and business, and we could keep in touch by email, as well as phone.  So, to say thanks is hardly adequate for how both Joy and I feel.  It is a real answer to prayer on my part.

Marge T.


Subject:  Search results awesome!


How can I thank you for helping me find my best friend from college?  Ron is alive and well living in Florida just as you said.  I talked with him and we are going to renew a friendship after 40 years.  I am sooooo happy.

Their home in Florida is close to my best girlfriend’s winter home AND Ron still spends his summers in Manhattan, IL.  My husband and I live in Elwood, IL 5 miles away!

Can you imagine playing cards with my best friend and his wife after forty years!  I am ecstatic~!

Thank you so much,

Lynne E.


Dear Chris,

I wanted to let you know that I have contacted Daniel by letter.  He and a friend found my daughter’s My Space pages online and that is how he contacted us.  We now talk online daily.

I have seen pictures of him growing up and now.  He looks exactly like me.   Once again, I want to thank OmniTrace for finding him for me. You guys are wonderful.

Jennifer S.



This is Heather.  You had asked for any reunion stories I might have.  I just wanted to give you an update.  Everything is going so wonderfully.  I have talked on the phone to my birth family multiple times this week.  I found that I have 2 sisters and a brother and a nephew.  All of us are excited.  We can’t wait to see each other.  Thank you so much for all you have done. My life has definitely been changed for the better.



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