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Reviews and Testimonials

OmniTrace Reviews

We have successfully located tens of thousands of birth parents, adoptees, siblings, family members, and missing people worldwide.

Here are some of the many reviews and statements of gratitude OmniTrace has received from our satisfied clients:





“Hi Chris!

It’s been over 7 months now since you contacted me with my birth mother’s information. I wanted to take the time to thank you!  After receiving the information from you, my emotions were all over the place.  Even though it was something I had thought about for 30 plus years, I still wasn’t sure I was ready for it.  Thankfully, I took that giant leap of faith and made contact with Janice.

Janice and I have been in contact every day.  In early October Janice and her husband came to Florida so we could meet in person.  My family and I then went to her house in DE to spend Thanksgiving with her and her family.  During this trip, I had the awesome experience of meeting my two siblings and lots of extended family. The past 7 months have been an incredible life altering event that just keeps getting better.

Because of you and your hard work, I have been blessed with not only meeting my mother, but also with finding  a new best friend!  I never in a million years expected an outcome like this.  I will admit that I was skeptic about hiring Omni trace and started to loose faith after one year of no results, but now I realize that everything happens when it should.  I will recommend your company to anyone who is searching for someone. Thank you again!


Kim Patton”


Hi Rachel and Omnitrace,

Just to keep you posted… Next weekend Ian & I are both flying into Newark, NJ to get together with my family… everybody in my family wants to meet him… about 18 people so far, and growing,  cousins, etc…Things are going great with us.. I love him so much!!

I am going with him to Ireland in May… he already made the arrangements.. we will be staying at his friend’s house in the country..and taking side trips from there.. to Spain, Paris, London, etc..

I will probably go out to Arizona to meet his parents some time in September..I feel like a real jet-setter!!

He will be here on April 23rd.. we’re going to sa Fleetwood-Mac concert and leaving to go to NJ the next day.. I have twin cousins being Bat-Mitvahed on April 26th..

It’s so exciting.. who would have thought that this was ever possible?  I thank you so much for your role in all of this.. and would really love to meet you one of these days.

I will be in touch.

Take care.




I cannot believe how fast OmniTrace located my half birth sister. Once I had her information, I knew I couldn’t wait to call. I notified my family first and then decided to make the call the same day.  The information was absolutely correct and current which she thought was incredible since she had been married and had moved a few different times.  My father (her birth father) and I talked to her all night long.  We exchanged pictures and family histories.  It was one of the most memorable days in my life. My biggest fears were 1) she did not know she was adopted and 2) that she wouldn’t want anything to do with us.  I was so relieved that neither of those scenarios were the case.  She was so happy to hear from us and now she is going to try to find her birth mother. THANK YOU OMNITRACE FOR PUTTING THE PIECES OF MY FAMILY BACK TOGETHER. Every single penny was worth it.



“Thanks so much Rachel.

You’re the bomb! I’ll keep ya updated, Hun.

Take care & please give my regards to all your colleagues who assisted in this, what I felt was an impossible, task! Wow.

Can’t wait to thank my birth parents, my life has been truly blessed and I live each day like it’s the creme, cuz I got a chance at it!



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“Dear OmniTrace,
Oh…my…gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After 15 years of searching, information digging, investigating, interviewing, court record searching, which included the use of my police training, I still could not make that final link to find my biological mother. I really had resigned to not find her in my lifetime. I don’t know how in the world you did it, but you not only found my biological mother, but also my biological brother. I met them the very next day!!! It was the most incredibly wonderful day of my life. I cannot thank you enough!!!
May God bless you and your staff for persisting. I will always keep you and your families in my prayers and ask that God bless your compassionate hearts many times over!!! Thank you for giving me the greatest gift I could ever receive. I love you all!
Many many hugs and kisses,
Joy E. K.
(Originally known as Rachel A. S.)”


“Julie & Sari,

I am so excited I can hardly contain myself.  I have had about a dozen mail/email contacts from the child I gave up for adoption 38 years ago.  All I can say is thank you.  I am overwhelmed that mine is a good story.  I am also so glad that I had taken pictures of my adopted child 38 years ago.  I had adopted child baptized and took pictures of the infant before I would let the adoption agency take her from the hospital. (The hospital and adoption agency really fought me at the time I requested the baptism and pictures be taken.)  I had kept those pictures all these years.

After successful letters and emails from my adopted child, Shelly, I put together a grouping of pictures, her baptism pictures, and pictures of my other children and family members.  She returned by sending an album of pictures to show me what she looked like when she was growing up in her adopted family.  I think the total reality that you had truly found the right person was when I received her album yesterday–she had pictures of the day her parents had picked her up–identical to the pictures I had taken the day of her baptism.  I truly knew as soon as I saw the pictures that it was the same girl. That tiny little bit inside of me hoping we had the right person but still maybe 1% doubting was confirmed when I looked at those pictures side by side.

Shelly holds no hard feelings for the decision I made all those years ago, and families on both side are open to further contact, and we hope to meet in person within the next year.  And oh my gosh–we look alike!   Not just a little bit, but a whole lot alike.  I have a second daughter that looks like me as well.  Now there are three of us in this world who look alike.  I have spent hours in the past two days, just staring at the pictures.  We even have the same legs in the pictures that were taken of us in shorts, the same smile, the same look from the side, the same cheeks, eyes, and yes even the same double chin.

I can not begin to thank you enough for all you have done to help me reach this resolution in my life.  My years of anguish over that decision I had to make so many years ago has been softened with the success of this search and all the positive information I have received about wonderful life and family that Shelly grew up in.  I can not thank you enough for the wonderful job you did in your search.  I always had a fear that since my one daughter and I looked so much alike that someday, I would be walking the streets and maybe walk into another person that looked like me.  If pictures can tell the story, the pictures we have exchanged certainly prove that if I had run into Shelly on the streets that I might very well have known that she was that daughter that I had given for adoption all those years ago.

The money for your services was a nominal amount, and I have been rewarded a hundred fold.  You are gracious, professional people who are to be commended for you work.  I hope you can share with your supervisor how happy I am to have used your services for my search.

Will keep you posted.

Donna Z B”


“Just a Thank You for giving me the name of my adopted child – Lance. We have made contact and he is my adopted child. He resembles me and also has a lot of my family physical traits. We are loving each other and he has become a member of my family. A successful reunion as well with the adoption parents. They have given me so much information of the day they received him as their gift from me. EVEN GAVE ME BABY AND CHILDBOOK PHOTOS so I can become a part of his young years. Thank you again.



“41 years is a long time, by anyone’s standards. It is also my age, which doesn’t feel like a long time. 33 years ago is ancient history to some folks. To me, it was just the number of years I knew I was adopted. My adoptive parents told me when I was seven. It was easy for me. I had the best parents, the best childhood, the best education. So, why complicate my life and others by trying to find my birth parents? I could live with the curiosity. And I did. Then all of a sudden, as if nothing else had occurred in my life, I was staring into the face of my daughter, barely one minute old. The gravity and reality of the decision my birth parents made crystallized before me. No human being could give up their child, their flesh, and then forget. I had to find my birth mother, period. Omnitrace looked good on paper, and checked out as a solid company. But I decided to trust them because they listened and understood my needs. They asked the difficult questions without judging the answers. It took a year. They gave me periodic updates, they were understanding when I felt frustrated, and they found my birth mother. And now, we are both going to be okay. I spent 33 years talking myself out of doing something which needed to be done. Do not waste one more single waking moment, begin the search. Steven B.”


“Dear Omnitrace and ALL of the omnitrace staff… i write to you today so fast, freely & joyfully that for the most part i could care less if i use caps or not, etc. …giggles. thanks to your company’s efforts, hard-work & intentions if have finally made ‘first contact’ once again with my beLoved lost love Joey!!!!!!!!!!!! :-))) despite us being ‘two guys’ we are not able to see/sense this anymore because of the amount of Bliss that is pouring through us. …all we can ‘see’ is that our combined hearts’s liGht is infinitely pounding with Love’s bliss that has actually been there the whole time anyway. i understand now easily why there was an ‘illusionary gap’ in Joey’s response time back to me. i see now that there was never really a gap between our hearts at all and that Our~Heart has always been as 1 and as 1 it will in All ways ‘be.’

Joey has asked me to marry him and i have tearfully/easily said YES!!!!!!!!!!  !!!!!!!!!  :-)))   i told him i already felt married to him for a while now… more crazy~giggles amongst these tears of joy & laughter that can’t seem to be confined.

TODAY for OmniTrace should easily be a Grand Day of Deep~Celebration as YOU will alway remain as an intergral Key in allowing Joey & i to be reformed as 1. I easily see/feel all of you as angels in disguise for the service you provide to sooooooo many! my deepest~apologies to any & all who i may have openly shared frustrations with during the search. please forgive me. ~ i love aLL of you unconditionally and without question and inVision ALL of you Feeling the most bliss-filled of eternal~moments!

….inJOY!!!!! !!!!! !!!!! . .. …forever & always… .. . Darwin . …& Joey too!!!   o:-)    o:-)”


“Thank you so much!!!  You found my birth father after 21 years of not knowing where he was.  I have been in contact with him and am now building the relationship we never had the chance to make!!  I will tell everyone about your site!!  You are a gift from God!!! THANK YOU!!!! Love,  Beverly M.”


“Hello OmniTrace! I just wanted to let you know that I had a very successful contact with my birth father.  I was even able to visit him last October in LA.  I was able to go through his sister (my birth aunt!) Vicki – what a doll she is.  Come to find out – my birth father has resided at his same address since birth.  This has truely changed my life for the better!  I talk to both my birth father and my birth aunt often on the phone and are now planning yearly visits.  It has been a very wonderful experience!  Thank you so much for making it happen!  It couldn’t of happened without you all.  Thanks again!!!

Sincerely, Shannon P., TX”


“I just wanted to inform you that I tried calling Laurie and she did turn out to be my birthBirth Mother and Birth Daughter Reunited sister!  She was very pleasant and talked with me for about an hour. She had promised to send me some pictures of my birth father and informed me that he is living in CA.

Then yesterday I got the shock of my life when I got a phone call, and it was my birth father!! My birth sister had called him to let him know that I had contacted her and he called me right away.  We talked for nearly 3 hours last night and he emailed me a bunch of pictures of himself and other family members. I just wanted to thank OmniTrace for not giving up and for bringing an end to my 13 year search!!!

Julie M.”


“Dear Chris and OmniTrace,

It worked!!!  I just got off the phone. My birth mother doesn’t go by her maiden name anymore so she got a little huffy & then silent when I said who I was, but we talked for 24 minutes to get caught up . She kept saying it wasn’t a good time to talk but kept on!  We only cried a little. She said she was trying to find me but never was quite sure if the info she got on the internet was really me so she never tried. But she said she was glad I found her. Thank you very very much.”

“Chris,   A few months ago you found my birthmother.  Thanks for making the process so easy – I wasn’t sure I had enough information to find her.  I just wanted you to know that we have corresponded by mail, but because this happened so long ago (I’m 49 years old), she was not interested in pursuing a relationship.  Thanks again – I would recommended you and OmniTrace to anyone who is in my position.

Thanks again.



“I want to thank everyone at OmniTrace for their help. I sent a letter to Loretta.  Today I received a response. It turns out that Loretta is not my birth mother; she is my birth aunt- I was named after her, and she was the one who tried to maintain some contact with me when I was a child.

It seems that my birth mother is not well, having some very serious health issues and I take it by the letter from my birth aunt that she has not mentioned me to my birth mother yet.

My aunt was very open and offers continued contact with her, although the rest of the family does not know about me.  I am OK with that.  I have had a response and know my heritage and some family history, which was very important to me.  My aunt desires us to remain in contact and perhaps one day, which I will leave to my aunt, I might have contact with my birth mother.

I am glad that I took the slow, cautious approach, especially knowing now about my birth mother’s health issues. I am very grateful for your help and consider this a big win.

Thank you so much,

Denise M.”


“Hello Chris and OmniTrace,  My birth sister Dorine & I had a wonderful “1st meeting”, we exchanged photos, talked non-stop, & shared memories from our lives growing up.

We are so thankful to you, OmniTrace & the man I got the details from at the Historical Society!!!  You have made me the happiest woman on earth, the lottery isn’t this good!!!!

We are exchanging emails, in between our meetings. We will get our families together once everyone knows about us, & our unique situation. This only comes once in a lifetime, that we grow up with one family & half way thru life, get to start again with a new birth family!!!  Only people that were adopted know the feeling, others could only guess what it feels like.Love & God bless,

I grew up without all the answers, now they are getting answered faster than I can write them down, & yes, I’m writing everything down (so is Dorine), we have a log, & an album with photos of our past (while we were apart), now together we will begin our lives anew, & a new beginning we will begin together, we are finally united & complete!!!

Janice  & Dorine”


“Dear OmniTrace:

Thank you so much for all your efforts to find my birth mother.  I have to tell you I am very nervous about calling and trying to find the right words to say.  I’m sure everyone wonders if their birth mother wants to be found or not, or if any of my birth siblings know about this.  I certainly do not want to stir something up that shouldn’t be.  I just wanted to ask some questions.

I assume that my birth mother hasn’t been contacted and doesn’t know that I am looking for her.  I have a son that I’ve adopted and also know the “other” side of it.  My adoptive mother is deceased.  I didn’t feel I could even search for my birth mother with her still living — I would never have wanted her to think I was ever ungrateful. Anyway, thank you again.

Sincerely, BeLinda”


“Hi Chris and Omnitrace!

It has been a few months and I have to apologize for not sending an e-mail  sooner. I have met Lillian (mybirth mother) and her husband.  We have had a phone and e-mail relationship. We are both going slowly and it has been truly wonderful. My family and I are going to meet the rest of my birth family this Sunday.

I just wanted to thank you. Without your help I probably wouldn’t have found her. It took longer than I thought it would, but I know now that things happen when they are meant to happen and no amount of impatience would change things. Again thank you for all of your help.

Regards, Jodi G.”


Birthmother Search - Help From Marriage Records“I want to thank you for your help.  You have found my birth son and we are in the process of making up for lost time.  Things are going great!  He even calls me mom!  I am on cloud 9!

Thanks again!!





“Hi Dana and The Search Advisor~ Wow–what an exciting week this has turned out to be for me ever since our conversation. I called the number you gave me that day, and Joseph’s roommate answered the phone. I was able to find out the name of the group home. I searched the web that night and found an article about the home, which happened to contain a picture of Joe with some friends. I wrote an e-mail to the director telling him of my situation and asked if he could put me in contact with Joe’s adoptive Mom.

The next morning I received a phone call from Gail W.  She was so excited and said they have prayed for this to come. She is a social worker who is an adoptive trainee.  Joe is one of 10 children she and her husband have adopted. We had a wonderful conversation and have been sharing photos and notes all week long via e-mail.

I couldn’t have asked for my birth son to have been with a more loving caring family. He does have a mild case of cerebral palsy due to the brain injuries sustained as an infant in foster care. But he is doing well and very happy. They are going to call me this Sunday so i can talk to Joe. and we are planning a time for me to go up to Ohio and meet them!!!

I can’t thank you enough-from the bottom of my heart – for putting me back in contact with my birth son and his family. I truly appreciate everything you have done for me!

God Bless you!”


Dear Chris,
You are the best, The address you gave me regarding the search for my birth mother was successful. I wish I could hugg you and say thank you!!

After 21 years I just found my birth mother on Friday..I am so grateful, words can’t explain.  You are the best, please thank everyone at Omnitrace for all their effort. You guys really are genuine.Sincerely,
Amy O.”



I thought I would drop you a line and tell you and omnitrace thank you all very much. With the information you provided me with on Thursday, I found my wife’s birth mother in only 1 day. I cannot begin to express to you all how important this is to both my wife and to her sister. I will be taking both of them to meet their birth mother, who lost contact with them over 30 years ago. This birth family reunion is planned for the first weekend of February.

I am sure you hear this a lot but my family really thanks you and your staff a great deal. You made it possible for me to keep a promise that I made to my wife 15 years ago, and that is that I would find her birth mother. Not only will my wife be meeting her birth mother but she will be meeting her birth grandmother who is still alive and living with her daughter in Lompoc.

Chris, the most important thing in the world to me is keeping my promises, sometimes however you need a little help in doing that, I am glad that you and omnitrace were there to help me keep mine.

Please feel free to use my name or our story in any way that can help your organization in the future. If you ever need a reference feel free to e-mail call or write to my family.


Ron Phares
Very Satisfied Customer”


“Dear OmniTrace:

I’m a daughter ! ! !

How can I thank you enough for finding my birth mother?  I knew all my life that IReunion Stories was adopted but wanted to wait until my adoptive parents had passed on before I started searching for my birth mother.  When the day arrived that I was ready to make that step, I called OmniTrace and requested that you start the process to find her.

When the phone call came from your search manager…Chris last month, I was in shock.  he provided me with information that I never thought I would learn!  I was given my birth mother’s name … AND (as an added bonus) the news that I also had two brothers.  We all talked, e-mailed, and met about 2 weeks after our first contact.

There was much rejoicing … and lots of happy tears.  I’ve been in touch with my mother and brothers regularly and we’re all planning to visit again on Mother’s Day next month.

Omnitrace … you have changed my life forever … and every day I thank God that I put my trust in you and your researchers.  I still don’t know how to describe the feelings I’m experiencing.  I feel like I’m finally learning who I am.

A very special thank you to Chris and Dave for putting up with all my calls and inquiries.

Karole B.
Springfield, VA”


“Dave, just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how our reunion went.  My wife and I met Patricia and her husband today at 11:00am at her home and it was fantastic!  We talked for an hour or so and then went out to lunch.After lunch, we went back to their home and had desert and talked until about 3:45pm.  We have agreed to keep in touch and build a relationship.  The key words are love and respect for one anothers feelings and to take it one day at a time.

Thank you again for your efforts in finding my birth mother.

Sincerely –

Richie P.”


“Subject:  Your successful search

I just wanted to drop you a short note to let you know that I have spoken with Ken and that he is, indeed, my birth son.  I am very delighted, in particular, because he is such a nice guy.  I’m going to meet him for the first time on Sunday.

I want to thank both you and David for your hard work and for putting up with my grumpiness.  I really appreciate all that you’ve done and will let you know how our meeting goes.”


“Dear OmniTrace,I cannot thank you enough for helping me locate my birth mother.  I called her the day after I spoke with you all.  I was so scared.  We talked the first day for about 30 minutes.  She asked that I send her pictures.

I then wrote her a letter and sent her several pictures of me and my family.  She has since sent me pictures and we have talked on the phone several times.  We are going to meet this fall.  I’m so excited!  Thank you for all you did.



“Hi Mr. Betz.  Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that our reunion with Tim’s Mom has gone better than we imagined.  Not only did we find out about her, but we also found out he has a full blooded sister.  They are just as excited as we are and we are planning to spend Christmas with them in Connecticut.As a result of our story, the Today Show (weekend edition) is going to do a story about our search to find each other.  I thought you would like to know since OmniTrace will probably get mentioned.

Thanks so much to Madeline…I know she has relocated but if someone could please update her, we would appreciate it.


The Cooley’s”


“Thank you Chris and OmniTrace, as I have found, talked and swapped pics and all with my birth mother.  I can’t thank you people enough.  Your finding my birth mother has made this the greatest day of my life no doubt.  I am at your call to tell people how good and awesome your search service is if you ever need the referral.  I could never have done it without you.  Thank you.  After 2 years of my being in jail, who could have guessed you would follow through like you did.  I would have paid 10 times that for what you gave me.   A family.

Best regards,

Ron T.”


“Dear OmniTrace,

I am typing you this letter to thank you and your team for the wonderful work you did finding my birth father. I am going to meet my grandmother for the first time.  My birth father is not ready to meet but that is okay because the rest of the family wants to meet. They all said they waited 32 years for this day. I cannot believe that this is all happening. I have dreamed for this day for a very long time and it is all coming true for me. It is like living in a dream. I just wanted to let you all know that I appreciate all the hard work you have done. You have no idea how much this means to me. I will recommend you to anyone I know. Thanks again for the hard work!!!!

Melynda C.”


“Sari –

Birth Mother and Birth Sisters ReunitedThank you so much for finding my friend Jo.  I called her and we talked for over an hour.   We plan on talking a lot in the future.  She said she’d thought about me for years, just didn’t know where to start looking.  She was shocked to hear how I found her.

Thanks so very much.

Linda M.”


“To Sari Acevedo,

Thank you for your hard work.  The contact you provided was indeed my birth mother.  We made contact and she was happy to hear from me and we look forward to building on our lost relationship.  Thank you very much!


Gilbert G.”


“Hi Chris,

The search for my birth daughter took less time than I thought it might and I was happy to get the info.  However, at this time it has not been a positive outcome. I spoke with the adopting parents who said they had told her she was adopted & asked her several times over the years if she was interested in discovering her birth mother. They said her responses were consistently no, stating  that they were her parents. I can understand her feelings and I’m sure she must have some mixed feelings about me. The adoptiong parents said she is a wonderful woman and it sounded like they gave her a good life.  For that I am grateful but disappointed as well with the seeming lack of interest.

In the past I have learned to live with the idea that perhaps my birth daughter and I would never connect. I decided that if she had not attempted to locate me by the time she was in her late 20’s early 30’s that perhaps it was not to be.   My husband was the one who encouraged me to take action.  And it was his reaction in response to my having spoken with the adopting parents that hurt more than the actual response from them.  He seemed more empathetic toward them than showing compassion toward me.

I am in the process of composing a letter as well as enclosing a letter that I had composed when my daughter was seven years old.  Why seven – who knows… Perhaps because we all go through changes every seven years but more likely because I was seeing a psychology counselor who suggested I do it.  My feelings haven’t changed from what I expressed in the missive.

I recently read a review on a book titled “The Girls Who Went Away” by Ann Fessler published by Penquin Press. I bought a copy yesterday and it appears to be quite interesting in that it is based on interviews of women who gave up a child, as well as their families, the adoptive families and adoptees.  When I finish the book, depending how I feel about it, I may send it along with the letters.

You might consider recommending the book to individuals who are searching or contemplating a search. After reading the review my initial reaction was – I don’t need to read that, it’s my own story but obviously I changed my mind and I’m finding that every story has its own twist.

Please share this e-mail with Tatiana with whom I originally spoke  and who wanted to know the outcome.  Thank you both for the kindnesses you have shown me.  I have hope that things will change to the positive. When that happens, I will let you know.

Gratefully yours,

Louise M.”



I cannot thank you and Omnitrace enough!  You found my birth family.

I spoke with Theresa and Rosalie, and their father.  They are going to send me pictures of my birth mother.  They were very excited to hear about me, and Theresa’s son was happy he had another “uncle” now.

Theresa also put me in touch with the older siblings, James and Russell.  I spent the entire weekend speaking  with my birth family.  They couldn’t have been nicer.

Also, they were unaware that there was another sibling, a sister, put up for adoption.

We are currently making plans for when we can all meet.  I get up to New York quite often and it’s a short trip from there to Connecticut.  I can meet with James, Theresa, Rosalie and my birth mother’s husband when I go up  next time.

Russell is in California, as is Luann, who is the oldest.  She may not want to speak with me, she apparently has a drug dependency problem.

Again, they couldn’t have been better about receiving this news.  It’s nice to close this chapter, and to have several new found friends, I mean birth family!


Walter S.”


“Dear Chris,


I absolutely cannot thank you enough for the continued search for Kathryn with the correct spelling and the birthdate.  You are the best!!!!!

Yes, you found my birth mother.  I just got off the phone with her and yep!  It’s her.  So, label me one of your success stories.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  She could NOT be happier to hear from me even after 50 years……she is thrilled that she now has 3 biological grandchildren too.

Thank you again.


Maurelle A.”


“Dear OmniTrace,

As of February 12, I now know who my birth father is.  Because of you and your services you have brought two birth families together for the first time since I was conceived.

This has torn through my heart for years not knowing who my birth father and birth family was and only being told bad things about him in order for me to never become curious and search.

Because of you and your employees’ hard work and efforts of not giving up and answering my prayers you have brought my birth family back into my life.  You have given me the chance I have longed to get of knowing who my real birth father is.

I want to thank you for committing your life and time to my search and not giving up as I know how hard this must have been.  I know a lot people out there don’t have the answers I have today and with just a little bit of information they too can put their search to rest by placing they’re trust in you like I did.

If I could ever have known that OmniTrace existed, I would have never spent my time and money on the other things I have done to try and accomplish my goals of finding my birth father, I wished someone could have directed me to OmniTrace before now, but that’s o.k. We all live and learn like I have.  My dreams and prayers have come true and I am absolutely blown away from the outcome of this entire ordeal.

Thank you and God Bless all of you from the bottom of my heart.


Brenda B.”


” Hello Yessi and OmniTrace,

Sorry to be so late on getting back with you . Things have went well so far . I’ve been in contact with my birth family…Birth mother, birth brother-Greg and one birth sister, Pamela. Thanks so much. As it was, I would not have been able to track them down on my own. They had moved over 40 times in 35+ years!

Guess that’s where my Roaming blood came from!!

You guys did a fantastic job, in all of about 6 weeks from start to finish, remarkeable!

Again, thanks so much for giving us closure on a big question mark that’s been over us for many years.

Sincerely ,
Steve and Shirlene B.”


“Thank you for your report on the search for my birthmother. I made a call to the number youFather and Son Reunion gave me and made a contact.

Marjorie is 85 and has some issues with the memory. I went thru this with my adoptive parents at that age. She also acknowledged that she was my birthmother. I kept the phone call short and said I would write to her.  This may trigger some long term memories. Got to go slow and respect the age.  Will email again to you if I get more important information.  Thanks again for finding my birthmother!




This thank-you email is long overdue.  My life has been a whirlwind since you provided me the information on my birthmother.  Every thing as gone extremely well.  Yes, lots of drama, but lots of laughter and love.  My birthmother and I met on 9 February and it was the “best weekend of my life”.  My birthmother is wonderful!  I have never been happier in my life. Thank you again,


“I spent a 3 day weekend with my birthdaughter.  Everything went wonderful.  We answered each others questions and then things were like we were never apart.

Thank you and your people who worked on this for fulfilling a birthmother’s long, long dream of mine and hers too.

We are going to make plans to take her and her husband to Oklahoma to meet all her birthfamily members.  They are as excited and we are.  Again, thank you so much.



“Chris and Omnitrace,

Just thought I’d give you an update.  Today around 10:00 am, I spoke to my birthson, Chris.  He was looking for me!!!

If it not for Omnitrace finding out his name, I would have never seen the his posting on the reunion registry, because I would not have known his name.

Thanks so much for your help.  I think this is the beginning of a great relationship.  He really wants to get to his birthmother!

Sharon L.”


“Dear Chris:

Just a long overdue note to say thank you for finding my niece, Tonya Davis.  I am just ecstatic.  She was my sister’s daughter.  My sister passed away in November, 1992.

I received your telephone call on Thursday, November 16, 2006.  I have talked with Tonya almost daily.  Although my finances right now are not great and I cannot meet her personally, my birthfamily and my sister’s friends all got together to welcome her into the family in Cleveland, OH.  They all believed she is my sister incarnate and that she is definitely my sister’s birthdaughter.  She talks, walks, and has my sister’s talents and traits.  Not only was my sister a birthmother, she was also a grandmother.  Tonya has two daughters, ages 19 and 8.  So I am also a great aunt too.

I just received a webcam from my niece, Tonya.  It just brought tears in my eyes.  Not to be melodramatic, I now believe I have a new life because I was the only one left in my immediate family of four and I thought I was alone.

So, from the bottom of heart, I want to thank you, Tatiana, and the rest of the Omnitrace company for finding my niece.

Best wishes to you, your family and Omnitrace for a wonderful, prosperous and healthy New Year.

All the best,


“Chris,  I wanted to tell you the good news. Hildegard is Mike’s birth mother! They were both so happy to find each other and reunite. She has been looking for him for years but was unable to find him. They have been spending hours on the phone catching up on all these years. Thank you so much for your help and persistence.

God Bless you,


Hi Sari!  (Sari Acevedo is an OmniTrace researcher and also manages our customer service department.)

Just want to thank you and your company for the speedy, accurate results in the search for my birth son. I talked to him yesterday. Think all will be okay now.


Janice M.”



Father and Son ReunitedSorry that it took me a while to get back w/you! This is the birth family we were searching for and my husband and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We have made contact with Marie and we are pleased! Thank you so much for putting up with our inpatient ness.

Bless you and the team in helping us with our search.

Yvonne & family!”


“Dave Betz,

I didn’t get a chance to call you today after I talked to Sari.  I was taking time out of work to call her.  We talked 45 minutes!!  She was so very helpful and knowledgeable.  I was blown away by the info on my birth son!!  She advised me to write a letter to my son, and email it to her.  She will then contact him, tell him family are trying to locate him, mail or email him the letter, and give him a chance to respond.

I was not sure what I should put in the letter, so she gave me a synopsis to help me.  I’m going to write the letter as soon as I email this to you.  Her concern is that my birth son may not know he is adopted.

Thank you for all your hard work in my search.  I am so pleased and will recommend Omnitrace to anyone needing a birth family reunion search agency.

Sari could not have been nicer and I am so happy with the results.  Since I later married the birth father, my birth son has a sister 31 and a brother 27 who are very accomplished people.  My daughter is excited about the possibility of contacting him.  We are planning to tell our son this weekend.  I have researched and studied this for years and am aware that my son’s reaction may not be what I want, but I feel we must make contact with him, and allow him to decide whether he wants a relationship with us.

Again, thank you for all OmniTrace has done.


“I just wanted to thank you for finding my birth-mother!  I have developed a wonderful relationship with her and my two half-sisters. It was everything I dreamed it would be.

Thank you so much!



“Dear Sari and OmniTrace,

Today I received an email from my sister Amy. I am 50 and my birth sister is 45. I was adopted and OmniTrace located my birth sister who never knew I existed. It took over a month for her to make this first contact. I was just thinking about contacting you back when the letter came. She was blown away that our father never told her about me or anything about her mother.

The first picture she ever saw of our birth mother she recieved in my letter. I am confidant that with time, God willing, we will get to know each other. I want to say THANK YOU for helping me in this leg of my journey. I think if I should live long enough I may write a book one day. It’s been an interesting life, with miles to go before I sleep !

Maryanne S.”


“Subject: Thank you so much

It has been over 19 years since I last saw or heard from my father. Omnitrace helped me close a hole that was in my heart for so long. I just want to say thank you so much for what you did. You not only helped me, but children too they will finally get to know their grandfather.  We are a birth family united!

Again Thank You.

Evelyn K.”


“Mrs. Acevedo,

Thank you for that information. The limited credit history is consistent with his lifestyle. Thank you. You have been a great help and you solved a 27 year old mystery. God bless you.

Thanks forever,

David Wakefield”


“Chris and the staff at OmniTrace,

I wanted to let you know that you found my father. He was thrilled to have a daughter.  Thank you for all of your help. Without you, none of this would have been possible.  God Bless You and Omnitrace for all that you do for people.




We followed your suggestion and did send a letter and yesterday Helen’s daughter called. They are both very excited.  I have made plane reservations for us to fly to Florida next Friday and meet her. Thank you very much for your fine work. We would recommend your birth family finding service to anyone.

Frank C.”



We spoke only once on the phone but I wanted to say thank you again for locating my birthFamily-Reunion daughter in Texas.  Her letter today ended with this, “Forever your one and only Beth.” And her mom wants to write and meet me too.

Blessings all around.

Lynn P.”


“Dear OmniTrace,

I want to thank you for the information. I have e-mailed Kenneth and he has e-mailed me back. He has also telephoned me. We are in the process of sending each other pictures and a future meeting.  I will always be in your gratitude for all that you have done.


Susan M. J.”


“From: Susy S.
To: Chris Maione and the great staff of omnitrace…..

Subject: Jeanne B. – Birth Mother

Good evening Chris -I am so sorry that it has taken me so long to give you the update on my birth parents.

My conversation with my birth mother, Jeanne B., started five minutes before the Super Bowl game began.  She immediately mentioned that she was glad that I had called back.  Apparently, when I had talked with her in the Fall of 2007, her husband was standing right next to her and she was not able to speak freely.

Chris, your advice to ask her if was a good time to talk was great, but I was so nervous that I had forgotten.  We spoke for over an hour and she confirmed everything with me.

Chris, you might recall that I received a large document about my history which included, birth parents, grand parents, uncles, etc. Everything in that document — she verified was correct.

She wants to continue to communicate with me, but she stated that she needed to get some spiritual counseling on how to communicate this information with her family.  No one in her family is aware that she had a child in 1963.  I gave her my email address and she has my phone number.

The story gets more intriguing.  Jeanne and my birth father lived in South Dakota and he was best friends with her brothers.  Upon finding out that she was pregnant, they both left for California and signed adoption papers to give me up for adoption.  She mentioned that both of her parents were very strict (mother was a school teacher and her father was a Superintendent of the school) and that if they ever found out — they would have sent her away.  She said that after she woke up, she was told that I did not make it — still born.  She said that she had been given a lot of medication and that she was pretty much knocked out during the birth and that it wasn’t until a couple of days later that she woke up.  Upon hearing the news, both Jeanne and my birth father parted ways and they have never seen each other or stayed in contact with each other.

Jeanne encouraged me to try to get in contact with my birth father, her comment: “He is a wonderful human being.”  So with that, I will continue to write to him and in my next letter, I will let him know that I spoke with Jeanne.

Jeanne did confirm that she has been married twice, but not to my birth father.  She has three daughters and their ages are 39, 37, and 35.  Jeanne has been married to her current husband for 25 years and he is very supportive of her three daughters from her previous marriage of 17 years. Jeanne is also very close with her family and that not to long ago, her father passed away.

Chris, I can’t begin to thank you and OmniTrace enough for all of your assistance and if you have any other helpful advice on reaching my birth father, I would love to hear it.  In the meantime, I am putting together another letter to send off to him.

If I hear back from Jeanne, I will let you know, but I thought that I would give her a couple of months to share the news/or not with her family.

Thanks again –

Susy S.”


“Dear Julie Perkins and OmniTrace,

Oh my God!  Jean and my 3 biological sisters (yes 3 full blood sisters-didn’t see that one coming) are all meeting in Albuquerque for a family reunion.  I am so excited!  We have been emailing each other and sending letters and have talked on the phone several times. It is amazing to me how much we have in common.

Genetics really does make you who you are. They have sent me letters with pictures of themselves.  It’s so strange to see someone who looks like me. It is all very overwhelming-a lot to process.

Thank you so much for finding them.  I’ll send you an update after we meet.



“Dear Chris,

Aunt Mavis and I spent a lot of time crying, but she says I have a birth family that I won’t believe!  Marian was one of 7 girls and 3 boys.  She says as soon as she can call, she’s going to get on the phone and tell everyone (if it’s alright with me, and it IS).  I gave her my contact info and she will pass it on.

The family has always known of me, and after Marian died, my brother and two sisters came often to see Mavis and ask if she knew anything.  She was definitely the right relative for you to talk to.  Marian’s youngest sibling is 2 years older than me and Mavis has kids older than me.

She doesn’t think “Gerry” is my father, but once we’re all together at the family reunion (she believes her parents knew, but they are not alive to ask), she says they’ll try to figure it out, or we can just let it go.  Everything is fine with me.

I’m waiting for my mom to call so I can tell her.

Mavis ended our call by saying, “I love you, sweetheart,” then asked, “Did you hear what I said? I LOVE you, sweetheart.”

Thank you, Chris and OmniTrace. Mavis must have said, “I’m so excited” 100 times. So am I.



“Dear Sari,

Thank you very much for this information! I called and this is my birth family! The conversation was very positive. We will be corresponding more and possibly have a family reunion in the near future. I’ll be glad to share this info with you and send you a letter updating you on everything as time progresses. Again, thank you very much for all the work you put into this.

All the best,




Birth Mother and Birth Sisters ReunitedYes, I’ll keep U posted as to up and coming developments regarding my family reunion (I’ll mail you a letter and pictures). This is so exciting!  Again, I appreciate and thank you for all the help U and those involved at OmniTrace went thru to help me.

Warmest Regards,

Bob H.”


“Dear Chris and the kind staff of OmniTrace,

I talked to Susan for two hours last night and she called me this morning at nine a.m.  My cordless phone went dead both times so we had to hang up.  Good job!  I’m so happy you found her.  I really did not have much hope at all when I went to OmniTrace.  We are now planning a family reunion.

I guess she had tried for years on her own to find us.  It seems so strange to say “my youngest sister” having had only my one sibling all these years and she was the “youngest.”  Thank you so much – she and I both said “I don’t know how they did it.”  I really did not have a place to start on my own because I did not know what her adopted name was, plus the fact the the Manchester Children’s Society has been closed for years.

We’re both grateful to you.  We’ll both send you letters with pictures after our family reunion.



After exchanging serveral letters, I finally had a very nice conversation with my birth mother. She was so pleased that I got in touch with her after all this time!  We are planning a family reunion in the near future.  Thank you so much for your assistance.

This appears to be a very happy ending to something I never thought would happen. Bless you!

Mary M.”


“To all of you angels at Omnitrace, I want to express my deepest gratitude to you for locating my biological son.  My son was born in 1968.  I was 17 (just out of high school) when he was conceived and 18 when he was born.  I was unmarried and never told his birth father or my parents that I was pregnant and moved to Los Angeles from Montana where he was born and adopted in a private adoption.  Giving him up was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my 58 years of life so far.  Before the nurses took him away from the delivery room, they offered for me to hold him and I decided against it which I have always regretted.  He was a beautiful, perfect little baby boy!

In January of this year (2008), I engaged the services of Omnitrace to locate my son and I guess I’m one of the fortunate ones for whom the search went quite quickly and on February 26th, I received a call from Sari saying she had just had a wonderful telephone conversation with my son! The joy (and relief that he was even still alive after 40 years!) was overwhelming.  He is a talented singer, songwriter and musician and knew that he was adopted and had been raised in a loving family.  We communicated by email for a few weeks until our first phone conversation on March 6th.  And in June, he and his girlfriend drove from Los Angeles to Denver to visit my me and my husband.  My husband of 29 years and I don’t have any children so this man is my only child.  To be able to put my arms around him and kiss his face and know he is for real is something I NEVER thought would EVER happen!  But thanks to you all, it has happened and I’m elated.  We spent our first evening of 4 wonderful days together out on the patio looking through photo albums, taking pictures and getting to know about each other.  It was such a dream come true.

I know that sometimes these kinds of reunions don’t work out so well, but if anyone out there is even thinking about looking for a biological child or parent, I would say go for it.  Omnitrace is professional, discreet, reasonably priced and dedicated to getting the job done for their clients and I am one VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER!!  Thank you again, Omnitrace, and a very special thank you to you, Sari, from the bottom of my very full of joy heart.

Alexis Twiford”






“Dear Julie,

Sorry it has taken so long to get this off to you but I have been trying to get MY things in order after spending nearly a year getting Roberts affairs straight.

Thank you so much for your help in settling the Roberts mystery.  Your locating the 77 year old cousin in California solved the mystery.

Marlene and Reina were delighted to hear from me and thrilled to get the precious items about their family.

I have passed along your address to the Markheims lest you might be needed to help find more souls from what they can glean from the backs of pictures. .. you might even help them stir up a family reunion!

Thank you Julie (and OmniTrace) for all your help and all your patience with me.  You certainly provide a wonderful service.

Most sincerely,

Mrs. John E. C III”


“Dear Omnitrace:

My name is ClaireElaine J.  I’m Beth’s daughter-in-law, and you found my natural mother!trev_bk__grace Thank you so much!!  I can’t tell you how happy I am.  Libby (my birthmother) and I have been looking for each other for just under three years now.  Thank you so much!

We talked on the phone for the first time on March 30, and we talked for nearly three hours!  We’ve been in steady correspondence since then (I know!  Only five days. But five days seems like so much when we’ve had nothing for 20 years!) through email and phone.

Thank you so much!!

ClaireElaine J.”


“Hi Chris,

I wanted to let you know that Erick’s birth mother Margie G. called us today and confirmed that she is his mother!  We got them together on the phone and they are planning to meet in August.  Fantastic Job!


Mary S.”


“Subject: Eternally Grateful for your Help


I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the results of your search for my cousin Aristotle on May 19, 2008.  I know it took a bit of time and effort but in the end you were able to locate my cousin and his wife when other services could not.  I consider the fee charged as very reasonable because when you only have a name and no address or SS# for over 30 years, it is amazing that you can still find someone.  Again, thank you so much for your help – I will be eternally grateful.

Very Truly Yours,

George S.”


“Happy Monday Chris!

I cannot thank Omnitrace enough for bringing such joy into my life!  I sent a letter to Laura’s parents, they called her and she called me.  We set up a meeting for a reunion on Saturday; what a spectacular day for all of us.  Her parents, adopted brother, Laura, myself and my husband met at Applebee’s in West Covina.  We were there for hours, laughing, telling stories and trying to catch up on 31 years of absence. Laurawas raised by the most outstanding, wonderful people.  It was fabulous to meet them and now we will all be able to spend wonderful days together. 

Thank you again for doing such a wonderful job at uniting this family with mine.



“Dear Sari,

Hi there! …….I just got in contact via email with Silvia, Leticia’s daughter….a very emotional reunion event that you made possible this very moment for Silvia and for me…, as I had not heard of these folks in 28 years….

I thank you from the bottom of my heart…..and never take for granted the impact your efforts have on those whose hearts are placed at your feet for you to bring minds and spirits back together… I thank you 100 billion times….

My friend Leticia passed away last June…..timing is everything in life, isn’t it?  I wish I would have discovered you guys much, much sooner……  I hope you are well…..

With all my gratitude,



Thank you for the results.  I called Debra right after I talked to you and it went great.  Come to find out, my cousin knew where she was for years but didn’t know that we knew about her.  She wants to meet us and it made my day talking to her.  Omnitrace is a wonderful company and they care about their clients.  Thanks again for what you did and just know that we appreciate you and the work that you do.  I’ll write again with any reunion stories I can share.




I just wanted to thank you for finding my birth mother.  I did talk to her after 50 years and found out that my Dad had kidnapped me.  The stories she told me!  I now have a feeling of belonging somewhere and have finally found my relatives.  I will recommend Omnitrace to anyone looking for a search.  I’ll try to send you more family reunion stories shortly.

Thank You

Karol R.”


“To: Rachel Weiss


reunion testimonialI am on vacation in Tennessee this week, but I just wanted to share exciting news and reunion stories with you!!  Thanks to your intervention on our behalf, I wrote a letter to Scott.  The day after I got to Kentucky with his birth mother, he called.  He sounds so neat, cheerful, and great.  I talked to him, then he spent a long time talking to Joy.  The next day he called back, and said he would like to get our emails, and send us pictures of his family, and business, and we could keep in touch by email, as well as phone.  So, to say thanks is hardly adequate for how both Joy and I feel.  It is a real answer to prayer on my part.

Marge T.”


“Subject:  Search results awesome!


How can I thank you for helping me find my best friend from college?  Ron is alive and well living in Florida just as you said.  I talked with him and we are going to renew a friendship after 40 years.  I am sooooo happy.

Their home in Florida is close to my best girlfriend’s winter home AND Ron still spends his summers in Manhattan, IL.  My husband and I live in Elwood, IL 5 miles away!

Can you imagine playing cards with my best friend and his wife after forty years!  I am ecstatic~!

Thank you so much,

Lynne E.”


“Dear Chris,

I wanted to let you know that I have contacted Daniel by letter.  He and a friend found my daughter’s My Space pages online and that is how he contacted us.  We now talk online daily.

I have seen pictures of him growing up and now.  He looks exactly like me.   Once again, I want to thank OmniTrace for finding him for me. You guys are wonderful.

Jennifer S.”



This is Heather.  You had asked for any reunion stories I might have.  I just wanted to give you an update.  Everything is going so wonderfully.  I have talked on the phone to my birth family multiple times this week.  I found that I have 2 sisters and a brother and a nephew.  All of us are excited.  We can’t wait to see each other.  Thank you so much for all you have done. My life has definitely been changed for the better.




“Hello, I wanted to thank the search advisor website for helping me to post about locating my three son’s, Jason, Joseph and Patrick. This note is to let everyone know that through this website, my son Joseph found where I was located, he then gave his older brother Jason a tip to go online.  Both were separated at the age of only 12, and then sent to a variety of “not so good” foster homes. I have also learned that when a child has been adopted, their SSN number changes. Children are not informed of everything that happened to lead to the family’s separation. One of my children are now residing in a Christian family, “Joseph” I wanted to let him know how much I love him and that when I was in the crises of our family situation, life was not as simple to unravel. I needed to ask for help, I was in danger, and yet stayed in a bad situation. I can only blame this on the medications I was dependant on, and being “stupid” there is no other excuse. I can say that I have always loved being a mother, and no matter how much time has passed I will never stop loving you “Joseph, Jason and Patrick.”

I was shaken up to learn how many problems my child Jason faced being in and out of the foster care system, when all of these years (ten) to be exact, he had a loving family searching for him.

If you have been placed in foster care, or have been recently adopted, never give up on finding your biological family. Chances are you are not told “everything.” I don’t agree with how children services do things. I needed so much support to get my family on the right path, and then, they separated us. Now, my boys have lost touch. However, Jason is back in my life, and I can only keep praying that Joseph will find this letter and be strong, I hope you can forgive me for not being more able to care for you when you were eight years old.

I found God, and I found hope. Now, I hope to find you, well, and happy, I want to share a part of my life with you, even if that is by email, or the telephone. I don’t expect you to forgive me for not being a better mom, or for the things I have learned that you had to go through. I can’t believe how much you have had to endure since our separation.

May God bless you and keep you always. I know now that God does exist.

Jason hugged me for the first time in ten years yesterday, and I feel to my knees and thanked God. He has never left me, he has never left me.  Joseph, Your grandpa Dale is a mechanic, and your grandmother has a show car, they love cars. Dale E. Woodruff Sr. J(Mechanicsburg, Ohio) Linda Wells (Springfield, Ohio) Grandpa also races cars on a track. Our family is very musical, I play the violin, your uncle Dale plays the drums, your uncle Shawn plays the guitar, and your grandmother Linda Wells (in Springfield) sings mostly country. They want to contact you, even if you don’t want to ever see me again, which I hope you will give me a chance, later in life. I want to see you graduate high-school, or maybe you could come and see your mom graduate College.

I found a good person in life, Dennis, we started a publishing site: one stop write shop. He has never hit me, and during the roughest of times, when I thought that God didn’t love me, he sat up with me, and told me that one day.

One day.

My three beautiful, warm, and caring children would find me and tell me that things were okay, and that they wanted to be apart of my life.

I know that I have not been a good mother for the past, but I was young and I didn’t know how to ask for help, I was afraid, and in the end, this fear tore us all apart.

If you are a woman in a violent relationship, and you have children, never, ever, ever, put that man above your children. Run, leave now. Don’t look back. Just take your children and get help, they are your life, and they should always come before anything always.

Joseph, I love you. I have never stopped.

Please tell your adoptive parents I said thank you for taking care of you, and for helping you find peace in your life and God. I hear they take great care of you. I thank them for that.
I just want to be apart of your life in some way.

I’ll never give up.

Jason Adams Williams DOB 1/5/89 FOUND
January 10, 2009 Was separated for ten years.

Thank you The Search Advisor and Joseph for contacting your brother.”


“…I just wanted to follow up with you and let you know that the information you supplied on Donald was correct and because of your fine work we are now in contact with his heirs. I’ll be sending two new messages today concerning new searches we want you to undertake for us.”
John G/Dover Publications, Inc.


“I was given my information this morning and had a wonderful conversation with both my brother and sister. Thank you so very much for filling the void that I have carried with me my entire life. It has been one of the best days of my life. Thank you again for a job that I thought impossible. I had tried so many different ways to find my birth family and am so very thankful I found them.”
Kristen C.


“Thanks Susan – this is the guy! I did a verification call this morning. Amazing. This is a wonderful Mother’s Day gift for my mother-in-law. Thanks for all your help. Let me know if you’d like a testimonial – I’d be happy to provide one.”


“Well I guess you have another satisfied customer. That was the Shelby I was looking for and we have actually spoken a few times. I had doubts after 3 months had gone by…..good things come to those who wait. Once again thank you.”
Jason G.


“Dave and Phil, I want to thank you very much for your thorough search. I had been ripped off by search companies in the past and was reluctant to use your company. I am so glad I did! My daughter has never met her dad, and she is anxious to meet him; I lost contact with him years ago. Well, i contacted him this morning after you gave me his number, and he is excited about meeting his daughter. I can’t tell you how happy this has made her. I don’t know how to thank you enough!!!”
Michele L, Naples Fl


“This is in thanks for finding my nephew and helping my family make contact. My brother (his father) passed away 4 weeks ago tomorrow and just knowing that he was able to say his goodbye’s before it was too late made me feel like in some way I was able to ease the pain he felt in leaving this world so unexpectedly. ( He was diagnosed with cancer in July and we lost him in September.) I don’t think we would have found them (Gregory and Pamela) in time without your help. Please pass on my thanks to all those that helped locate them. We will always be grateful. Again my sincere thanks.”
Candy L.


“Just wanted to thank you so much for helping me find my best friend. Like others who have used your service, I too had used other search services prior to using yours, needless to say unsuccessfully. Within hours of getting the results of my search, i was talking with my friend on the phone. You’ve no idea how much it means to me to have contact with her again. “
J. Webb


“…….. God brought me back to my mother. I cannot thank you enough for all you did! You were the investigator that grabbed hold of this and wouldn’t let go…. we will never be able to thank you enough!!!!!!!.”
Bridget S.


“Dear hard-working people at OmniTrace… When I first contacted OmniTrace by e-mail, I was skeptical. I had spent untold dollars on other web detective agencies with no results in locating my daughter’s dead-beat dad. I was under the impression that he might be in Western Europe or Australia and had just about given up hope of ever finding him and getting the $30,000 he owed in back child support. David and Phil found him in less than a week….. I had a meeting with federal agents, because of the amount he owes my daughter it is a federal case and he can be indicted and arrested for felony willful failure to pay. The agents in Baton Rouge were very impressed with the work that was done, they checked the list of places that were checked in order to locate my ex-husband and told me that the work that was done was something that would normally take them 2-3 months. Thanks to OmniTrace, this is one dead-beat dad that could be arrested in as little as 2-3 months instead of the normal 6-9….”
Dr. R. G.


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