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Our President

David Betz is Chief Executive Officer of OmniTrace Corporation, the world’s leading provider of people search services to the personal, corporate and legal community. Betz founded OmniTrace in 2001 and was the first person to consolidate the various fields that people search comprises.  Additionally, great success was achieved in the development of new systems that enabled adoptees and birth parents to successfully reunite, a major achievement in what was a fragmented industry. Since then, Betz’s leadership and passion have become hallmarks of his tenure at the company.

During the past 8 years, Betz has continually invested in and improved multiple areas of OmniTrace, including operations, client maintenance, corporate sales and support. In May of 2004 he consolidated OmniTrace by closing their New Jersey operations and relocating staff to the Boca Raton headquarters, a move that gave him greater control and day-to-day responsibility for running OmniTrace.  Since starting, OmniTrace has succeeded in solving over ten thousand cases.  In October of 2006 Betz oversaw OmniTrace’s successful move into the employment screening industry, one of he fastest growing segments in the information services field.

Together with the company’s other business and research leaders, Betz is focused on continuing OmniTrace’s innovation and leadership across the industry. OmniTrace’s goal is to continue expanding its services to the legal community,  increase lobbying efforts for the benefit of adoptee’s and birth parents, educate the public concerning public records  and continue to integrate a seamless experience across a wide range of people search, adoption searching, probate research and pre-employment screening services.

Variously described as outgoing, focused, funny, passionate, sincere, hard-charging and dynamic, Betz has infused OmniTrace with his own brand of energetic leadership, vision and spirit over the years.

Betz was born in October 1963, and grew up in New Jersey, Florida and Hawaii where he attended and graduated from the world renowned Punahou School. He graduated from The University of North Texas with a bachelor’s degree in business finance.  After college, he worked in the financial industry achieving multiple goals and awards before settling in as a licensed private investigator and eventually establishing OmniTrace Corp.