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OmniTrace Testimonials and Reports

OmniTrace Testimonials and Reports

Here are some thank you letters from our clients to  OmniTrace Private Investigators — Sari, Julie, Tatiana and Chris.

To all of you angels at Omnitrace, I want to express my deepest gratitude to you for locating my biological son.  My son was born in 1968.  I was 17 (just out of high school) when he was conceived and 18 when he was born.  I was unmarried and never told his birth father or my parents that I was pregnant and moved to Los Angeles from Montana where he was born and adopted in a private adoption.  Giving him up was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my 58 years of life so far.  Before the nurses took him away from the delivery room, they offered for me to hold him and I decided against it which I have always regretted.  He was a beautiful, perfect little baby boy!

In January of this year (2008), I engaged the services of Omnitrace to locate my son and I guess I’m one of the fortunate ones for whom the search went quite quickly and on February 26th, I received a call from Sari saying she had just had a wonderful telephone conversation with my son! The joy (and relief that he was even still alive after 40 years!) was overwhelming.  He is a talented singer, songwriter and musician and knew that he was adopted and had been raised in a loving family.  We communicated by email for a few weeks until our first phone conversation on March 6th.  And in June, he and his girlfriend drove from Los Angeles to Denver to visit my me and my husband.  My husband of 29 years and I don’t have any children so this man is my only child.  To be able to put my arms around him and kiss his face and know he is for real is something I NEVER thought would EVER happen!  But thanks to you all, it has happened and I’m elated.  We spent our first evening of 4 wonderful days together out on the patio looking through photo albums, taking pictures and getting to know about each other.  It was such a dream come true.

I know that sometimes these kinds of reunions don’t work out so well, but if anyone out there is even thinking about looking for a biological child or parent, I would say go for it.  Omnitrace is professional, discreet, reasonably priced and dedicated to getting the job done for their clients and I am one VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER!!  Thank you again, Omnitrace, and a very special thank you to you, Sari, from the bottom of my very full of joy heart.

Alexis Twiford






Dear Julie,

Sorry it has taken so long to get this off to you but I have been trying to get MY things in order after spending nearly a year getting Roberts affairs straight. 

Thank you so much for your help in settling the Roberts mystery.  Your locating the 77 year old cousin in California solved the mystery.

Marlene and Reina were delighted to hear from me and thrilled to get the precious items about their family. 

I have passed along your address to the Markheims lest you might be needed to help find more souls from what they can glean from the backs of pictures. .. you might even help them stir up a family reunion! 

Thank you Julie (and OmniTrace) for all your help and all your patience with me.  You certainly provide a wonderful service.

Most sincerely,

Mrs. John E. C III


Dear Omnitrace:

My name is ClaireElaine J.  I’m Beth’s daughter-in-law, and you found my natural mother!  Thank you so much!!  I can’t tell you how happy I am.  Libby (my birthmother) and I have been looking for each other for just under three years now.  Thank you so much!

We talked on the phone for the first time on March 30, and we talked for nearly three hours!  We’ve been in steady correspondence since then (I know!  Only five days. But five days seems like so much when we’ve had nothing for 20 years!) through email and phone.

Thank you so much!!

ClaireElaine J.


Hi Chris,

I wanted to let you know that Erick’s birth mother Margie G. called us today and confirmed that she is his mother!  We got them together on the phone and they are planning to meet in August.  Fantastic Job!  


Mary S.


Subject: Eternally Grateful for your Help


I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the results of your search for my cousin Aristotle on May 19, 2008.  I know it took a bit of time and effort but in the end you were able to locate my cousin and his wife when other services could not.  I consider the fee charged as very reasonable because when you only have a name and no address or SS# for over 30 years, it is amazing that you can still find someone.  Again, thank you so much for your help – I will be eternally grateful.

Very Truly Yours,

George S.


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