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OmniTrace Success Stories and Reviews

“Thank you Chris and OmniTrace as I have found, talked and swapped pics and all with my birth mother.  I can’t thank you people enough.  Your finding my birth mother has made this the greatest day of my life no doubt.  I am at your call to tell people how good and awesome your search service is if you ever need the referral.  I could never have done it without you.  Thank you.  After 2 years of my being in jail, who could have guessed you would follow through like you did.  I would have paid 10 times that for what you gave me.   A family. 

Best regards,

Ron T.”

“Dear OmniTrace,

I am typing you this letter to thank you and your team for the wonderful work you did finding my birth father. I am going to meet my grandmother for the first time.  My birth father is not ready to meet but that is okay because the rest of the family wants to meet. They all said they waited 32 years for this day. I cannot believe that this is all happening. I have dreamed for this day for a very long time and it is all coming true for me. It is like living in a dream. I just wanted to let you all know that I appreciate all the hard work you have done. You have no idea how much this means to me. I will recommend you to anyone I know. Thanks again for the hard work!!!!

Melynda C.”

“Sari –

Thank you so much for finding my friend Jo.  I called her and we talked for over an hour.   We plan on talking a lot in the future.  She said she’d thought about me for years, just didn’t know where to start looking.  She was shocked to hear how I found her.
Thanks so very much.

Linda M.”

“To Sari Acevedo,

Thank you for your hard work.  The contact you provided was indeed my birth mother.  We made contact and she was happy to hear from me and we look forward to building on our lost relationship.  Thank you very much!


Gilbert G.”

“Hi Chris,
The search for my birth daughter took less time than I thought it might and I was happy to get the info.  However, at this time it has not been a positive outcome. I spoke with the adopting parents who said they had told her she was adopted & asked her several times over the years if she was interested in discovering her birth mother. They said her responses were consistently no, stating  that they were her parents. I can understand her feelings and I’m sure she must have some mixed feelings about me. The adoptiong parents said she is a wonderful woman and it sounded like they gave her a good life.  For that I am grateful but disappointed as well with the seeming lack of interest.

In the past I have learned to live with the idea that perhaps my birth daughter and I would never connect. I decided that if she had not attempted to locate me by the time she was in her late 20’s early 30’s that perhaps it was not to be.   My husband was the one who encouraged me to take action.  And it was his reaction in response to my having spoken with the adopting parents that hurt more than the actual response from them.  He seemed more empathetic toward them than showing compassion toward me.

I am in the process of composing a letter as well as enclosing a letter that I had composed when my daughter was seven years old.  Why seven – who knows… Perhaps because we all go through changes every seven years but more likely because I was seeing a psychology counselor who suggested I do it.  My feelings haven’t changed from what I expressed in the missive.

I recently read a review on a book titled “The Girls Who Went Away” by Ann Fessler published by Penquin Press. I bought a copy yesterday and it appears to be quite interesting in that it is based on interviews of women who gave up a child, as well as their families, the adoptive families and adoptees.  When I finish the book, depending how I feel about it, I may send it along with the letters.

You might consider recommending the book to individuals who are searching or contemplating a search. After reading the review my initial reaction was – I don’t need to read that, it’s my own story but obviously I changed my mind and I’m finding that every story has its own twist.

Please share this e-mail with Tatiana with whom I originally spoke  and who wanted to know the outcome.  Thank you both for the kindnesses you have shown me.  I have hope that things will change to the positive. When that happens, I will let you know. 

Gratefully yours,

Louise M.”

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  1. whitney says:

    I am looking for my biological sister that was put up for adoption at birth.The adoption took place in Mandeville or madisonville LA.(this was the hospital location.)The bio mothers name is Jo Ann Ellzey Shuford.The bio fathers name is Michael (Mickey) Gibbons.My sisters name at birth was Marina Michelle Gibbons.She was born in Aug.,Sept.,Oct.?? of 1993.The family that adopted her had a son.I was told that she was to be given a letter on her 16th birthday from our mother.I really am anxious to find her and hope that I have given appropriate time for my searching.. Sincerely,Whitney

  2. Camille Headrick says:

    I am looking for my son born June 16th, 1986 in Knoxville Tenn. He would have part of his leg and a few figures missing on both hands. He would be around 29 years old . He is mixed with black and white.