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OmniTrace Reviews | Success Stories

OmniTrace Reviews

Here are just a few testimonials and reviews about OmniTrace. 

“Dear OmniTrace:

I’m a daughter ! ! !

How can I thank you enough for finding my birth mother?  I knew all my life that I was adopted but wanted to wait until my adoptive parents had passed on before I started searching for my birth mother.  When the day arrived that I was ready to make that step, I called OmniTrace and requested that you start the process to find her.

When the phone call came from your search manager…Chris last month, I was in shock.  he provided me with information that I never thought I would learn!  I was given my birth mother’s name … AND (as an added bonus) the news that I also had two brothers.  We all talked, e-mailed, and met about 2 weeks after our first contact.

There was much rejoicing … and lots of happy tears.  I’ve been in touch with my mother and brothers regularly and we’re all planning to visit again on Mother’s Day next month. 

Omnitrace … you have changed my life forever … and every day I thank God that I put my trust in you and your researchers.  I still don’t know how to describe the feelings I’m experiencing.  I feel like I’m finally learning who I am. 

A very special thank you to Chris and Dave for putting up with all my calls and inquiries.

Karole B.
Springfield, VA”

“Dave, just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how our reunion went.  My wife and I met Patricia and her husband today at 11:00am at her home and it was fantastic!  We talked for an hour or so and then went out to lunch.After lunch, we went back to their home and had desert and talked until about 3:45pm.  We have agreed to keep in touch and build a relationship.  The key words are love and respect for one anothers feelings and to take it one day at a time.

Thank you again for your efforts in finding my birth mother.

Sincerely –

Richie P.”

“Subject:  Your successful searchI just wanted to drop you a short note to let you know that I have spoken with Ken and that he is, indeed, my birth son.  I am very delighted, in particular, because he is such a nice guy.  I’m going to meet him for the first time on Sunday.

I want to thank both you and David for your hard work and for putting up with my grumpiness.  I really appreciate all that you’ve done and will let you know how our meeting goes.”

“Dear OmniTrace,I cannot thank you enough for helping me locate my birth mother.  I called her the day after I spoke with you all.  I was so scared.  We talked the first day for about 30 minutes.  She asked that I send her pictures.

I then wrote her a letter and sent her several pictures of me and my family.  She has since sent me pictures and we have talked on the phone several times.  We are going to meet this fall.  I’m so excited!  Thank you for all you did.


“Hi Mr. Betz.  Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that our reunion with Tim’s Mom has gone better than we imagined.  Not only did we find out about her, but we also found out he has a full blooded sister.  They are just as excited as we are and we are planning to spend Christmas with them in Connecticut.  As a result of our story, the Today Show (weekend edition) is going to do a story about our search to find each other.  I thought you would like to know since OmnTrace will probably get mentioned. 

Thanks so much to Madeline…I know she has relocated but if someone could please update her, we would appreciate it.


The Cooleys”

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  1. Melody Raygoza says:

    Please help me get in touch with my now 19yr old daughter LaDonna Alisa Raygoza (Alyssa Lynn Peterson) I will understand if she perfers not to see me. However her sister and two brothers would like to be a part of her life. She has an 2 1/2yr old nephew and a 15mo niece. WE DEEPLY MISS HER. :sad: You can reach me at

  2. Lynn Watters says:

    :roll: SEARCHING FOR DAUGHTER BORN 9-19-1968…

  3. Looking for birth mother or siblings. Born in Manhattan, N.Y. 1-19-1945 in Booth Memorial Hospital. Baptised by birth mother (godfather-Frank Gangemi-deceased) In forster care adopted 1949.
    Name at birth: Benjamin J. Kolod

  4. Theresa says:

    looking for baby girl 1-09-1993. san antonio,texas.

  5. Crystal wentworth says:

    I’m looking for two nephews named at birth Clint Phillips and Ryan Phillips there birth parents were Clint Phillips and Michelle parmly I’m not sure of dob because I was a minor at the time and in foster care myself in cali. I wish to cause them no harm emotionally or any other forms they just may be happy to know they had two other siblings later who were also later taken in California there names were Arian Phillips and Damon Phillips .