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Does OmniTrace Guarantee Our Birth Family Searches?

OmniTrace guarantees that we will conduct a professional, comprehensive search to find your birth family members.  We have more skills and resources to achieve a successful result than any other search company. At the end of our investigation, you will receive a detailed report containing all of our findings.  Florida state law requires this.

But please note, when you enlist our services, you are asking us to conduct an investigation. We simply don’t know what we will find during the course of our research, and we cannot guarantee we will find the subject of your search or you will be satisfied with the end result.

Here are some situations we might encounter when looking for birth family members:

  • Your birth parents might refuse contact.
  • You may decide not to make contact.
  • Your birth parents may be deceased.
  • Your birth records were possibly falsified at the time of your adoption. This would circumvent our obtaining accurate name information. In other words, the paper trail could become dead.
  • The adoption agency may have taken steps to make a successful search impossible.
  • Your birth parents may be indigent, with no paper trail to follow.
  • The information you originally provided us is incorrect. As an example, one of the most common issues is that birth mothers frequently do not remember accurate dates of birth for their children. 
  •  Your birth parents may simply be unlocatable.   When conducting historical research, even the best researchers run into unexplainable, brick walls at times. This, unfortunately, is part of the research process.

OmniTrace has reunited more birth parents and adoptees than all other search companies combined. We will do everything possible to reunite you with your birth family members. With that said, we cannot guarantee that you will be happy with the end results.  At the end of our investigation, we will provide you a comprehensive report of all of our findings. 

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  1. Karen says:

    Hello my name is Karen I was born,09/20/1963,in Kansas City ,mo my adopted mom ans dad lived in Tulsa okla,and my dad was transfered to Houston ,Texas 6 months latter. I wanted to meet and or talk to my bithmom/family,I don’t want any thing just want to ,know you oh and a few questions.I led a very very blessed live .I was really loved by my moma and daddy,they are gone now and where wonderful wonderful people