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Birth Mother Search – Obtaining Necessary Identifying Information-Part 2

Please note:  A special FREE OFFER is included at the end of this post.  In our prior post, Birth Mother Search – Obtaining Necessary Identifying Information, we mentioned that one way to obtain identifying information on your birth mother and your adoption is to request  Non-Identifying Information.   Non-identifying information is simply the background information surrounding your adoption.  When it is prepared, the preparer typically (but often not too successfully :) ) attempts to remove all the identifying information.  Your non-identifying information might disclose…

  • Age information on your birth mother
  • Education background of your birth mother
  • Her religious affiliations
  • Her physical description
  • Medical history of your birth mother
  • Your family nationality
  • Professions of the birth mother and her birth parents
  • If the birth mother and father were single or married
  • Hobbies
  • Why you were put up for adoption
  • Ages of the birth grand parents
  • First names of grand parents
  • Additional historical information

Ideally,  it is best to request your non-identifying information from the agency that handled your adoption.  If you don’t know the adoption agency, it’s possible to obtain your non identifying information from state and county entities.  Our OmniTrace blog is brand new.  In time, we will be providing posts and pages that detail exactly how you should request non-identifying information on your own.  For now, we are providing you a VERY SPECIAL FREE OFFER — Provide us details about your adoption in a comment to this post and we will post back instructions on how you can obtain your non-id.  We’ll likely need, at the very least, the following information:

  1. Name of Adoption Agency
  2. Date of Birth
  3. State of Birth
  4. County and/or City of Birth

The more details you care to post, the better we can assist you.  We are looking forward to hearing from you, and we’ll try to write back with instructions in a timely manner.  You can also email us at:

Find Your Birth Family

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  1. admin says:

    Thanks for your post Terri.

    Our readers also have the option of contacting OmniTrace, a licensed Private Investigation Agency, legally allowed to conduct searches of this kind. You can email OmniTrace at: or

    We charge a very fair flat rate fee for our services. However, we will spare no expense (money out of our pockets) to find ALL your birth family members anywhere in the United States–not just California and Ohio. :)

  2. Terri French says:

    i was talking abt g’s adoption search angels, are very successful in those states. i contacted omnitrace a while back for a quote, and never heard back, but will try again.
    sincerely~ Terri

  3. Marilyn says:

    Hi. I am new to all this and a little lost as to how this all works. I have been wanting to locate info and maybe even the possibility that I may reunite with my BMother or BFamily. I was born on 8/20/76 in Cleveland, OH. I was born in a hospital on the west-side of town from what I can remember from my BC. I have since lost it and haven’t gotten around to getting a copy. I also don’t know if it will have all the same info on it from the original. I was adopted thru the Lutheran Children’s Aid Society(which is still up and running), I think I was also in some sort of foster home for a little while after I was born. I have an “all about me” book with a baby picture attached to it.(not sure where it is now, I have moved so many times.) I am interested in how I go about locating any and all info. Can anyone help. Thanks.

  4. steve says:

    was born in hammond indiana on 9.26.1977

  5. Cathy Mathews says:

    Name : Cathy (Frank adopted maiden name)
    County Adoption San Mateo, California
    County of San Mateo
    Birthplace: San Mateo

    I live in Sacramento and need to find non identifying to start my process. Can I obtain this info here in Sac and is it free of charge. Thank you

  6. Dana says:

    Hi Cathy.

    To obtain your non-id, send a letter to:

    California Department of Social Services Adoption
    Support Unit 744
    P. Street, MS 3-31
    Sacramento, CA 95814
    Phone: (916) 651-8088

    Here’s what you should write:

    “Dear CDSS:

    I find myself in urgent need of a copy of the non-identifying information on my birth parents. The following is information you will need. Please note that I am not requesting any identifying information or an amended birth certificate.

    Present Name:
    Current Address:
    Date of Birth:
    Adoptive Mother’s Maiden Name:
    Adoptive Father’s Name (when it is available):

    Any efforts you can provide will be appreciated more than you could ever know. Thank you very much.


    Please have your letter notarized before mailing to CDSS.

    It may take a few weeks or more before you receive a response from CDSS. Then after following their directions, it may take you several more months before receiving your non-identifying information.

    Fees for non-identifying information in California vary depending on the agency involved and the place of birth.

    Please write back if you have any questions.

    Best regards,

    Dana Betz

  7. Cathy Mathews says:

    ty so much. So it wouldn’t do any good to go in person? I am only minutes away from P Street. Ok thank you for the head start on this. Don’t know what I hope to find, but you never know do you? LOL

    I just wish people could understand that adoptees although we all see not to mind are faced with a life of wondering why.

  8. Carole Edwards says:

    I want to get my non-identifying information as soon as possible. Please advise how I can do this. I was born Karen Haley on 7/30/1965, birth mom is Barbara Haley. Born at Doctors Hospital in Shreveport, LA, Caddo County. I was adopted privately (don’t know atty.) Addoptive parents: David & Priscilla Beck, Greenwood, MS 38930, name was changed to Carole Ann Beck. Thanking You In Advance. Carole Ann Beck Edwards

  9. Jennifer Caines says:

    I was adopted or abandonded in Miami Florida. My adoptive mother insists she has no clue on my adoption. No paperwork, cant remember the attny…ect. I would like to know who to contact in the state of florida for non identifying information. Thanks a lot

    • Conor Boyle says:

      hey Jennifer, I am doing the exact same thing. In Florida there are a couple different way to TRY to obtain some information. first fill out this form, Florida Family Law Form 12.981(d)(1)for any information. As they try to make sure there is no identifiable information when you receive the result they don’t always succeed and you can find great info. Another place is the Florida adoption agency in Tallahassee and there is a Florida adoption information agency in Jacksonville that is $35 dollars but by far the best route if a sibling or family member is trying to find you. hope that helps, I am 28 and still learn something new every year im searching. I am the closest I have ever been to find my parents and siblings. good luck

    • Joan A Hooten says:

      Contact the Social Services and also check with Childrens Aid and or Childrens Home Society they just might be able to give you some kind of idea ok 😉 GOOD LUCK

  10. lonanne says:

    Do I need to have the non identifying information before i use a search investigator?
    I am having trouble finding out how to get the non identifying info. in Michigan. I know the county of birth is Ingham and the city is Lansing, but can not get a live person to tell me how to get this information. The birth certificate copy i have was typed over and I can read part of the original information on it, but not enough.
    Please and thank you for any information.

    • Dana says:

      You can start a search with us without having your non-id; we can get that for you. Please call one of our search consultants at 1-888-965-6696. Thanks.

  11. saleena says:

    Hello I wanted to find out about finding the non identifying information for cleveland ohio
    I am not sure of the adoption agency
    I was born in Cuyahoga County
    cleveland ohio

    • Dana says:

      Hi Saleena. In Ohio, if you do not know the agency that handled your adoption, you should request your non-id from the court of jurisdiction.

  12. Bonnie says:


    I need to get non-identifying information from the State of Texas. Can someone please lead me in the right direction?


  13. One thing I know I was adopted through the Childrens Home Society Of Minnesota at 2230 Como Ave St Paul MN birth mother was born in 1943 was five feet two inches with light blonde hair.She left school in the ninth grade and was not employed outside of the home.She was married but sepsrsted in 1961.Her husband was a meat cutter in a grocery store.In June of 1966 the birthmother left.The Wisconsin Department of Human Services was delgated to find homes for my sisters and brother.Children Home Society of Mn assisted in finding my parents.I was placed with my parents Jack and Patsy Heilpern on July 26,1967 and adoption was legally final on September 19,1969 hope this will help.

  14. Kathy says:

    I was born Baby Girl Patton
    I was born on 7-23-1964
    Tarrant County – Ft. Worth Texas at Harris Hospital

    Homestead Maternity Home – (all records were destroyed)

    Adoptive Parents were Hilton Harry and Elizabeth Hoffman

  15. Lisa says:

    My husband was adopted through Children’s Home Society of NC. Their website says they charge $500 to provide even non-identifying information. How can this be legal? Is there any other way to obtain this information?

    • Lisa says:

      Should have added his DOB is thought to be 09/20/1965 and he was placed with his adoptive parents 10/27/1965. His adoptive parents lived in Charlotte, NC when they initiated the adoption but moved to Caswell County, NC before his birth so the actual adoption was completed in Greensboro, NC.

  16. heavenly says:

    I was told by my adopted mother who has just passed that i was a gray market baby. I was born 4/24/65 in pacoima,california.I was delivered by a mid-wife named Lucille schober at her office on van nuys blvd in ca.My birth mother name was dorothy dutton born in scotland

    • Heavenly says:

      I got my non-identifying imformation. I had 2 brothers the time of my mothers first name was dorothy and she used my birth fathers last name dutton although they weren’t married. I was born on april 24 1965. My brothers were 20 months and 3 yrs at the time of my birth and lived with my birth mother.

  17. Carmen says:

    Hi, I need my birth mother’s medical records. I was born on 4.25.1986 in Marion county, Indiana.
    I was adopted through St. Elizabeth’s.
    My adoption was 2 weeks post birth and was a closed adoption. That is all of the information that I have, thank you!

  18. andrew says:

    born march 11, 1972 male in cherry hill new jersey single woman in her 20’s last name Cooper looking for her or family that may know about health issues.

  19. Linda Langerud says:

    My mother was born March 15, 1915 and given to the Paterson Orphan Asylum in Paterson, New Jersey. This is almost 100 years ago and all I would like to know is something about her biological father; even a “first name” would be helpful.
    Her biological mother was Flora Payne and the fathers surname was McKee (but which ONE???) He was killed in WW1 before the birth.

    Can someone help me solve/prove who I think my grandfather may be.

    • Linda says:

      Reply to myself.
      Found father to be Robert McKee, born about 1885 in Liverpool, England and died 1932 in Paterson, NJ. Related to Hughes family from Paterson, NJ.

  20. Cassie says:

    eugene lee pfeiffer was born 7-11-47 in Waco tx Mclennan county was adopted from Marywood home of the holy infancy in Austin Tx adopted by Harry P and Lyllian slate pfeiffer they adopted 5 kids both are deceased now eugene was born with one eye closed looking for birthparents any info would help

  21. latisha says:

    hello im latisha i was born in newyorkcity i was adoped at louisewise servis in manhattan in newyork i hop you can find my mother please thankyou

  22. Blair says:

    The Adoption Alliance
    San Antonio, Bexar County
    Please help me find some non identifying information. Thank you

  23. betty says:

    born 7 19 1964 baby girl cook. At harris hospital and my birth mom was 15 and birth father was 17. She stayed at homestead maternity. My adoption parents tried to find my birth parents after extensive health issues when i was 32. No luck. Lawyers said records were burned. No other information.

  24. Heavenly says:

    My name is Heavenly. I was born April 24,1965 in pacoima califonia.My birthmothers name was Dorothy Dutton. She was born in Scotland. I was delivered by a mid wife Lucille Nye Schober at her home/office on Van Nuys Blvd.My adoption was handled through the Long Beach Adoption Agency. My case workers last name was Bell.I would like to obtain non identifying imformation. Thank-You

  25. Cornelius says:

    Hi, I am in desperate search of my birth family. Things I have been told that may help.
    I was born in Fort Myers, FL Lee County on April 25, 1974. Was found abandoned near a dumpster. My birth name may have been Quincy. My birth mother may have been Caucasian or German and birth father possibly Cuban or Hispanic.
    There was a news paper article on me where it read “Quincy needs a home” and had a picture of me at approximately 3-7 months old.


  26. Kristin says:

    No agency was involved, this was done through the local court judge.
    September 15, 1954
    Panama City

  27. Sheila says:

    Hello my name is Sheila and I am trying to help my brother, Herman Anderson find his birth daughter. Her name is Aysha Maxine Nehmer. She is 22 and her birth mother’s name is Simone Nehmer. Her last known whereabouts is Kaiserslautern Germany. Please help.

  28. Andrew says:

    Searching for my birth parents and or siblings. D.O.B. is 9/11/1982
    Born in Hollywood, FL
    I do not know the name of the agency.

  29. Diane E Verbitsky says:

    I was born in Pocetello, Idaho in Bannock county in the hospital, 2/22/1979, adopted out through an Los social worker 5 days after birth.

  30. Richard Cox says:

    I was born in Daytona Beach, FL that being Volusia County. I’m assuming at Halifax Hospital, as that was the only birthing hospital at the time. I was born on August 31, 1973. Male, blue eyes, probably the only boy born that day in that hospital given up for adoption at birth. According to the state of Florida adoptees records are destroyed when they turn 30. Had I known that 15 years ago I would have tried harder to find my birth family. I don’t know who handled the adoption, whether it was CSS or a private facilitator.

  31. crissandra lasley says:

    I was found wrapped up in newspaper and put in a car on January 14,1976 in Blackfoot Idaho
    And brought into the Brigham hospital by a gentleman that found me,he did not leave his name.
    There was an article about me in the newspaper asking any information on birth parents,but no response from anyone.

  32. Elicia says:

    I was born in Cincinnati,Ohio (Hamilton county) through The Children’s Home I have a file that has my birth mom’s age, 18 when I was born, she had another child about 3yrs older that she kept… She was black and a High School Senior… That’s the only non ID info I have…. I’d like more… But that’s all the home will give me.

    • Dana says:

      Hi Elicia. Thanks for posting on our OmniTrace blog. If you would like professional search help, please consider OmniTrace and call us at 1-888-965-6696. Thanks!

  33. Jennifer Hill says:

    Morristown, Morris Co., NJ

    I would like to receive updated non-identifying info as it was 2008 when I originally received it from Spence-Chapin. Is there a way to get it for free?