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Man Seeks Son Given For Adoption But Records Lead To Wrong Person

Mistaken Identity Shatters Adoption Reunion

OmniTrace is involved with many wonderful reunions between adopted children and their ABC News - New Jersey Adoption Storybiological parents.  Most go very well and are wonderful experiences for the reunited family members.

The following reunion (not one of our cases) has a truly startling twist.  Here’s a story shown on ABC News about an adoption that took place in New Jersey.  It involves a mix-up between two people who waited their entire lives to meet, and it is absolutely heartbreaking:

ABC News Story

It’s hard to know exactly where things went wrong.  It could have been at the hospital.  In that case, the hospital records were likely destroyed years ago and the mystery will never be solved.  Or, the mistake may have taken place at the New Jersey adoption agency– the son was one of six other children adopted around the same time and a mix-up might have occurred.

Unfortunately, those agency adoption records that might help to reveal the truth are currently sealed according to  New Jersey state law.  What ABC News failed to include in their story is that  New Jersey Adoption Records may soon be opened. 

A while back, we wrote that a Bill (S611) to open adoption records in New Jersey had been passed by the New Jersey Senate and was being considered for approval by the New Jersey Assembly.  If passed, an adoptee would have access to his/her original birth certificate as long as a no contact veto was not signed by the birth parents.

 Bill S611 has been in Committee (Assembly) since March 2008 and, to date, no schedule has been set for its review.  If and when Bill S611 is approved by the Committee, it will then go before the full Assembly and, if approved, then will be signed by the Governor. 

You can obtain a copy of the proposed bill here:  S611.  You can also call (609) 292-4840 for information. 

We’ll keep you posted on anything new we hear about this important legislation.  Hopefully, if and when the bill is passed, the father and son mentioned in the ABC News Story may possibly find the answers they seek.

Please leave a comment if you have any questions.  You can also call us toll free at:  1-888-965-6696. 

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  1. I’ve been reunited with my family after 28 yrs, both in the US, and in cuba. Out of three siblings I’m the only one tring to take care of our mother who is in a north jersey nursing home. The same illness that forced her to give me up still has her prisoner. So, there is no way for her to say, or not say that she doesn’t want to be identified, she’s schizophrenic. When my mother needs a medical procedure; who does the nursing home call for authorization? Me. So why wouldn’t NJ just give me what is mine :evil:, not just my birth certificate but my original social security number too. To tell me that the state did away with that s.s is a lie 😈 , and I won’t stop until i get it. I already use my birth name on all my documents. I just sign who I am. 😉

  2. jennifer washington says:

    my name is jennifer and I havent seen my kids in 8or 9 years my children got lost in the system when I went to prison and I have been trying to find them for years I am getting greatly depressed I have nightmares about them that some one is hurting them I get so depressed I am reaching out for help I love them so much I look at their pictures every day I miss them so much I dont know what else to do

  3. Peony Simpson says:

    I am Peony Simpson from UK
    I am the mother of my daughter who was adopted around the age of five or so, sorry, my memory is a bit rusty.
    She was called birth name Amelia Elizabeth Simpson, born on 31/10/1979 to peony & David SImpsin. Amelia was born in uk, London Whittington hospital, the adoption took place in 55, Felmersham Rd, Lutin,LU1-5SQ,
    Your dad is English & your mum was born in Sei-Lanka, Amelia had black hair, black eyes and fair skin. You have a sister if you remember when you left and a brother. Please if any one come across Amelia or you Amelia . Please get in touch. I was told by social services you were taken to America to live after the adoption. I have had no adoption certificate nor was told who the new parents were. I and your sister , brother also lLove to meet you.
    Peony Simpson(birth mum to Amelia)