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Man Reunites With Birth Mother At 54

After Ray Martinez’s adoptive parents passed away, he searched for and found his birth mother to tell her, “Thank you for giving me life.”  She initially hung up the phone on him, but then called back.

Colorado native, Ray Martinez, writes about living in an orphanage, being adopted and much later in life, finding his birth mother.  The complete story appears in “Mom:  A Celebration of Mothers from StoryCorps” (The Penguin Press, $21.95).  Ray is a former mayor of Fort Collins.  He now heads business development and public relations for Information Technology eXperts Inc.

“I was raised in the Colorado State Children’s Home in Denver. They kept kids from infancy to age eighteen or nineteen years old. I was there from infancy to age five. I remember that the orphanage had this practice where they would allow potential parents to check you out like a library book: they could borrow you for a couple of weeks, take you home, and see if you were a fit for their family.

A couple of times I remember riding in the car, leaving the orphanage with potential parents, and them just trying to make me happy and make me laugh, and me sitting in the front in these little booster seats cars had back then in the fifties. But I never remember…”

You can read the complete article in the Denver Post.  Please share your thoughts with us.

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