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Locate Someone Free – Search The White Pages!

Locate Someone Free

You can locate someone free by searching the White Pages.  These are available free via the Internet as well as hard copy telephone books.

Our researchers often use free online telephone directories and telephone books to locate someone and verify their address and phone number information.  We have our own library of telephone books covering cities all over the USA as well a list of our favorite online white page web sites.

So, why do we use hard copy telephone books instead of online white page directories to locate someone free?  Good question!  We mainly use older telephone books to conduct historical research.  Sometimes, in order to locate someone at a current address, we need to obtain historical address information first and then work our way forward year by year.

For instance, in Oregon, an adoptee can obtain their original birth certificate, which will list their birth mother’s name and address at the time of the adoption.  So, if the adoptee provides us with a copy of their birth certificate, we can search an old telephone book for the year of the adoption and verify the birth mother’s old address and phone number (we can also verify the spelling of the birth mother’s name which sometimes is spelled incorrectly on the birth certificate).  Then, year by year, we can search other, more current telephone directories, to see when the birth mother underwent any address and name changes.  At the very least, we can determine when the birth mother moved out of the area, which can also be helpful when trying to locate someone free.

You can visit a local library and they’ll likely have a collection of telephone books for you to access.  If they do not, contact the local genealogical society or historical society and see if they can assist you.

Sometimes an old phone book can help you obtain your subject’s unlisted phone number.  Even if they currently have an unlisted phone number, their number at one time may have been listed and may still be in use.

Free online directories can also help you find birth family members.  If you are an adoptee searching for your birth mother and have her maiden last name (and the name is a bit unusual), you can research online directories to determine where in the USA the majority of persons with this last name reside.  Then you can contact these potential relatives by phone or by mail to see if they have any information on your birth mother.  (The Social Security Death Index can also help you with this type of research by observing where the majority of persons with a particular last name have passed away.  Then you can search for living persons in the same area to help you locate someone free.)

Online directories often have a reverse search function.  So, if you happen to have an old address or phone number of someone you need to locate, you can input that address and/or phone number and obtain a current listing.  The current resident may have information on prior residents.  You can also look up listings of persons who live nearby who can assist you.

Make sure that you search for all possible spellings of a name.  If you are searching for, let’s say our company president–David Betz, and find no listing, next look up David Betts, then David Bets.  Try different first name variations and nicknames as well:  David or Dave.  Other examples are:  Richard or Dick or Rick | Charles or Chuck | William or Bill or Billy.  Be creative and search as many name varations as possible.  Also search for initials (e.g., D.R. Betz or D. Betz instead of David Richard Betz or David Betz).

When trying to locate someone free and you know they are associated with a business, you can search the white pages for the business name.  Check out the yellow pages when you just know the type of business and don’t have a name.

Be sure to choose the correct telephone book when trying to locate someone free.  Some directories cover a single town and others cover an entire county or more.

If you are trying to locate someone free who may be married, be sure you search for the names of both the husband and the wife.  You may also want to look under the wife’s maiden name in the event the couple are trying to not be found.

If you have no luck finding the one you seek in the white page listings, try searching the yellow pages.  The subject might be listed there, particularly if he/she has a home office, is self-employed or is a licensed professional such as a doctor or lawyer.  If you have a business name, search in both the white and yellow pages for a listing.

If you find a listing for your subject, make sure the listing is current by checking other white page resources or calling directory assistance.

If you have a last known address of your subject and notice that there is someone with your subject’s same last name listed at a similar address (e.g., 23123 State Rd. 7 instead of 22123 State Rd. 7) you should give that similar listing a call.  There may have been a typo in your original information.

We hope this post helps you locate someone free.  Of course, if you need additional search help or simply would like a FREE search consultation with one of our OmniTrace Search Advisors, please email us or call toll free at:


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  1. cathy says:

    im looking for my boyfriend he went to san queitin prison i need his cdc number and address

  2. Aseas Robert Bob says:

    I am looking for an Old WOman called lucille from santa Barbara California who was helping me in my early child days but i lost cantact of her in 1988 i will be sending her photos

    I reallt want to thank her
    Robert Asea Bob
    East Africa Uganda
    Kampala city

  3. Dale says:

    I am searching for my mother Rita Floyd/Nelson, she has never met her grandchildren, and we miss her, I haven’t seen her since 2001, Please find…….

  4. Joseph Kyle Sharp says:

    I was adopted in 1984. I have twin sisters who were adopted at birth in 1990 in Little Rock, ARk. The people who adopted them were the Chance family. The girls first names were Heather and Anna. Thank You for your help.

  5. christina calderon says:

    im looking for my dad simon carranza,i believe he lives in orange cove california, and he would be 62 to 65 years old , ive never met him and i would like to.please help..thank you

  6. Felicito Venturina says:

    looking for Discorro Abiado and Genaro Peronce ex employees of Aristocrat Restaurant

  7. Lacy kerrigan says:

    im looking for my brother i have never met. his name is scott boring my mom said and his dad would be randal scott boring. my mom dont know much about him but i would love to meet him. i dont know if he moved from out of ohio or not. but he should live somewhere in ohio hopefully! he should be in his 20’s but he also has a brother and its another brother of mine from my dad and i dont know his name but i would also like to meet him ive tried so many ways to try to find them and really cant! please help me!

  8. Audrey Maclin says:

    I’m searching for my grandaughter Amara Maclin AKA Amara La Fountain. She was born between 1990 and 1993. Her mother’s name is Michelle LaFountain. She has a sister names Chaita (last name unknown) Her father is my son Michael Maclin.
    Amara and her mother may be is The state of Michigan, Chicago,Illinois or maybe California or hawaii. I have not seen or heard from my grandaughter since she was about two years old. Please help me to find her. Someone told me that they thought that she may be in the Military (Marines). Please help me to locate her where abouts. I can be reached at 702-487-5227. I live in Las Vegas,Nevada. My address is 9840 Blue Raven, AVE. 89143. She is loved by all the family, and we wish to make contact. Thank you, Audrey Maclin 😥 :sad:

    • Deborah Lombard says:

      I am looking for Michael Maclin. I’ve loved him since we met in 1989 through Job Corps. I know he waited for me for 4 years, but I was so young and not ready. In 1993 I came back from a trip to New York and called Michael while he was in Illinois, read him a poem THE ENCHANTED HOUR, and told him I was ready to spend the rest of my life with him. He admitted he had gotten someone pregnant and said they were moving to HAWAII. If the man I am looking for may be your son, please contact me at 313-712-1700 and I will help you as best I can also. Best of luck to you and God bless you in your search. Deborah

  9. TJ says:


  10. priscilla says:

    :sad: im looking for my boyfriend nicholas mack i beleive he is in prison but i dont knoiw whch one or where at i just think he is in prison because the oast timei talked to him he was in jail. i messed up really bad but i really need to find him so things can get better i want to be there for him…..someone plz help me

  11. TJ says:

    😉 I am looking for a girl I have loved forever, her name is Dale Swersky, that is her maiden name, I don;t know if she ever got married or not, but she is a singer, she is beautiful, and I need to find her. please help. TJ 😥

  12. name is wilmavic david48 yrs old here in philippines..i am looking for larry and linda ferguson who adopted my daughter romanielle c david and give her the name of lindsaymarie ferguson sometime in 1986,,am longing to see my daughter and her 8 siblings too..laurence ferguson is an us airforce in 1986 and all i can remember when they left here is their goin to florida..any information pls help me??my email is and you

  13. junior valle says:


  14. wendy sanchez says:

    I’m looking for my son and daughter,they were taken away from me 12 year ago from the state of CA. my son name is bryson g snachez and my daughter is wendy a sanchez.i miss them so much and love them too. :sad:

  15. Leona Williams says:

    HI I am looking for my three children who were adopted through an agency called little flowers in wading new york. there names are Jason Michael, Nicole Renee and Leon Harris. the birth last name is Williams, I’m do not know their last names now.

  16. robert says:

    i am looking to look for my twin brother . we were separated at birth he was adopted..we were born august 2,1932 his name is joseph rousset..

  17. lisette castro says:


  18. Marissa says:

    hello my name is marissa i got token away from my birthmother name michelle johnston i am now adopted. my birthmother lives in san berdiano Ca and i live in harrisbur Pa i miss my mom so much

    please help me to find her thank u

  19. Taylor Flannery says:

    I am looking for my ex-boyfriend Philip. We went to Kettering school in ohio. He was born November 1, 1996. He has a scar on his head from a bicycle wreck. He lived on Dexter in Kettering. If you have any information on him please email Thank you

  20. Loretta says:

    I am searching for my sons twin sister born July 25,1973 at Mercy Hospital in Birmingham,Alabma at 3:56PM.My name at that time was Loretta Millwood. I was 19 and your father was 21.You were taken as soon as you were born.I ask the doctor to see you he cursed me out and told me I had not had my baby yet.I heard your cry and watched the doctor hand you to a woman in the room that walked away with you crying.Please if you may know of her or are her contact me at Loretta Goodwin on facebook Thanks

    • Dana says:

      Hi Loretta. Thanks for posting on our OmniTrace blog. If you would like professional search help to find your son’s twin sister, please consider OmniTrace and call us at 1-888-965-6696. Thanks!