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Letter To My Birth Mother

Letter To My Birth Mother

I want to thank everyone at OmniTrace for their help. I sent a letter to Loretta.  Today I received a response. It turns out that Loretta is not my birth mother; she is my birth aunt- I was named after her, and she was the one who tried to maintain some contact with me when I was a child.

It seems that my birth mother is not well, having some very serious health issues and I take it by the letter from my birth aunt that she has not mentioned me to my birth mother yet.

My aunt was very open and offers continued contact with her, although the rest of the family does not know about me.  I am OK with that.  I have had a response and know my heritage and some family history, which was very important to me.  My aunt desires us to remain in contact and perhaps one day, which I will leave to my aunt, I might have contact with my birth mother.

I am glad that I took the slow, cautious approach, especially knowing now about my birth mother’s health issues. I am very grateful for your help and consider this a big win.

Thank you so much,

Denise M.

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  1. Renee' says:

    Searching for “Scott” who worked at Daniel’s Oyster Bar in Chuckaluskee, Florida in the Spring of 1968. Could possibly be my Birthfather. My Birthmother was a waitress at that time at the Oyster Bar. I was born in Bradenton, Florida in Manatee County in January, 1969.