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Hiring A Private Investigation Agency For Your Adoption Search

Hiring A Private Investigation Agency For Your Adoption Search

So, you are ready to begin the journey and start your adoption search.  You now need to decide whether to search on your own or hire a private investigation agency.  Here are a few things to consider when opting for the latter:

1)  Be sure to hire a licensed private investigation agency (such as OmniTrace).   Most states have their own licensing requirements.  Some states require investigators to have several years of experience working in law enforcement or working for a law firm.  Special testing is typically required for a license.  Most licensed agencies and investigators need to be bonded and are required to carry errors and omissions insurance.  A licensed agency requires a professional office location and cannot operate out of a living room.  Ask any agency you are considering for their license number and verify it.

(Buyer Beware: If you hire an unlicensed investigator / researcher to conduct your adoption search, they do not receive any oversight by their state.  They may even be performing an illegal service by offering investigative services without a license.  You will be providing an unlicensed, unregulated person with your most personal information!)

2)  Hire a licensed private investigation agency that specializes in adoption searching.  Why?  Would you hire a podiatrist to perform an appendectomy?  Would you hire a civil attorney for a criminal case?  Investigation agencies specializing in adoption searching have knowledge of adoption law, proprietary contacts, access to birth indexes, knowledge of genealogy, specialized databases and more for a successful adoption search.  Adoption specialists are also aware of the nuances involved during the reunion process (kids gloves required!).

3)  Hire an experienced licensed investigator.  Learn how long they have been reuniting birth families.  Ask for specifics, even details on past cases.  Ask for references from past clients.  Speak to others who have used their adoption search service who are not listed as references.

Take some time to find the right licensed private investigation agency that you feel comfortable about and who you can trust.  If you have any questions or concerns, call our toll free number: 1-888-965-6696.

OmniTrace is a licensed and bonded Florida Private Investigation Agency.  License number A2200304.

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  1. christie says:

    hi i was born in tippecaone county indiana 1971 looking for birth family

  2. ISO Son says:

    My Son, ( Birth Registration Number 109798) John Cory Truckle’s Identifying Info says his Adopted name Is – John Colin Woodward Born October 21,1985..Adoption Finalized in North York Ontario Canada February 15,1989 & Registered Feb 23,1989
    Judge was James B or P Stiner ? There’s a stamp over it..I have A Baby Picture of My Son In a Nice black/Red Top with blonde Hair Blue-Ish Eyes a C.A.S. Worker Gracie took it for Me…..Im His Mom and he is 28 now

  3. lauren says:

    Great post. I just found that I have a twin sister somewhere in NY. My parents told me they couldn’t handle both of us and put her up for adoption. I was thinking about hiring a private investigator in NYC to help me find her. I wonder if she looks anything like me. Thanks for the great information.

  4. kathryn says:

    looking for birthmother I was born in san Antonio texas on 11-30-69 was adopted from Methodist mission home mother last name was acres she was 21 and in college