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Good News About Finding Birth Parents In New Jersey…

Finding Birth Parents In New Jersey May Soon Be Easier

We learned recently that the New Jersey Senate approved giving adoptees access to their original birth certificates.  Currently, an adoptee can only possess the amended birth certificate which displays their adoptive parent’s names.  An original birth certificate will display the names of the birth parents, along with other identifying information.

There’s a caveat, of course:  Birth parents will be able to contact the state to have their names deleted.  If they elect to do this, they would fill out a birth family history form containing medical and social history.  The birth parent would also have the option of how they would like to be contacted.

Don’t get too excited yet.  The New Jersey Birth Parent Open Records Bill (our unofficial name for it) still has to be considered by the New Jersey Assembly.  Also, if the bill goes into effect, you will still need to learn how to search for your birth parents once you have their names.  It could still be a tough search, since you will only have your birth mother’s maiden name (in most instances) and possibly some very old address information.  We suspect that a lot of original birth certificates may not list the birth father’s name at all.

So, keep visiting our website for New Jersey open records updates, and learn all the search methods on finding your birth parents in New Jersey and elsewhere.

Please post a comment if you have any questions.

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  1. annie says:

    I have the adoption agency who took care of adoption. They have told me that they know who they are, but won’t tell me unless I pay $800 and go thru their counseling twice. I have hospital, doctor, time of birth, etc..any hope? im 54

  2. Christine Donahue says:

    I am 47, was adopted at age 7. My problem is trying to get medical records of my birth parents. I am trying to put it together for my 3 sons as well as myself. It is horrible how adoptees are treated even though we have the proof we need. Can someone give me some suggestions. My Dr.s are doing everything they can with no avail. Sincerely, Christine Marie Fernetti- Macaluso-Donahue Born in Vineland, NJ

  3. joannyadoptees says:


    The New Jersey Senate passed a bill on Mar. 3 allowing adoptees 18 or older (and adoptive parents of minors) to obtain their original birth certificates (S611). The legislation also would permit birthparents to submit non-disclosure and/or contact preference forms. Both requests would require birthparents to provide family history information. For safe haven surrender cases, the state would deem that the birthparent has requested nondisclosure. The bill also requires agencies and attorneys to release family history information in adoption files upon request, and allows people adopted through the child welfare system to request a summary of circumstances surrounding termination of parents rights. The bill is currently being considered by the Assemblys Human Services Committee. To read the bill and learn its status, go to: and search for S611 in the bill number field. To read the Adoption Institutes report on this issue, go to: To read the Institutes report on safe haven infant abandonment, go to: