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Finding Birth Family Anywhere | OmniTrace Success Stories

Here are a few OmniTrace success stories. Why are we posting these?  To show you that there is a fast, time saving and cost effective option that can allow you to reunite with your birth family members.

Omnitrace can help you find your birth family anywhere! Please give us a call at 888-965-6696 for a FREE search consultation. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Really! :)


Dear Sari and OmniTrace,

Today I received an email from my sister Amy. I am 50 and my birth sister is 45. I was adopted and OmniTrace located my birth sister who never knew I existed. It took over a month for her to make this first contact. I was just thinking about contacting you back when the letter came. She was blown away that our father never told her about me or anything about her mother.

The first picture she ever saw of our birth mother she recieved in my letter. I am confidant that with time, God willing, we will get to know each other. I want to say THANK YOU for helping me in this leg of my journey. I think if I should live long enough I may write a book one day. It’s been an interesting life, with miles to go before I sleep !

Maryanne S.


Subject: Thank you so much

It has been over 19 years since I last saw or heard from my father. Omnitrace helped me close a hole that was in my heart for so long. I just want to say thank you so much for what you did. You not only helped me, but children too they will finally get to know their grandfather.  We are a birth family united!

Again Thank You.

Evelyn K.


Mrs. Acevedo,

Thank you for that information. The limited credit history is consistent with his lifestyle. Thank you. You have been a great help and you solved a 27 year old mystery. God bless you.

Thanks forever,

David Wakefield


Chris and the staff at OmniTrace,

I wanted to let you know that you found my father. He was thrilled to have a daughter.  Thank you for all of your help. Without you, none of this would have been possible.  God Bless You and Omnitrace for all that you do for people.




We followed your suggestion and did send a letter and yesterday Helen’s daughter called. They are both very excited.  I have made plane reservations for us to fly to Florida next Friday and meet her. Thank you very much for your fine work. We would recommend your birth family finding service to anyone.

Frank C.



We spoke only once on the phone but I wanted to say thank you again for locating my birth daughter in Texas.  Her letter today ended with this, “Forever your one and only Beth.” And her mom wants to write and meet me too.

Blessings all around.

Lynn P.


Dear OmniTrace,

I want to thank you for the information. I have e-mailed Kenneth and he has e-mailed me back. He has also telephoned me. We are in the process of sending each other pictures and a future meeting.  I will always be in your gratitude for all that you have done.


Susan M. J.


From: Susy S.
To: Chris Maione and the great staff of omnitrace…..

Subject: Jeanne B. – Birth Mother

Good evening Chris -I am so sorry that it has taken me so long to give you the update on my birth parents.

My conversation with my birth mother, Jeanne B., started five minutes before the Super Bowl game began.  She immediately mentioned that she was glad that I had called back.  Apparently, when I had talked with her in the Fall of 2007, her husband was standing right next to her and she was not able to speak freely.

Chris, your advice to ask her if was a good time to talk was great, but I was so nervous that I had forgotten.  We spoke for over an hour and she confirmed everything with me.

Chris, you might recall that I received a large document about my history which included, birth parents, grand parents, uncles, etc. Everything in that document — she verified was correct.

She wants to continue to communicate with me, but she stated that she needed to get some spiritual counseling on how to communicate this information with her family.  No one in her family is aware that she had a child in 1963.  I gave her my email address and she has my phone number.

The story gets more intriguing.  Jeanne and my birth father lived in South Dakota and he was best friends with her brothers.  Upon finding out that she was pregnant, they both left for California and signed adoption papers to give me up for adoption.  She mentioned that both of her parents were very strict (mother was a school teacher and her father was a Superintendent of the school) and that if they ever found out — they would have sent her away.  She said that after she woke up, she was told that I did not make it — still born.  She said that she had been given a lot of medication and that she was pretty much knocked out during the birth and that it wasn’t until a couple of days later that she woke up.  Upon hearing the news, both Jeanne and my birth father parted ways and they have never seen each other or stayed in contact with each other.

Jeanne encouraged me to try to get in contact with my birth father, her comment: “He is a wonderful human being.”  So with that, I will continue to write to him and in my next letter, I will let him know that I spoke with Jeanne.

Jeanne did confirm that she has been married twice, but not to my birth father.  She has three daughters and their ages are 39, 37, and 35.  Jeanne has been married to her current husband for 25 years and he is very supportive of her three daughters from her previous marriage of 17 years. Jeanne is also very close with her family and that not to long ago, her father passed away.

Chris, I can’t begin to thank you and OmniTrace enough for all of your assistance and if you have any other helpful advice on reaching my birth father, I would love to hear it.  In the meantime, I am putting together another letter to send off to him.

If I hear back from Jeanne, I will let you know, but I thought that I would give her a couple of months to share the news/or not with her family.

Thanks again –

Susy S.

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Please write us or give us a call at 888-965-6696 if you have any questions or comments about finding birth family.

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  1. Debbie Gallimore says:

    I wanted to let you know that I had been searching for my biological mother when I got an email from my biological sister. She had received my information from you!! we have spoken several times now and not only do I have a sister but I also have 2 brothers!! Thank you so much!!
    Debbie Gallimore

  2. admin says:

    You are very welcome Debbie. I know that you live pretty close to our main office. If you and your sister ever get together in Florida, please let us know. Perhaps you, your birth family members, and some of our staff can meet. And, maybe we can take some pictures of your family reunion to post to our website!

    Best regards,

    Dave Betz
    The Search Advisor / OmniTrace Corp.

  3. maggie harris says:

    my name maggie harris. I am looking for my sons.there names at birth were micheal&timmy ganong.I still live here in saint john.micheal’s b-day is june 7 1987. timmy’s b-day is june 18 1988 on fathers day.they have 2 sister’s as well.if you have any info..please contact me at 506 721-4467.p.s I never gave up searching for you both&you were both adoped togather&raised togather i made sure of that when i gave you up…love your mother maggie harris.oxoxxo.

  4. Pamela Jean Pate says:

    I am adopted. My Birthname is Vilas Latrida Patton. My fathers name is Pat Patton, my mother’s name is Dorothy Patton. I have two siblings, that I do not know the age of, one is a male, the second my mother was pregnant when they left me approximately 1952-1953.

  5. katy-rose herbert says:

    hi i would like to know if you can help me find my birth dad,? my mum was young when she fell pregnant to me she was just 19 years old she didn’t Evan no my dad they were out in the pub and it was a one night stand. my dad doesn’t know i exist but i would really like him two it would mean so much to me! please help me its horrible not knowing who your dad is everyone says your the best site ever so please help! all i know about my dad is his name is matt sibley i dont no nothing else thanks

    • Jenna says:

      Could he be about 36-37? Could he have been in either Jacksonville, cape coral, fort myers Florida or Mane?