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Testimonial – The Search For My Lost Love Is Over! ! ! !

Dear OmniTrace and ALL of the omnitrace staff… i write to you today so fast, freely & joyfully that for the most part i could care less if i use caps or not, etc. …giggles. thanks to your company’s efforts, hard-work & intentions if have finally made ‘first contact’ once again with my beLoved lost love Joey!!!!!!!!!!!! :-))) despite us being ‘two guys’ we are not able to see/sense this anymore because of the amount of Bliss that is pouring through us. …all we can ‘see’ is that our combined hearts’s liGht is infinitely pounding with Love’s bliss that has actually been there the whole time anyway. i understand now easily why there was an ‘illusionary gap’ in Joey’s response time back to me. i see now that there was never really a gap between our hearts at all and that Our~Heart has always been as 1 and as 1 it will in All ways ‘be.’

Joey has asked me to marry him and i have tearfully/easily said YES!!!!!!!!!!  !!!!!!!!!  :-)))   i told him i already felt married to him for a while now… more crazy~giggles amongst these tears of joy & laughter that can’t seem to be confined.

TODAY for OmniTrace should easily be a Grand Day of Deep~Celebration as YOU will alway remain as an intergral Key in allowing Joey & i to be reformed as 1. I easily see/feel all of you as angels in disguise for the service you provide to sooooooo many! my deepest~apologies to any & all who i may have openly shared frustrations with during the search. please forgive me. ~ i love aLL of you unconditionally and without question and inVision ALL of you Feeling the most bliss-filled of eternal~moments!

….inJOY!!!!! !!!!! !!!!! . .. …forever & always… .. . Darwin . …& Joey too!!!   o:-)    o:-)

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  1. michelle l Zacharias says:

    im looking for jimmy c mitchell and charlotte m mitchell my children. any one knows where they are please let me know….

  2. admin says:

    Hi Michelle. We’ll try to help you find your children.

    Can you please provide us more information on them? Their dates of birth and last known address or location will be helpful.


    If they were adopted: what information do you have on the adopted family and what state were they adopted in? When were they adopted?

    If they were not adopted: what were the circumstances behind their no longer being with you?

    Who is the birth father and would he have information on their whereabouts?

    Thanks. We’re looking forward to assisting you.

  3. michelle l Zacharias says:

    ther bithdates are his Dec.27 1990. Hers is Charlotte is Jan. 5 1992.son and daughter dates. last know address is Westerly RI. nothing about if they where adopted out. the state took them from him we were sepertated at the time. JImmy CLITON MITCHEL SR. is the father. maybe lives in pa or new york state… please let me know…….

  4. Lisa Martin says:

    I am seriously trying to find my first true love whom I left in Perth, Western Australia, Australia in 1971. We kept up contact until 1980. His name is Robert Phelps and he was one of six boys. We attended Hollywood High School (he was a few years ahead of me) ’70 – ’71. I would dearly love just to even speak to him again. Any help is GREATLY appreciated.

  5. Bob says:

    Looking for Kathy Ann Walsh formerly ofWest Roxbury,
    Massachusetts. Father is Christopher, brother is John, sister
    Is Michele