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Testimonial – Birth Sister Found!!!

Hello Chris and OmniTrace,  

My birth sister Dorine & I have talked on the phone twice now, we will be meeting for the first time next Wednesday at 9am. We are both very excited, & we will be sharing photos with one another. It’s better than Christmas, or a wedding. I was very happy with butterflies for my wedding, but, this has got that day beat by a very very long shot!!   Dorine & I have never had a sister in our life growing up, now years later, we are both getting a birth sister. I’ve always wanted a sister, someone to share girl talk with, & now it’s coming true for us!!!!

Chris and OmniTrace, you have given me my life, the pieces of this puzzle are complete, now that you’ve given me the missing puzzle pieces!!  You will always be in my heart, for giving me the family that I was separated from all these years, & now being returned to it. We will have a wonderful first meeting, I know it, we feel close already, & we only talked on the phone 2 times.  My birth sister and I have some similiar traits, & we seem to laugh alot together.    Again, THANKS FOR GIVING ME THE BEST GIFT A GIRL COULD EVER WANT!!!   (To belong)     Love, Janice

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  1. Yesy says:

    Looking for my half sister. Her name is Johani Medina, or some variation of it. She was named after my aunt, Juana. She has her mother’s maiden name, not my dad’s. My father’s name is Jose. She was born in California. She is older than me, probably mid 30’s.

    • Dana says:

      Hi Yesy. Thanks for posting on our blog page. We can likely find your half sister.

      If you would like professional search help, please consider OmniTrace and call us at 1-888-965-6696. Thanks!

  2. I am looking for my half sister…our dads name is athony polk..