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Testimonial – Do Not Waste One More Single Waking Moment – Begin The Search

“41 years is a long time, by anyone’s standards. It is also my age, which doesn’t feel like a long time. 33 years ago is ancient history to some folks. To me, it was just the number of years I knew I was adopted. My adoptive parents told me when I was seven. It was easy for me. I had the best parents, the best childhood, the best education. So, why complicate my life and others by trying to find my birth parents? I could live with the curiosity. And I did. Then all of a sudden, as if nothing else had occurred in my life, I was staring into the face of my daughter, barely one minute old. The gravity and reality of the decision my birth parents made crystallized before me. No human being could give up their child, their flesh, and then forget. I had to find my birth mother, period. OmniTrace looked good on paper, and checked out as a solid company. But I decided to trust them because they listened and understood my needs. They asked the difficult questions without judging the answers. It took a year. They gave me periodic updates, they were understanding when I felt frustrated, and they found my birth mother. And now, we are both going to be okay. I spent 33 years talking myself out of doing something which needed to be done. Do not waste one more single waking moment, begin the search. Steven B.”  

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  1. admin says:

    This was a powerful e-mail OmniTrace received from their client: Steven B. Although the e-mail was sent to OmniTrace, it was obviously meant for all those touched by adoption.

  2. Sharon Pell says:

    Not like you I grew up with my birth mother who as a Catholic girl did a great injustice to her faith and her family by having me out of weddlock but, my mother showered me with love and so did the entire galgano family I was one of them no matter how I came into this crazy world. My mother worked hard and raised me by herself with every bit of love, understanding and I know that it was the hardest thing she has ever done. I was a crazy kid and I am now the mother of two of the craziest most beautiful loving girls I could have imagined being blessed with. My husband and my girls biological dad have meen married for about 14 years and my girls are 13 nad 11. As I see my husband (and the love of my life different story but equally as important) I see what a real father is all about. Although my mother did a wonderful job I also know what she gave up to raise me by herself. My father gave up his rights to me when I was 3 and he and his wife had a family of there own. He was reluctant to sign but my mother and my family felt it was best. This was 33 years ago and I have half heartedly tried to find him and my siblings but on my own I did not have the tools or the courage to go any farther. Now after living with a terrible disease that has tested the strength of my marriage (it it very strong) and my precious time with my girls I want to find my missing link for the sake of my mental and physical health. Your e-mail was insperational and I hope to have a simular result.

    Please excuse my spelling errors I type as fast as my brain can come up with info and the spelling gets lost in the shuffle ( did I mention that I have adhd on top of crohns disease) I love life I love family and I would love to know my father.
    Enjoy your birth mother as you have enjoyed your parents that gave their hearts and most of all enjoy your little girl and your daughters mother the best things in life are the ones we can hold in our hearts, and our arms. Some how these gifts make an imprint on our souls!!!

    Thank you for reading my story


  3. Diane Warren says:

    I am looking for my birth mother I was born April 15, 1966, in Cedar Rapids, IA.

    • Loretta Goodwin says:

      I wish you all the luck in the heavens.I have been searching for my daughter which was stolen at birth July25,1973 with no luck.I am sad for children like you and others like you.You need that closer in life.I will be praying for you GOOD LUCK.

  4. Anonymous says:

    👿 i wanna now my birth father

  5. Leslie says:

    almost the same story. im 41 had a great childhood. parents that loved me. but i cant remember not knowing. i have always known. i did find out i had a brother 5 years older than me. then that made me feel bad knowing my mother kept him and gave me away. i wonder everyday who and why they did that. i dont know if they was married or even if my dad knows about me. i would love to find them but i cant afford to search for them. i have 3 kids of my own now to care for.

  6. Aaron Westenberg says:

    I am looking for my birth mother and dont know where to begin I cant afford most sites due to the fact i am finishing up college and my military G.I bill doesnt pay very much. If anyone has any suggestions please email me.

    • aaron westenberg says:

      it’s amazing how history can repeat itself! sounds like this is the same deadbeat aaron westenberg who abandoned his own child?? i do wish you luck finding your birth mother and hope you grow and learn some values in the process.

    • What is your birthdate?I am looking for my daughter stolen at birth.

  7. kelz says:

    i want to know my birth family

    • Whitney says:

      me too, I’m sixteen, so i can’t get ahold of my records until I’m eighteen, and I’m doing this so I don’t hurt mom and dad

  8. lorrie horton (hall) says:

    I AM a birthmother that needs some help. Iwent to ahome for unwed mothers in chatt. tn. in 1982 the year my son was born.the tn. dept. of human services took care of everything along with the help of my mother. she thought that was the best thing for everybody concerned. 😥 now ineed some help locating my son.his birth name was ricky wayne hall. i only say him about two times idid get to feed him once.please if anybody can help ❓

  9. tony quintel says:

    I was born 11 14 61 fort bragg ca. I was adopted through the childrens home society in oakland ca. I am looking for my birth mother. Baby boy thompson is what I remember they called me.

  10. tony quintel says:

    i am adding my e mail address

  11. I wanted to take the time to thank Omnitrace!! It has been an emotional 7 months. Mere words cannot express my gratitude for all the information you provided me on my biological sister. I had searched on my own for a while. My sister was not registered on any of the Ohio adoption forums that I frequent. There are thousands of adoption forums and I like to consider myself to be a CIA agent of adoptees, especially when it comes to finding my loved ones.
    I am an adoptee myself, and slowly but surely I am piecing my life and family together. The staff at Omnitrace reassured me that they would find my sister in no time. And within 7 weeks they provided me with a wealth of information, far exceeding my expectations! Rachel of Omnitrace even sent out a personal email to me from time to time to see what happened with our reunion.
    I called my sisters Mary and Debbie and we went back and forth about who should place the call. I suggested that Mary do it since she is the oldest. While we were debating back and forth, my co-worker Angela grabbed the email Teresa (Omnitrace Staff member) sent me with the locating info. I thought she was just bluffing. I got off the phone went into her office to talk with her. I told her that we decided to deal with it once every one was off work and clear our minds. Angela informed me that she had called and that a man answered the phone…probably her father. Angela told me how she tried to disguise her Nigerian accent with a British accent asking to speak with Karen implying she was a friend of hers. Karen’s dad would not give her the cell phone number. He said; “If you are really a friend of Karen’s then you would have her phone number.” I didn’t believe her. I thought she was kidding until the phone rang. Karen had caller id and she called back. Karen thought that Angela had found her purse. You see, two days before Angela called, Karen’s purse was stolen, so that is why her dad was reluctant in giving out her cell phone number.
    I was not prepared to do a planned script in case I ever got the chance to talk to Karen. I was put on the spot. My hands were trembling like a leaf. Karen was so excited!!! She knew she was adopted, but she never knew she had such a big family. We talked over the phone for a while. I sent her pictures of Debbie and Mary and none of me. Every time she would ask me about my picture, I offered her an excuse. One day, while getting to know one another, I told Karen that we are of German decent. She was so happy. Karen had no clue about her pedigree. I was a little nervous to tell her that I was biracial. I finally shared with Karen that my biological father was African American and she stopped and asked; “Am I black too?” I could not stop laughing. I told her what I knew about her dad, but assured her that she was not biracial. I was afraid to tell her thinking that she may not want to be a part of my life. Karen was actually excited because she has a son who is biracial as well. What a relief I felt. I have struggled my whole life with “fitting into” this society, so I decided to just be me. Now, I channel those feelings into writing children’s stories about biracial kids. My goal is to raise awareness of the biracial, multiracial, and transracially adopted kids in a race-conscious world.
    Back to Karen….we ended up meeting in January 2009 in my home in Chicago. We shared pictures and compared our toes looking for similarities. We all have this big space between our big toe and the 2nd toe (classic Stindt family trait.) Karen met me, my kids, Mary our sister and our biological mother for the first time. The resemblance between our mom and Karen is uncanny!!!
    To date, Karen has not met Debbie or David. We all reside in different states and it has been a task trying to meet everyone, but eventually we will. So far, I have found my mother, my brother David, my sister Debbie and Omnitrace found the last of the Mohicans—Karen. All of this has happened over the last 7 years. I am the youngest of my mom’s five kids and the cutest I must add.  I feel very complete now that God has blessed me with my family. It was all I ever wanted for Christmas. Whatever happens, I feel I have been given a marvelous gift. Thanks for opening the door so I could have a glimpse of my past. It has definitely been a positive outcome for us all. Thank you so much for doing such a fabulous job!
    I am forever grateful,
    Myrtice Edwards

  12. Whitney says:

    I am searching for my birth parents…I have no idea what to do. I have my name, my birth state, and hospital. I hope that this site will help me.

    • Loretta Goodwin says:

      Looking for my daughter stolen at birth. Birthdate July25,1973 She has a twin brother I have been looking for her since her and her brothers birth.If you spot a female born on this date looking for her parents please contact me.Wishing you all the luck in the world on your search.

      • Cathy says:

        I was born July 25 1973 and adopted 3 days later. Where were you living at the time? The family that adopted me know nothing about my birth mother. Please feel free to e-mail me.

      • I am still searching for my daughter borned July 25,1973 at Mercy Hospital- Birmingham,Alabama.She may not know she is not with her birth family.If you were borned on this day please check all records I have been searching for 40 years.Thanks All

        • Guess my search is wasted time It has been going on for 41 years.I wish all of you luck in your searchs.If my daughter is living and reading this I have done all I know to do.I am 60 years old and I am at a loss.

  13. RosannaT says:

    Omnitrace is an exception company!
    I was looking for my grandmother for over 7 years. I exhausted all resources before contacting Omnitrace. The initial upfront fee is a sticker shock, but, worth every penny. I would never have found out the information that they have provided to me without their assistance and help. Chris Maione is outstanding. He is the best researcher in the business. I hired 3 private investigative firms before Omnitrace and they came up with absolutely zero. They found a woman that for over 50 years had no paper trail and had changed her name. Now my mother has a large extended family in which she is looking to build relationships with. They have changed our life.

  14. Victoria J says:

    😈 I miss you real parents hope you are doing ok.

    love your daughter Victoria J.

  15. Wilberta Johnson Findlay says:

    :roll: I’m looking for my son born Nov 10, 1960 (possibly the 11th) who was adopted through the doctor in Miami, Florida, born and adopted at St. Joseph’s hospital on Miami Beach. They told me to never look for him and that I would never see him again. I did cary him down the elevator to where the doctor took him to his new parents I could see. He was to be told that he was adopted and I cared so much for him to give him the opportunity for a better life than I could provide. I never had any other children, and I did marry his father Paul Bruno years later which ended in divorce. I am now a widow from my 2nd husband of 23 years. I feel that my son may want to find me. I hope so and I am here for him if he wants. 😉

  16. wright says:

    😉 i was born 05/20/88 at university of boy, african american.the story i was told was my mother was young and the grandmother was raising you(my mother) and your sister who already had a child.the grandmother made you give me up for real father tryed to find me n he did but my ‘parents’ disagreed. i’m now 22 with 2 children of my own looking for some closure.if his could be you please email.

  17. Lita says:

    💡 I have been trying for quite some time to find my birth parents. I was taken from them when i was 4. Two nights before DHS took us my mothe gave birth to Taylor and Tyler who were addicted to drugs. My younger brother and i were placed in foster care. My fathers name is Tracy alan Christopher and my mothers name is Dawn Kristen Olsen. I really hope to find them. I also had a half brother named Dyllan, though that is not his given name it is what he goes by. Please if anyone can help me, I SOOOOOOOO want to find them. Please Please Please 😥

  18. christine says:

    my brith name is beverly ann corbett i was bron in detroit
    on 1949 if u no me plz let me no

  19. jessica says:

    Im looking for my birthparents and I don’t know how to start without my adoptive parents finding out so can anyone help me ive been looking for over 5 years please any ideas!!!!!
    I cant live without knowing who I came from.And it keeps getting harder every day not kowing if my birth parents are ok or even alive I want to know who I came from I just need to know. please help me…..comment below. :(

  20. Any one if you know of a way to find the ones that come back with a reply please let me know thanks

  21. Every one please leave contact information or we cant find you

  22. Loretta Goodwin says:

    Please if born around July 25,1973 my son is dying you ae his twin sister contact me at face book Loretta Goodwin

  23. I am still searching for my daughter born July 25,1973 She has a twin brother and we have been searching for you for 41 years You can contact me at loretgoodw2@aol.Or facebook Loretta Goodwin You were stolen at birth by the hospital Cathy please if you are here contact me I have to find you you may be my daughter