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Testimonials – Birth Father (s), Birth Sister, Birth Mother (s) Found!

Birth Father Found… Hello Omnitrace! I just wanted to let you know that I had a very successful contact with my birth father.  I was even able to visit him last October in LA.  I was able to go through his sister (my birth aunt!) Vicki – what a doll she is.  Come to find out – my birth father has resided at his same address since birth.  This has truely changed my life for the better!  I talk to both

my birth father and my birth aunt often on the phone and are now planning yearly visits.  It has been a very wonderful experience!  Thank you so much for making it happen!  It couldn’t of happened without you all.  Thanks again!!!  

Sincerely, Shannon P., TX

Birth Sister & Birth Father Found… I just wanted to inform you that I tried calling Laurie and she did turn out to be my birth sister!  She was very pleasant and talked with me for about an hour. She had promised to send me some pictures of my birth father and informed me that he is living in CA.

Then yesterday I got the shock of my life when I got a phone call, and it was my birth father!! My birth sister had called him to let him know that I had contacted her and he called me right away.  We talked for nearly 3 hours last night and he emailed me a bunch of pictures of himself and other family members. I just wanted to thank OmniTrace for not giving up and for bringing an end to my 13 year search!!!

Julie M.

Birth Mother Found… From: Leslie H. To: Chris and OmniTrace 

It worked!!!  I just got off the phone. My birth mother doesn’t go by her maiden name anymore so she got a little huffy & then silent when I said who I was, but we talked for 24 minutes to get caught up . She kept saying it wasn’t a good time to talk but kept on!  We only cried a little. She said she was trying to find me but never was quite sure if the info she got on the internet was really me so she never tried. But she said she was glad I found her. Thank you very very much.

Birth Mother Found… Chris,   A few months ago you found my birthmother.  Thanks for making the process so easy – I wasn’t sure I had enough information to find her.  I just wanted you to know that we have corresponded by mail, but because this happened so long ago (I’m 49 years old), she was not interested in pursuing a relationship.  Thanks again – I would recommended you and OmniTrace to anyone who is in my position.  

Thanks again.  


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  1. charles says:

    i wa adopted 26 years ago and i was in a bad situation were my mom had to give me up i am born bangor maine and my mom traveled me down to atlanta some how my step dad was trying to kill me

  2. Dana Brown says:

    born nov 29 1969 in Brgidgeport CT finding birth mother and father plz help

    • kelly says:

      Do you know the names of birth parents?

      • Sandra says:

        I only know the father’s name. Byron Franklin Morton.
        Nickname was Moe. Most folks called him Frank. He was in the Navy. The mother or the grandmother was Martha.

  3. Leah Caruthers says:

    I was born July 17th 1985, Moline IL. I dont know anything else please help.

  4. Lee Gabbidon says:

    My dad who resides in U.K and I am searching for my sister Beverly Gabbidon born around Sept 1960 who left Jamaica,W.I for U.S or Canada with her mom about age 8. She is about 48 years old now. Her name may be changed, if she got married. Her moms name is Rose and resided in St. Andrews,Ja.,WI. My dad is sick and prays to see her, please help us. My dad is Lee and I am Jean

  5. andrea paduano says:

    I’ve been looking for my mom, little sister and little brother for over 10 years now and i still dont know how or where to look for them because i have such limited information about all 3…
    My mom can go by so many different names, and i only have birthdays/full names of all 3..please help me if you can..

  6. brittany ward says:

    Well my dad knows he had me and he aint try2 c me his name gillest bolden its hard wit out him but I guess I will never c him but hopefully I get dat chance

  7. STEPHANIE says:


  8. wendy blan says:

    Hi my name Is Wendy Blan and i am looking for my birth father Allen G Newland i have never seen what he looks like i do know he is in his 40’s and i beleive he is living in lima ohio. I found out about him about 16 years ago, and have been looking ever since. My mom said he stayed until i was born signed my birth certificate and was gone. My adopted dad took care of me and he is excited that i want to find him. I found an address that i think might be him ; i wanted to drive up there so bad – but my friends and family talked me into just writing a letter. Its killing me waiting for a response it has been 5 days since mailed- if i drive its 13 hours away if its really him. Any info please help out…. :sad: :sad: :sad::sad: :sad: :sad:

  9. april says:

    Please can anyone help iso birth sister 03/07/1972 female born in Lowell Mass email me with any info

  10. elizabeth dekker says:

    i am searching for my birth mother.her name is sharon marie steinbrenner, she was born jull 1942.I know she grew up in kevin birth day is feb 08 1966.the adoption took place in alberta.

  11. Niccole Gobel says:

    Hi my name is Niccole Gobel and I’m looking for my birth father Richard Alan Gobel
    Usuallys goes by “Rick” I lost contact with him about 6years ago and want to make sure he is alive
    And ok I really miss him so please help thanks

  12. Elizabeth Whitcroft says:

    My name is Elizabeth Whitcroft I am trying to search for my birth father but I haven’t had much success .

  13. dray says:

    hi i am drayton i am lookin for my father cuz well i wanna see his face and tell him he missed i good part of life

  14. Anonymous says:

    hiya im jade …i havent seen my father for over 7 years and its not his fault!
    i miss him everyday and i still dont feel complete with my step dad !!
    i know his name and date of birth .
    does anyone know any sites where i can find him for free!!

  15. Elizabeth Whitcroft says:

    I’m having trouble looking for my birth father

  16. Terry says:

    I can only tell you that my mothers maiden name was evangeline whitaker and that she lived in new haven conn where she met my birth father..and where I was born..I was told through family member’s that he went by the nickname of choya…my mother has been deceased for eight years but never explained the truth before her passing…perhap’s with little expectation at the age of 57 I’ll have any luck.
    Respectfully Your’s,

  17. Paul J Clark says:

    My given birth name is Paul James Smith (I now go by Clark)and my mother’s maiden name was Amma Lee Gilliland (she also now goes by Clark.)I was born in June of 1970 at Lodi Memorial Hospital, Lodi, Ca. I am searching for my biological father. According to my birth certificate his name is Jim Hoke Smith (Jimmy….possibly Jr) I was told that he was born between December 8th-12th of 1946 and his birth place was in Georgia. I am curious to know my birth father and any siblings that I may have. I would like Jim to know that he has a grandaughter who is 16 years old and I would really like for him to meet my her. I also want him to meet my wife as well as myself. I am not looking for any handouts or any money. I simply want to know who my biological father is. If anyone has any information please contact me via e-mail at the following address: I am also on Facebook as well as MySpace.

    Thank You Very Much!

  18. Shaina Bowman says:

    Im am trying to find my birth father Tracy Denton. my mother wont give me any info what I know had been told to me by my grandmother. I know he lives in Vancouver washington and his mother is Diana Denton and father John Denton and has two sisters Anita and Charleen If anyone can help please email me at thank you

  19. summer Keeton says:

    Umm i am looking for my birth father, o know his name is Randy mock, my birth name was Ashley lenora mock. i am 22 years old the only hint i have is he might live in california

  20. leighen hopps says:

    im looking for my birthparents mom or dad or my birthgrandparents both his or her parents who had a baby girl between march 25 1970 to march31 1970 at richmond bc or newwestminter the baby weighed 7plds 5ozs at birth birthmom is irish -german n dark hair hazel eyes , loved to paint by numbers she lived in a trailer park with her parents in richmond bc she was born in vancouver bc , her father had 3 heart attacks , her cousin died of cancer she n the birthfather dated for 2 years he is irish ? his father kicked him out of the house her father had slty pepper wavy hair was a short stocky man n was a carpert at trade her mom was about 170 plds 5feet 6inches n the birth mom was 5feet 4 inches , ur birth daughter needs to know if there is any brain damage or tumors ech of the families , yes im ur daughter u have a granddaughter who has a brain tumor on march 2 2010 we find out if she is going to have it operated on she is 20 u mite not be there for me plz let me be there for her can find me on facebook as leighenvhopps ur granddaughter name is annastaciajane-maire

  21. Shannon Lassater says:

    my name is shannon and i was born july of 81.. i am looking for my birth father.. all i know is his name is jerry baker…i dont know where to start looking. my mom is very shy about the whole thing

  22. Katie says:

    Hi, My name is Katie, I was born August 6st of 94. I am Looking for my mom Julie C and father Macey. I want to be in contact with them so bad. I was took from my mom when I was 4 my brother pased way from S.I.D.S!

  23. Suzi Bustamantez says:

    I am searching for my birth parents. I was born 6/7/1983 at 2:18 pm in Kansas City/Jackson County, MO. The birth mother was 19, Blue-Green eyes, 5’4″, redish blonde hair, Irish decent. Father was 21, 5’10”, Blue eyes, Light Brown hair, German decent. I was adopted by a Christian family from the Highlands Child Placement Services through Assemblies of God. I would love to meet you and know more about my History. My maiden name was Sheddan. I am now 26 years old and married my new last name is Bustamantez my adopted name is Suzanne.

  24. Trista says:

    I have a half sister that was adopted out before I was born, She is between the age of 30-35, my mom said her dads name is Graig O’Connel or McConnel. We live in Ohio. My mothers name at the time was Linda L. Aron or Linda L. Howell. When my mom signed her over, the lady got fired for talking my mom into giving her up, that ladys name was Mrs. German. I want her to know that she has three half sisters that think of her everyday, and love her very much. Hope that one day god will reunite us.

  25. deidre andrews says:

    My name is deidre andrews i was born feb/12/92..i was born in trenton hospital.i guess my mom gave me up at birth nd my older brothers had already got adopted at birth so when i was born they just kept the 3 of us together.they r 22 and 23years old.her name is lisa morton.i tried to look bymyself but now i kno i need sure i prolli got younger brothers nd sisters cuz i was the youngest as far as i 18now nd i dnt want to wait to long to see my name was changed it was quadirah-lamb .please i need somebody help….

  26. becky stevens says:

    hi my name is becky i was born in las vegas nv june 22nd 1986. I was given up for adoption when i was born. My biological parents are shelly lynn bailey and michael ray thompson. I am looking for my father please if any one knows where or who he is i would love to get in contact with him it is very important that i contact him its been 24 years. His fathers name is cliff thompson and mothers name is nancy thompson or was unless she got remarried. He is or was in a family country band called easy does it. Please it is very important i find him if you or anyone you know has any information you can contact me.

  27. mike says:

    i was born in new york city in 1966. my biological fathers name was Sheldon Coleman. my mom told me it was a casual relationship that she had with him. he is dead now. died at age 61 on october 19th 1996 at age 61. he was already married with 2 children and living in Miami,Fl when i was born. he never even knew i existed. my mom told me i should just let sleeping dogs lie and please dont try to locate anyone on his side of the family to avoid embarrassment. but i feel i have a right to know if he has any living relatives. please help me

  28. Vincent Thomas DePirro says:

    Looking for my biological brother. Birth Name: Christopher William Phipps Adopted Name: Christopher Steven Lynn Born Dec, 24 1982 @ Community Hospital in Munster, In. 46321
    He went to Crown Point High School in Crown Point, Indiana has a record of arrest in crown point in 2001, then he disappeared from any records that I could find online, We were separated at about age 2 we are 11 months apart. I though I found himm online on myspace may have a military record (marines) and a Daughter……

  29. jean-francois gower says:

    my father is named robert gibson davis he lived in maryland in 1969. my mom gave birth to me in france. please help me find him he has great grandchildren here who need him .and i do too. PLEASE HELP ME.

  30. angie says:

    I was raised in foster care and lost all siblings. had a mother that walked away and never looked back. A father who after being released from prison died………. tring to find pieces of me but so hard when every sight wants a credit card number to see that most important thing in your life…………………………its not very nice

  31. angie says:

    its so hard to know who you are when you cannot find the pieces that may connect you

  32. angie says:

    I have three sisters shirley mable west…..ronda ruth west………tracy faith west.. and my mother is donna ruth mcmahon. they are all from pennsylvania. i am on facebook.. my name is angie paz from ft.lauderdale florida.

  33. angie says:

    i desperately would love to find them ………….. just to know them is enough

  34. Cory Weaver says:

    Hi my name is Cory Weaver. I’m from D.C but I have moved to Pensacola Florida. I’m looking for my Birth Father, Johnny Wesley Weaver. I have never seen him or meet him. All I know is that he is from Ohio and I don’t have the funds to do a background check or any service that has to do with paying. I would love for him to meet me and my family. If anyone has heard of this man or knows him can you please email me @ . Thank you all and God Bless

  35. SF says:

    I’m trying to find my litle sisters dad, she has never met him and my mom hasn’t been able to locate him either. Please help. I’ve been trying for years. She’s 21 and been searching as well.

  36. michael says:

    I am trying to find my father. His name is Michael Christopher Bridgemen. I was born in Chula Vista, CA. My moms name is Noma. I know he was from Illinois. He was 19 when I was born(10/12/1977).

  37. Denecia says:

    My husband’s mother refuses to tell him anything about his father. We have some pictures of him from when my husband was a child and know that he was in the military. His name is Carlos Alvarado and he would be in his 70s or 80s today. That is such a common Hispanic name I dont even know where to begin. We are about to have our first child and my husband would like some answers about his past.

  38. crimson chambers says:

    i amtring to find my half sister that doesnt claim me because she turned gay well i have had alot of problems becasuse she left me and my husband has to put up with my attutide when i miss her please help me find her

  39. Kiara Samuels says:

    My Name Is Kiara Samuels. I Don’t Know My Real Dad. For Days Out Of My Life Time I Would Search For Him. I Asked My Mom & All She Told Was He Was Light Skinned & That His Name Is Shawn Or Shun. I’m Not Sure How Spell It. I Haven’t Seen A Picture , I Haven’t Heard His Voice . I Haven’t Received An Phone Call On Christmas , Thanksgiving , Or My Birthday I Am 14 Now. As Life Get’s Tougher & Tougher I Began To Think What Life Would Have Been Like If He Wanted Me Or Was Actually Here With Me. I Have Keith Samuels Who I Call Daddy , Or Dad. Because He Was There When Shawn Or Shun Wasn’t. Now As I’m In School Writing This, I Feel Broken Hear-ted. Like He Didn’t His Baby Girl. My Sister Told Me When I Was Younger I Met My Grandmother Of My Biological Father. But I Don’t Know Her Name , Nor Do I Know Her. Soo With That Please Help Me Find My Real Father. Please & Thankyou
    – Kiara Samuels

  40. Jorge Ponte Lau says:

    Hi I’m Jorge Lau, I’m looking for my twin sisters. They were born around 1963 to… 1965? in Terceira Island of the Azores Portugal. They were given up for adaption to American couple(s) at Lajes Field Air Force Base. They were around a year old or so? Our mothers name is: Isaura Maria da Ponte Lau. The girls birth name should have been Ponte and I think ther first names were Fernanda & Eduarda? I have been looking for them along time. If any one can help me I’m very thankful! My E-mail is: Tank you for your time.See More
    By: Jorge Lau

  41. Mckenzie says:

    So I’ve met my mom her name is Pamela Dynes she lives in Ogden. I am a triplet and a twin. My father signed me away when i was born because he was already married (not to my bio. mom). He is about my mothers age 49. I have tried looking for his birth certificate to his other marriage but am at a loss for this information. He did drugs so i tried looking up criminal records but that’s even more difficult. I’m trying to find him his name is Robert Bickley. I don’t know if he is still married but i imagine he is. Can anyone help?

  42. Tanya Hempstock says:

    I am looking to find my Birthfather,I belive his name is Ian Jolly (but not sure on the spelling) he was from nottingham area UK. (calverton?) My mum’s name is Sue or susan, my D/O/B Is 12/07/1973,My mum used to work on the buses in mansfield UK.I belive he was a biker with his father. I belive he came to see me twice when I was born but thats all I know.
    I don’t feel complete without knowing who he is and would just love to be able to know who he is 😥

  43. Carley says:

    Im looking for my dads birthparents. My dads name is Clifford Copeland . I have no idea how to find them. They died in a car crash when he was little but I want to know what they look like and stuff.

  44. sylvia says:

    hi my name is sylvia and i am looking for my dad. His name is alexander lopez 53 years old birth place pureto rico thats all i have, i dont have kidneys and my life is little by little is coming to an end. I want to know how he looks and ask why did he abandon us. Before i leave this world i want to meet him.

  45. tytania m harris says:

    Lookin for my birth father all i know is his name eric james goes by red auntie told me that.
    He lives in Indianapolis. High yellow my mom francine harris u know where i can find him at aany info plz contact me havent seen him since i was 2 now im 25 my mom passed. He all i
    got and he have a beautiful. Granddaughter. As well

  46. Ryan Ray says:

    Hello My Name is Ryan Ray and before my mother passed away in 2008 I found papers that showed who my biological father was because he had paid child support on me but when I tried to contact him I can never get a responce.I want to meet my biological father since he is the last of my family living. His name is Ronnie Coffman in Russellville Arkansas

  47. Linda says:

    I am looking for my Birth father Richard Carroll. He moved from the Portland, Me. area in late fortys or early 50s, possibly going to Pa. My mother was Jeanette. My DOB 7/16/49.

  48. Jorge M.Lau says:

    Hi my name is Jorge Manuel da Ponte Lau,
    I’m looking for my twin sisters.
    Their birth names are DIANA DA PONTE and LIANA DA PONTE.
    Born 11/21/1963 in Terceira Island Azores Portugal.
    My mother gave them up for adoption within a year or so…? To American couple(s) at LAJES FIELD AIR FORCE BASE in Terceira Azores Portugal.
    My mother was a house maid at the American base and met the girls father, he was stationed there in 1963 he was 24 years old at the time the twins were born and my mother was 25 years old.
    The twins birth mother: ISAURA MARIA DA PONTE LAU
    Born: São Miguel Azores Portugal in 7/18/1938
    The twins birth father: BARRY MERTON SCHWARTZ
    Born: Pennsylvania USA in 5/18/1939…?
    At the time that he was in the Air Force he had Pennsylvania as his home town, do not know for shore if he was born in Pennsylvania or not.
    If some one can help me I’ll be very grateful to you!
    My e-mail:
    Thank you for your time!

  49. Sandra says:

    I am searching for my half sister. She would be around 67 years old and I believe she may have been born in New York. My father was Byron Franklin Morton, nicknamed Moe, most friends called him Frank. He was in the navy. I believe her mother or her grandmother may have been named Martha. I would like to connect.

  50. Michelle says:

    I am trying to find my daughters biological father but all I know is the place he last worked when I knew him 19 years ago and his name – it seems impossible??? Any suggestions?

    • Dana says:

      Hi Michelle. It is possible but somewhat hit or miss to do a search of this nature. We have databases that access employment info, however, this works well with some places of employment and turns up nothing with others. If we were to obtain a match, we could likely find your daughter’s bio father. We might also be able to locate him if his name is not too common and you can provide an age range. Give us a call if you would like to discuss this in a bit more detail. Just ask for a search consultant and mentioned you communicated with Dana.

      Our number is 888-965-6696. Thanks!