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Testimonial – You Did It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear OmniTrace,

Oh…my…gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After 15 years of searching, information digging, investigating, interviewing, court record searching, which included the use of my police training, I still could not make that final link to find my biological mother. I really had resigned to not find her in my lifetime. I don’t know how in the world you did it, but you not only found my biological mother, but also my biological brother. I met them the very next day!!! It was the most incredibly wonderful day of my life. I cannot thank you enough!!!

May God bless you and your staff for persisting. I will always keep you and your families in my prayers and ask that God bless your compassionate hearts many times over!!! Thank you for giving me the greatest gift I could ever receive. I love you all!

Many many hugs and kisses,
Joy E. K.
(Originally known as Rachel A. S.)”

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  1. admin says:

    This was a great testimonial!

    Joy was so close to locating her birth mother on her own. Even with all her police experience, she fell short. Our researchers used a few tricks to get the job done. We’ll be discussing some of these “tricks” in future posts.

  2. Mark from Rhode Island says:

    im looking for my Birth Mom , i was named MARK , born in RHODE ISLAND MARCH 20 , 1966 . Hope i could get info . Thanks

  3. Ken says:

    My name is Ken and I was born in Manhattan, NY.
    My birth name was Lesley Fuchs. I was adopted at ten
    days old. My birth mother is Lois Fuchs from Long Island, NY, she was born abt 1929 and lived in Manhattan when I was born. Please if anyone can help me find her or any of the family I would be very grateful!!

  4. mary barnhart says:

    i’m looking 4 2 very special boys to me i took care of them after there grandmother past then they were adopted out there names are elvis and ronnie i have 2 kids the same age as they are and would love to see them also they were adopted out of little rock i also no they have a special mom and dad now not trying to cause any problem just would like to see and here from them so glad u had a good life.but i still miss u and have everyday

  5. Ashley Mills says:

    Hello there,I’m searching for my three aunts,I know ones name is robin. My mother was the youngest of 5 girls and possibly one mom found her birth mother and sister Traci. My aunt Traci’s dad remembers the girls and used to call one of you pumpkin. I have a picture of you three when u were little. You have cotton blonde hair and dark tans, just like my mom and my siblings and I. I was told you were dropped off in Lakeland,polk county area,I’m not really sure…..maybe auberndale. But I do know you were old enough to remember and knew what was going on. My grandmothers name was sheila, her last name was Richard but could have been anything back then. If you match this in anyway please don’t hesitate to email me at