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Colorado Court Pulls Curtain Back On Adoption Records

Colorado Adoption RecordsWhen Patricia Dukeman started trying to find her biological parents, Ronald Reagan lived in the White House, Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” was record of the year, and the Supreme Court decided it was OK for us to use those new VCR things to tape TV shows.

In the 25 years since, Dukeman, 48, has spent a lot of money and learned a

Read the full article at  The Denver Post Online

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  1. kelly parker linford says:

    when will Utah give adopted people information on their birth parents?

  2. Nina Bodden says:

    need to find birth parents, originally from camden NJ, 3rd St, I was born feb 18th 1962 Metropolitian hospital Philadelphia Pa……Please help me. I am 48 black mole on the left side of cheek, light skinned 5-6 tall,

  3. AISCTC says:

    Great news! We have now received word that people whose adoptions were finalized prior to April 1949 have begun citing the Court of Appeals ruling mentioned in this article to obtain their adoption records as well.

    Also, a new CDHS rule allows adoption agencies and maternity homes to release identifying information for those who fall in the 1951-1967 time period. See our all-volunteer website (home page and FAQs) for more details!

  4. Judi Bates says:

    I am looking for my deceased mothers “biological”
    parents, and or family. She was killed in 2005, and ever since, I have felt an EMPTINESS, my father was also adopted, (weird, I know) but there has always been missing parts of my mothers ancestry.
    All I have is an OLD copy of a birth cirtificate,
    name of hosp. and state are cut off, but stapled to it is some type of reciept for my grandfather adopting her. She was born in 1938, and wasnt adoptd until 1940. Both records are from Los Angeles, Ca. Her birth certificate has my grandfather and grandmother, (adoptive) as parents.
    Please help me, I ve ben on, but only took me to my adoptive grandparents relatives.
    My mother once told, someone told her) me that back then children were adopted to families on opposite ends of the country?Anyone know if this could be true?Thanks, JBates

  5. Debra (Zehner) (Diliberti) Fields says:

    I am searching for my daughter who was born August 17, 1975 in Mishawaka, IN The birth name given to her was Melissa Mary Zehner. In 1977 I was married to Thomas Diliberti and in December 1978 problems arose and my daughter was put up for adoption in and around March 1979 thru St. Joseph County Courthouse Centerville, Michigan. I would love to re-connect with my daughter and have her know that she has 2 half brothers that would love to meet her.

  6. MARLENE BONDS says:

    i am looking for my neice and nephew name joy and brian davis were their name they have been adpoted in chicago illinois.
    their mom name was patricis steward at the time she gave the kids up for adoption when they were young but they should be in their 20’s or 30’s now their father has past and they don’t know it their dad is my brother.
    i need help in finding them so my family and i can have a happy reunion with them please help me find they last known place is in chicago illinois.
    if anyone have any info please email me please help find them please.

    marlene bonds
    maiden name: DAVIS

  7. Tina Anderson says:

    I’m trying to find out who the biological parents of my grandfather were in Texas who were both killed in 1910 making him an orphan. He was adopted by an Attorney and his wife in Dallas Texas from the Edna Gladney Home. Can anyone tell me how to go about this? ❓

  8. Greg Menninger, now Bill Youngwirth says:

    Hi! I’m looking for my birth parents or any siblings or relatives. My birth name is Greg Menninger, and my name is now Bill Youngwirth. I was adopted from the Dubuque Catholic Orphange by Dick and Ardell Youngwirth from Corwith, IA. My birthdate is 07/24/1947. If you have any information, please contact my cousin Jocelyn Fairbanks from Armstrong, IA at 712-868-3355 or e-mail her at as she resides in IA and I now reside in MT. PLEASE HELP ME WITH MY SEARCH!!!!!!!! :)