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The City Clerk’s Office Can Help You Find People!

City Clerk’s Office – Find People

Are you trying to find people or that special someone who may live or work in a particular city?  Yes?  Then before you start surfing the Internet–wasting needless energy and causing yourself undue discomfort–try contacting the City Clerk’s Office. 

It’s true… The City Clerk’s Office can be a great resource to find people.  Here’s why:

  1. They can search voter records in the event your missing person is a registered voter.
  2. If your missing person has a particular trade or profession, the City Clerk’s Office can provide you with a list of possible / likely employers.
  3. If your missing person works for the city, the City Clerk can provide the correct department to contact. 
  4. The City Clerk’s Office will likely have access to a local phone directory.  Ask nicely, and let their fingers do the walking. :)
  5. The City Clerk’s Office has a lot information on County residents.  If you have your subject’s last known address, give it to the City Clerk.  They may be able to provide the phone number of the current resident.  Then contact the current resident and see if they can assist you.  
  6. If you are searching for someone in a small town, the City Clerk and staff may know them personally. 

To obtain the phone number for a particular City Clerk’s Office, call directory assistance.  If you need help calling directory assistance, please read our prior post on how to find people with directory assistance.   You can also obtain a City Clerk’s phone number by googling the following: “city clerk’s office xyz county.”  (Please replace xyz with the county name.  We’re begging you!)  😉

If you have any questions on how to find people by contacting the City Clerk’s Office, please leave a comment.  We’ll write you back pronto!

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  1. Joyce says:

    Looking the Jodi K Hammer All I know that she was adopted in
    Greater Minneapolis & St Paul,Mn Area. Can you help me on this
    area. Or Can you give me the name or phone # of her parents.


  2. reziniel ali says:

    hi…im rezy from philippines and i am looking for my sister on florida.she was adopted when shes only 3 months old by lawrence ferguson but i forgot his wife name but i think they named my sister as lindsay marie ferguson and i think shes about 18 to 20 years old now.Please if anyone knows about her juz email me___________________.

    (Please email and we will relay your message to rezy.)

  3. admin says:

    Hi Rezy. We think there is a good chance that we have located your sister and her parents. We are going to email you our information. Please let us know if you are able to make contact.

    Best regards,

    The Search Advisor / OmniTrace Corp.

  4. Looking for my youngest son, Robert Gardener Coburn, last seen around the year 1972. Never stopped , thinking of him. I am in very poor health, and would like a chance , to see or speak to him. And, let him know, I have always, loved him and have missed him , in my life.

  5. Avigail Joy says:


    I’m looking for an old friend Phillip A. Beedon. He is 39. DOB: 3/15/1971. He grew up in Sunfish Lake, MN. I tried to contact his parents but they were abusive to him as a child and would not tell me anything other than they have not seen him in 5 years. I did some of my own searches and found out that his parents had him committed to a mental hospital and were his gaurdians and conservatorship over him. Needless to say this freaked me out and I want to find him to see how he is doing. I think he was released after a long period and now he avoids his parents like the plague…who wouldn’t. Please help me find him as he has been on my heart for a long time. Thank you!

  6. CHRISTY says:

    I’m looking for a adopted sister named Nancy . from Austin home for unwed mothers back in June-1960 . I think you had found us back in 1988 you come in the restaurant where me and mom worked at the time ..we really could like to see you i have been looking for so long the home for unwed mothers is been closed for so long so I’m hitting road blocks time after time and mom just cant remember all the details . mothers name TERESA GAUDALUPE YBARRA and she was a are not the only child that was given up for adoption .. I would like any help with this,PLAESE I do want my sisters back in are lifes ….THANKS

  7. Patricia forte says:

    Hi… My name is Patricia forte and I’m searching for 3 people their names and date of births are Curtis Brooks Stanton he is my ex fiancé his birthday is 02/04/1980 last time we were together was at the Florida baptist childrens home in Kendall, Florida in 1998 ( been looking for him for 13 years)… And my 2 oldest daughters which were taken from me in 2004 and adopted out without my consent in 2005 their names are Jocelyn Escarra 04/28/2000 and her sister Jasmin Escarra 04/25/2002. I was allowed by the judge magestrate Steven Lieberman that I can visit my children for 2 hrs.every 2weeks…. And when I’m financially steady I can relish the case and fight for them again…. Please in desperate need of help for my childrens safety… My email address is need all three addresses and hopefully phone numbers if possible. Thank you for helping me!

  8. lalitha ranjanee-sri lanka says:

    i am 57 years female from sri lanka. i had a pen-pal in my childhood name april cannon,4711,utica,michigan,usa. she is about 56 years old.we were friends in 70’s.please help me to find her.

  9. eli88 says:

    im looking for my dad . i last saw him when i was about 3 yrs old im 24 now. hie name is delofane jean ideas hes from springvalley ny.. i tried the internet search but all his old info comes up…please help

  10. Linnet says:

    Hi. I’m looking for a lost uncle, my mom’s half brother. His name is Alfred Eugene Reynolds born May 26, 1939 in Panola County, Mississippi. He left home after a fight (?) with his mother, Louise Reynolds and was never seen again. Perhaps one phone call to my mom from South Carolina a few years after he left. He was born to Chester Eugene Reynolds and Louise Reynolds. His half sister was Ida Mae Reynolds Gee and his full sister was Caroline Reynolds. He left Mississippi in the late 1960’s or early 1970’s. Thanks.

  11. don says:

    I am looking for my lost father. His name is Keith Johnson.He lives somewhere in St. Charles county. Can anyone help me? I would sure like to meet him.