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Missing People Search Category

Find Missing Persons – Call A Skip Tracer

Skip Tracer 101

Skip tracers are professional searchers who specialize inSkip Tracer locating people such as debtors and deadbeats (people who owe money).  Skip tracers often work for companies that are owed a lot of debt such as banks, credit card companies and utility companies.  Skip trace departments within these companies can be a great source to find someone you suspect owes money. 

Skip Tracers are constantly tracking down and developing current address and current employment information on debtors and deadbeats.  Skip tracers typically rely on using the phone and employing various pretexts (phone tricks) to get debtors and deadbeats to reveal their locations.  Sometimes this can be more effective than database or Internet Searching.

If you suspect the person you are searching for owes money to a specific company or companies, contact their skip trace departments and see if you can enlist their help.  (If you are searching for your deadbeat husband or dead beat wife, you may have possession of Read More

Find Your Birth Family

Have An Old Address Of A Missing Person?

If you are searching for a missing person and have their old address, here is a FREE investigative trick, provided by the head of our OmniTrace research department–Chris Maione.  This may allow you to identify and contact prior neighbors of your subjecct:

First, visit free web resource

  1. At the top of the Zillow homepage, there is field where you can input your missing person ‘s old address.
  2. After submitting your search, you will see a map of the neighborhood where your missing person once resided (you can view this map in street view, aerial view and hybrid view).
  3. The old address, that you submitted will appear, as well as tiny icons that represent homes surrounding the address you submitted.
  4. By clicking on the icons, you will obtain exact address information.
  5. Jot down the addresses surrounding your subject’s old address.  In particular, you will want the addresses on the left, on the right and directly across the street from the old address of your subject.

Then, visit free web resource

  1. On the upper center of the home page, click on Read More

County Sheriff Can Help You Find Missing Persons

County Sheriff – Find Missing Persons

Nearly every county in the USA has a County Sheriff Department that handles non-municipal law enforcement situations.  A County Sheriff Office can be a great resource to help you find missing persons such as:  missing family members, missing birth family,  lost children, and persons in hiding.

The County Sheriff handles the county jails, inmate transportation, outstanding warrants, vehicle accidents on county highways, non-municipal crimes, sheriff sales and more.  Needless to say, they have a lot of data on a lot of people.

If you think your subject(s) are in a particular county, don’t Read More

Locate Someone Free – Search The White Pages!

Locate Someone Free

You can locate someone free by searching the White Pages.  These are available free via the Internet as well as hard copy telephone books.

Our researchers often use free online telephone directories and telephone books to locate someone and verify their address and phone number information.  We have our own library of telephone books covering cities all over the USA as well a list of our favorite online white page web sites.

So, why do we use hard copy telephone books instead of online white page directories to locate someone free?  Good question!  We mainly use older telephone books to Read More

The County Clerk’s Office Can Help You Search For People

Search For People 

A while back, we wrote a post on how to search for people with free help from the city clerk’s office.  You can read that post here:  City Clerk’s Office Can Help You Find People.

When you search for people and you know the county where they reside, the county clerk’s office is another great free resource.  Here is a nice website to help you find any county in the USA:  NACO – Find A County.

An easy way to find the address and phone number of a particular county clerk is to Read More

Find Your Birth Family

Staying Organized and Keeping Good Notes Will Help You Search For Someone Lost

Search For Someone Lost

When OmniTrace begins a new search for someone lost, we ask our client, who is requesting the search, for as much information as possible about the lost subject of the search and  take extensive notes.

During the course of a search for someone lost, we attempt to fill in all the blanks. We also take notes on any research that we conduct such as: Read More

USA People Search

USA People Search 

Have you been conducting a USA people search on the Internet, visiting many people search websites, calling directory assistance, ordering public records, but still cannot find the person you are looking for?  Have you contacted people who you thought were the right person, only to have your hopes dashed over and over?  How many hours have you spent on your USA people search?  Are you tired of spending $10.00 here and $15.00 there on ineffective, so called professional people search websites? 

Those are important questions!

The main reason we are providing our blog is to give you the free people search tools you need to find Read More

How To Conduct A Free Prison Inmate Search

Free Prison Inmate Search

It’s easy to conduct a free prison inmate search.   Just visit our search page:

Free Prison Inmate Search

There you will find links to Department Of Corrections inmate search pages for all 50 states.   You will also find the Federal Board Of Prisons prison inmate search website and a free nationwide sexual offender search website, provided by Family Watchdog.

We are often asked what is the difference between a jail and a prison.  Inmates who are in jail are typically awaiting  Read More

Finding People For Free With Help From The U.S. Post Office

Finding People Free Post Office Search

Some of our more experienced investigators at OmniTrace (we mean our old guys!  😀 ) were finding people and lost birth family members long before the Internet was around.  They used some great, free people finding resources that are now, unfortunately, very much overlooked and underused.

The United States Post Office is one of the best resources for finding people for free.  In many instances, when beginning your people search, you will have an old address of the person you are trying to find.  This old address might be: Read More

Find Your Birth Family

Social Security Number | Search For Someone For Free

Search For Someone Free

Did you know that having the first 3 digits of a person’s social security number (SSN) can help you search for someone for free?   

The Social Security Administration (SSA) began issuing SSNs around 1936.  Typically, a person was not issued a SSN until they turned fourteen or thereabouts (usually when they were first employed).  Around 1986, the SSA began issuing SSNs to children as young as five.  Since 1990, SSNs are typically issued to children shortly after they are born.   The first three digits of a social security number reveals the state where it was issued.

How is this important when searching for someone?  We thought you’d never ask!  :)

If you know the first three digits of someone’s social security number and know roughly how old they are you can narrow down your search to a Read More