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3 Biological Sisters Reunited!

3 Biological Sisters Reunited

Congratulations to OmniTrace client Diana. We were able to reunite her with her biological sisters and other family members! 

Here’s a note and photo Diana just sent to our lead investigator on this case, Kevin Lynch:

“Dear Kevin

I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for finding my biological sisters, Uncle and his family. They have welcomed my children and I with open arms and hearts!

My Uncle had a get together a little over a month ago and it’s as if we were never apart. We all call or text everyday.

I’m so glad that I called OmniTrace. Originally they said the wait is usually 8-12 months, but in exactly 4 months I received your letter.

Thank so much again for all your hard work and for always Replying quickly to all of my emails and requests.

Below us a picture of my sisters jaime (left) and Jennifer (right) and myself.

Best Regards,

Diana M. Di Pilato-Frusco”

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How To Use The Reunion Registry

How to Use The Reunion Registry

Whether you are a birth parent, adoptee or birth sibling, the best adoption reunion registry at your disposal is the Reunion Registry.   This registry helps numerous people touched by adoption reunite with birth family members or those looking for medical information.  Currently, this easy to use, free, adoption reunion registry has over 400,000 entries–birth parents, adoptees, search angels, adoptive parents and birth siblings.

There are two groups who use this adoption reunion registry:  those searching for someone and those who want to enter their information.  Here’s the easiest way to use this registry:

To just search, use the “Quick Search Box.” This is located in the middle of the reunion registry homepage.   Enter all the info you have on the person you are searching for.  Then search through your results to determine a match.  (you may find several possible matches).  Click on their name, birthdate, birthplace, or the name in the “Submitted by” column. All links will bring you to the correct profile. You’ll then be able to see all the Read More

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Hiring A Private Investigation Agency For Your Adoption Search

Hiring A Private Investigation Agency For Your Adoption Search

So, you are ready to begin the journey and start your adoption search.  You now need to decide whether to search on your own or hire a private investigation agency.  Here are a few things to consider when opting for the latter:

1)  Be sure to hire a licensed private investigation agency (such as OmniTrace).   Most states have their own licensing requirements.  Some states require investigators to have several years of experience working in law enforcement or working for a law firm.  Special testing is typically required for a license.  Most licensed agencies and investigators need to be bonded and are required to carry errors and omissions insurance.  A licensed agency requires a professional office location and cannot operate out of a living room.  Ask any agency you are considering for their license number and verify it.

(Buyer Beware: If you hire an unlicensed investigator / researcher to conduct your adoption search, they do not Read More

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Birth Mother Search – Obtaining Necessary Identifying Information

A birth mother search can be quite difficult for an adoptee to successfully resolve.  That’s because most adoptees have very little identifying information on their birth mother when they begin to search. They also lack state-of-the-art search tools that are currently available to professional adoption researchers and investigative agencies such as OmniTrace.  These tools allow access to and the capability to sort through virtually millions of public records.  With the above mentioned search tools, you may be surprised to read that, in most instances, very little identifying information is needed to find your birth mother!  Provided here are a   Read More

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Troy Dunn The Locator on Dr. Phil

Troy Dunn The Locator on Dr. Phil

We want everyone to know that Troy Dunn The Locator will appear on the Dr. Phil Show this coming Friday, 10/21/11, at 4:00 pm Eastern Time. 

Troy Dunn has been reuniting adopted adults with their birth parents for many years now.  He’s a great guy and fantastic showman, and you should take a look at this episode. 

Here’s an excerpt on what the show will be about, obtained from the Dr. Phil episodes page:

“Twins Search for Twins

Dr. Phil’s guests are immersed in an adoption mystery steeped in so many secrets, it took expert locator, Troy Dunn, to reconnect the pieces of their fractured family. Lori, her twin sister, Lonnie, and older sister, Linda, say that even as children, they had a stark memory of their pregnant mother leaving for the hospital and returning without a child and a story that didn’t add up. The siblings say they’ve always had their suspicions about a possible sibling, but it wasn’t until their mother’s death that they discovered a piece to the puzzle — paperwork about twins who were placed for adoption decades ago. Delving into the case, Troy uncovers a shocking surprise, but before a reunion can take place, he must deliver some bad news. Find out what happens as Lori, Lonnie and Linda prepare to meet their long-lost loved ones. It’s a family reunion you don’t want to miss! Plus, if you’re searching for someone, don’t miss Troy’s tips for locating a missing relative.”

We hope you take the time to enjoy Troy Dunn The Locator on the Dr. Phil Show

If you need immediate assistance locating your birth parents or child given for adoption, please give one of our OmniTrace search consultants a call at 1-888-965-6696 and receive a FREE search evaluation.

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Who Do You Think You Are Premieres February 4th On NBC TV

OmniTrace is happy to announce that the second season of  Who Do You Think You Are premieres February 4, 2011 at 9 Eastern time on NBC.  The TV show follows some of today’s biggest celebrities as they trace their birth family trees.  The celebrities featured in the second season are:  Gyneth Paltrow, Tim McGraw, Rosie O’Donnell, Steve Buscemi, Kim Cattrall, Lionel Richie, Vanessa Williams and Ashley Judd.

Each week on TV, a celebrity embarks on a quest into his or her birth family ancestry, as they uncover stories of heroism, tragedy, love, betrayal, secrets and intrigue.

Who Do You Think You Are also celebrates the twists and turns of this great nation and the people who made their way here in search of freedom and opportunity.

So, we suggest you tune in to NBC TV and travel through time into the birth family stories of our fascinating celebrities as they solve centuries old mysteries, uncover long lost birth family ties and make shocking discoveries about their ancestors.

If you are reading this post, chances are you are not a celebrity and will not be discovering your birth family on TV on Who Do You Think You Are.  No worries–OmniTrace can assist you.  Please give us a call, toll free, at 1-888-965-6696 and speak with one of our friendly OmniTrace search consultants.  :grin:

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Oprah Reunites With Her Birth Sister

Oprah Winfrey Reunites With Her Half Birth Sister

Oprah Winfrey revealed on her TV show today that she has a new birth family member – Patricia, her half birth sister (her sister’s last name was not revealed).

Apparently, Oprah’s birth mother gave Patricia up for adoption, shortly after her birth, but kept the adoption from Oprah.  Oprah was nine years old and living with her father at that time.  Oprah never knew her birth mother was pregnant.

Oprah’s birth sister lived in foster homes until she was 7—some of them “not so good.”  By 17, she was a single birth mother, Patricia said, and six years later, she had another child.  When she was 20, she searched for information about her birth mother and then let it go until years later.

Patricia said she started thinking Oprah might be her sister when she saw an interview with Oprah’s birth mother, Vernita Lee, on TV.  The birth family information coincided with what she already knew about her family.  “We realized that Oprah could be my sister,” Patricia said.  She tracked down Oprah’s niece who is the daughter of Read More

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The Locator Episodes – New Ones Coming

The Locator Episodes

The Locator Episodes have been phenomenal at reuniting birth parents, adoptees and birth siblings.  The Locator investigative team is top-notch and provides great entertainment when they go into action.  During The Locator episodes, you become part of the emotional rollercoaster that we here at OmniTrace are so familiar with.

Troy Dunn and his staff are inundated with search requests and have to choose from hundreds, if not thousands of cases.  According to WE TV, “…for one week each month, Troy devotes all of his staff and resources to one important case that they call the Read More

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Note To Our OmniTrace Clients…

Here’s a little information about OmniTrace:

Our OmniTrace investigative staff has been diligently and happily solving birth parent, adoptee and missing persons cases since 2001.  Our investigators and customer service department are available 9 – 5 Eastern time. 1-888-965-6696.  If all our lines are busy, no worries–leave a voice mail and we’ll call you back promptly!

Here are a few of our OmniTrace Corporate Clientele:

  • Pfizer
  • YMCA
  • University of North Carolina
  • Teamsters Union
  • Concordia University
  • Law Offices of Brown & Crouppen
  • Law Offices of Kenneth Schuster
  • Buckingham, Doolittle and Burroughs
  • US Bank
  • Jackson Memorial Hospital
  • CBS Production Studios
  • Spring Industries
  • US Food Service

The above list is quite incomplete.  We work with many other Fortune 500 firms, attorneys, businesses and universities.

OmniTrace Credentials:

  • Licensed Florida Private Investigation Agency (License #A2200304)
  • Member Florida Association of Licensed Investigators (FALI)
  • Member National Association of Investigative Specialists (NAIS)
  • Member Association of Professional Genealogists (APG)

If you are ever in South East Florida, come visit us at our offices in Delray Beach, Florida.  Call for directions. :)

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OmniTrace Reviews

OmniTrace Reviews

OmniTrace is a Licensed and Bonded Private Investigation Agency specializing in finding missing people, adoptees and birth parents all over the world.

OmniTrace is a member of:

OmniTrace estimates that we have reunited more birth parents and adoptees than all other search companies, private investigators and TV shows combined.  Please read some of our OmniTrace reviews here:  OmniTrace Testimonials

To learn even more about OmniTrace, please check out our 4 Star reviews on Trustlink, a subsidiary of the BBB, and Insider Pages!

Our client list consists of Fortune 500 companies such as Pfizer, schools such as the University of North Carolina, organizations such as the Teamsters Negotiated Pension Plan, attorneys from coast to coast and the general public.

Here are a few Read More

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