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Birth Sister and Adoptee Reunion…

Birth Sister and Adoptee Reunion

We enjoy tooting our own horn here from time to time.  Here’s a letter from one of our clients…  

“Hello Chris and OmniTrace,  My birth sister Dorine & I had a wonderful “1st meeting”, we exchanged photos, talked non-stop, & shared memories from our lives growing up.

We are so thankful to you, OmniTrace & the man I got the details from at the Historical Society!!!  You have made me the happiest woman on earth, the lottery isn’t this good!!!! We are exchanging emails, in between our meetings. We will get our families together once everyone knows about us, & our unique situation. This only comes once in a lifetime, that we grow up with one family & half way thru life, get to start again with a new birth family!!!  Only people that were adopted know the feeling, others could only guess what it feels like.

I grew up without all the answers, now they are getting answered faster than I can write them down, & yes, I’m writing everything down (so is Dorine), we have a log, & an album with photos of our past (while we were apart), now together we will begin our lives anew, & a new beginning we will begin together, we are finally united & complete!!!    

Love & God Bless,  

 Janice  & Dorine”

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