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Adoption Searching for Birth Mother or Adoptee

Adoption searching for a birth mother or adopted child is tough work.  Each search is unique and the methods and resources OmniTrace uses vary depending on a number of circumstances:

  • When was the adoptee born?
  • Where was the adoptee born?
  • When and where did the adoption take place?
  • Was the adoption done through an adoption agency?
  • Was the adoptee born in a hospital?
  • Which hospital?
  • Any name info on the birth mother (adoption searching for birth mother)?
  • Any name info on the adopting parents (adoption searching for adoptee)?

Of course, for most adoption searching cases, we usually begin with only a few of the above questions answered.

Below are just some of the steps OmniTrace takes for each case:

  • Interview any available persons involved with the adoption
  • Contact local adoption searching experts
  • Research birth indexes
  • Research legal notices and birth announcements where the adoption took place
  • Research hospital medical, nursery and billing records
  • Request non-identifying information
  • Identify and find any involved attorneys
  • Identify and find the delivery physician
  • Search court minutes in county of adoption
  • Research marriage announcements in county of adoption
  • Research church records in county of adoption
  • Research census and genealogy databases
  • Research school yearbooks
  • Research old city and phone directories
  • Research voter records
  • Research postal records
  • Contact County Clerk, City Clerk, Tax Assessor and Chamber of Commerce
  • Work with reference library in county of adoption
  • Request official records under the Freedom Of Information Act
  • Use additional proprietary resources

In addition to the more aggressive approaches to adoption searching listed above, we use some  passive techniques such as searching and placing our clients on the major reunion registries (please read: What Is A Reunion Registry).

Please email us or call us toll free at 1-888-965-6696 if you have any questions about adoption searching.


Find Your Birth Family

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  1. Marta Sus says:

    Yo tube un hijo,en el hospital lincoln,bronx ny.nacido 12 de abril 1972,luego de varios dias visitandolo,cuando fui 25 de abril,me comunico el doctor que mi hijo habia fallecido, no lo crei porque nunca me lo enseno.esta inscrito con mi apellido,Luis Antonio Suspero el acta de nacimiento no aparese. gracias

  2. Larisa says:

    hello my name is Larisa Alina Wolfe and I was born in russia and I would like to find my birthmom and maybe a birthdad so can you help me pleasethank you. :)

  3. Alyssa says:

    I was born in Minneapolis and I am searching for my birth family, i was adopted to a wonderful family and i love them very much. But as any adopted child would know you search and search in places your not going to find your true self. there is alway been a question mark in my heart! If any of my birth family read this i was born november 30 1985, it’s time to get some closer

  4. Bobbie says:

    I gave my daugter up for adoption.. i was terminally ill…i still am but have progressed to a time i would love to find my daughter and explain to her that i was told i was dying and i didnt and would not have been able to take care of her…My disease is back and active and the meds are a killer.. but before i die i would love to see her and explain why i had to give her a chance at life.. she is now 19 and she has three other siblings.. two brothers and a sister .. with whom she looked like the last time i saw her face….june 11 th is her birthday.. she was adopted in Ohio through an agency who wont return my calls..i dont know what else to do can you Help me?
    thank You
    A Mom
    heart broken

  5. Jeremy says:

    Hello my name is Jeremy. I was born in Toledo, Ohio July 3, 1988. My birth name was Jeremy Reynolds. I was put in foster care around the end of 1991, or beginning of 1992. I was put in foster care also with my younger birth brother Ross Jordan Evers. We then were placed in a foster home in Napoleon, Ohio with Tabb and Cindy Evers, and adopted around 1996 in Toledo, Ohio. I am trying to find my birth mother and father, and also all my birth siblings after me cause I am the oldest.

  6. Julia says:

    I was born at Alta Bates community hospital in Berkley California on March the 15 th 1963 . My birth name was Joan Huntington . I suppose with my 50 th birthday only a year away and being a mother myself and also with my adoptive parents deceased I am curious my roots ?

  7. Ronnie Orleans says:

    Robert William Woods, Shane Austin Dillon was born on Aug. 24, 1972 in Virginia Beach, Hospital, Va. Beach. Early in 1973 he was privately and legally adopted. I have heard his name was changed to Robert William Woods. In Va. Beach he has an uncle, brother of the man who adopted him but he is an uncooperative SOB and will not give out info as he thinks he is culpable of complicity which is ignorant.

  8. jackie white says:

    I am looking for my 2 nieces,and nephew…
    they were adopted in Morganton, NC, im not sure what their last names are or where they live.,ages thier ages now are, brittany Nickole 22,
    Krystal Kay 21,Daniel Andrew 19
    they adoption agency is not coopertive..if anyone can help it would be so appreciated..

  9. Christine Spearman says:

    Just want to say although Many of Us May Be Sad Or Broken Hearted for Tomorrow is Mothers Day Just say this too shall pass and never give up hope or prayers because that day still may come some sooner some later some we feel may never but strong hearts survive. Keeping all in my prayers as a birth mother daughter DOB 10/14/1989 mixed race PR/Irish/Mex/ Me Father was Black Chicago’s St. Augustine Hospital Dr. James B. Arrington OB/GYN Realtor George Kaplan I think Knows info Adopted Parents were Lawyers and his friends!!!FIND HIM FIND HER!!! “HAPPY MOTHERS DAY”Sending”love & hugs”

  10. chrislyn says:

    Looking for my son christapher lane he was born jan 24 1984 he lived in prescitt az he was adopted in 1985 0r 1986 in phoeniv az is 28 years old he was adopted by a afrecan american family a doctor and a teacher I’m. Looking for him so if u can help me find him I would be so greatful thank u so much. Chrislyn lane

  11. Deborah says:

    I am looking for my son born September 1/1977 in Charlottetown P.E.I. Canada. How can someone search with only a date in Canada. Can anyone help? Thanks.

  12. Shannon says:

    I am looking for a daughter I gave up for adoption through christian family services in Tega Cay S.C.She was born in Rock Hill,S.C. at piedmont Medical on June 14th,1994.Her birth name was/is Courtney Maranda Hope Helms.She was adopted November 1998.She was four years old and will soon be 18 in a few weeks.I’d love to reunite with her as not a day has gone by that she hasnt been thought of.I’ve missed her happy smile for 14 years and only hope she wishes to reunite with me.any suggestions on how to go about looking and possibly finding her is greatly appreciated.

  13. mystical birth says:

    I am searching for a family member.

    The child is female.

    The child was born in 1960.

    The birth took place in June.

    The adoption originated in the country of United States of America.

    The adoption originated in the state/province of Louisiana.

    The adoption took place within a year of birth.

    Since the time of adoption we have not been in contact.

    My personal message is:

    my mom was adopted and she was bought we believe a lot of the details are shady and all i know is her parents wanted a kid so bad they called a “friend” attorny and he found them my mom and they woke up at 5 am went and took out 5000 bucks drove to where my mom was and brought her home and her cert said they gave birth to her the only paperwork showing otherwise has her listed a noname and the name on the thing was a last name not even sure whose name this is her mom “died” at child birth my mom was listed as white but we believe she is indeed native american lol any info would be grand she was born on 6 3 60

  14. Elva says:

    Looking for my niece Born Augut 16.1965 in a unwed mothers home in Henrico,county,Virginia.
    Her mother was Linda E Parsley,her father was A.G.Powell.
    Both were young and was made to give her up.
    Linda name her Doris Ann Parsley-Powell.
    Linda looked for her for years,but now passed away.
    I would love to fine her to let her know she has 2 sisters and a brother,and also let her now the medecail history on the family.
    Thanks for any help.

  15. Janetta says:

    I am searching for my biological family. I was born 4/18/73 at UAMC in Little Rock, AR. My mother at time of birth was 18 and father 19. Father was attending college to be an oceanographer, mother was taking cosmotology. I’ve been told the names may be Tatum, Taylor or Yoakum, not sure of any spellings. Please email me for additional information.

  16. tina says:

    im looking for my neice birth mother beth krutel debruyne birth father john t brondstetter of bitley michigan any information let me know

  17. remona-g says:

    We are looking for Sharie Marie but her name was changed to Amy.she was born 1988 in Boston ma, her adopted parent used to live in Avon mass, other children she also adopted.she should be 24yrs old African American beautiful young women .we love to see her.

    Amen, praying every moment to reunite with her.

  18. wayne says:

    im searching for my biological parents. I was born in ST lukes hospitial,New Bedford mass on June 23 1965.I belive from what im told im cape verdian desent and that the catholic church was involved in my adoption. my adoptive family name is rosario, my adoptive parents are veolante gonsalves rosario,and guadalupe rosario.

  19. aimee says:

    im looking for my biological mother and father. i was born june 19th 1970 at jefferson davis hospital harris county tx. i was taken away from my parents when i was a mom was 17 and my dad was 19. i was adopted at 2 yrs old. my name was shannon at the time. my parents names where margaret moore and james dunkin.

  20. SUZANNE says:

    I am still searching for child I gave up for adoption.
    Her name at Birth was Ramona. She was born on January 24, 1963. She was born in Port Washington, Wisconsin.
    Anyone has any info I would be very grateful.

  21. JIm says:

    I would like to find my birth Mother. All I know is I was born in Van Nuys California on February 13,1955. I believe her nick name was Rusty. I know it’s a long shot but who knows

    • Dana says:

      Hi Jim. Your search might not be the long shot that you think. Someone from our office will write you, however, you might want to call us at 1-888-965-6696 and speak with a search consultant right away. Thanks!

      OmniTrace Corp.

  22. mary says:

    I am a 62 y/o f looking for my son, who was born in Califonia on June 4th, 1969. He was born in Van Nuys Hospital and given up for adoption about 2 weeks later. I received a notice from the Van Nuys Post Adoptions saying that “he may be looking for his mother”, but then I did not recieve another letter from the state. I know he is or was married back in 2000. I am desperate to find him, seeing my brother has Pancreatic Cancer and it is familiar in our family. I have never forgot him and would love to know if he is looking for me. Thank you

    • Dana says:

      Hi Mary We will try to reach you by email. If you like to call us, our toll free number is 1-888-965-6696. Thanks!

      Best regards,


    • Lucy says:

      Hello Mary have you found your son yet? I have someone who is searching for his birth mother. His D.O.B is May 11th 1969? And his birth mother had given him a name before he was adopted? could you please email me, if even you have or not found him. Thank you

  23. Valinda Wood says:

    My friend was born as Rosa Lee Baker at Henrico Hospital in Richmond, VA on 07/29/60. She has no idea who her birth mother is but she was adopted thru the agency “children of unwed mothers” and thinks she has some spanish in her. Please help!

  24. katy says:

    hello im looking for my cousin that was born on may 11 1995 her name at birth was chantelle pichette she was adopted at 3 years old she was born in welland ontario canada her brith parents names are lucie pichette and gary

  25. Mary says:

    I am searching out biological family. I was born in Omaha , Ne (Douglas County) on May 3, 1952. Female and born pre mature. If you do not feel comfortable in building a relationship, I would appreciate quedtions answered due to medical issues.

  26. Carol Elliott says:

    Carol says

    I am searching for my biological son. He was born in St. Augustine Florida, July 5, 1969. I was told he was adopted by a couple in West Palm Beach Florida. I am 62 years old now, have two other children, and would like to explain to him the circumstances. I was in an unwed mothers Home Florence Crittenton ( I think) and that is all that I know>

  27. Teresa says:

    My name is Teresa I was adopted and looking for birth mother. I was born January 5,1982 in Washington D.C. I was Born at 1:31 A.M. in the morning. My Birth mother was 20 yrs. old. I really dont have much info but if somebody can help me that would be much appreciated. Thanks

  28. holly says:

    I am looking for twin girls there names have probably been changed there names were Yolanda Faye Velez and Rhonda Kay Velez both girls were taken by social services when they were about 2 years old they were born July 29 1970 or 71 not sure there mothers name is monnie Faye Adams or Velez both girls have a birth mark on there leg in the shape of a mouse. I am your sister and have searched everywhere I could possibly think of on the internet. Also this took place in Norfolk or Chesapeake va

  29. Lucy says:

    I’m helping my friend search for his birth mother and family. His given name before adoption says on California Birth Index
    Richard C Krauss?
    May 11th 1969
    Los Angeles County
    Mothers maiden name Krauss
    He has been searching for a longtime.

  30. Tina says:

    I am looking for my sister, Her name was Ericka Anderson born march 3,1973. Our mother was with her at the Florence critten in los angeles.

  31. Nate says:

    I am looking for my Birth Parents. I was born 11/15/78 November 15 1978 at LDS Hospital SLC Ut Salt Lake City Utah. I was adopted at birth. All I’ve heard is my Birth Father is from California and my Birth Mother is from Utah. Any help well appreciated. Thank you, my Birth Certificate Name Nate/Nathan

  32. joshua says:

    Hi i am looking for my birth mother my name is joshua my sister and i were adopted my sisters name is crystal we were born in newbedford ma,i was born january 21 st 1985 plz help us

  33. Krissi says:

    I am searching for a birth mom/dad (or family of) who gave up a blonde daughter to adoption: non ID paperwork says born on July 9, 1965 in Rochester, NY, birth name was “Baby Girl Moore”, but this may have been an alias? Adopted last name “Nyquist”. Finalized 9/20/1966, in Monroe County, NY. Mother was listed as being 21 (in 1965) completed 2 years of college when became pregnant, wore glasses for movies and driving, fair haired and blue eyed, Protestant, Scotch-German, and said that, “Twins run in the family”. The birth father was 23 (in 1965) A salesman, with prior 4 years military experience, branch undisclosed, black hair and blue eyes, of Polish/English descent. The birth mother’s family apparently lived close enough to Rochester, to drive to visit her on the weekends, while she was pregnant and confined at the North Haven/ Hillside Home for Unwed Mothers. Please let me know if you can provide any insight into this matter, it would be so appreciated! :) Thanks Krissi

    • Dana says:

      Thanks for posting. If you would like professional search assistance, please call at 1-888-965-6696. Thanks!