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Adoption Search Books

Adoption Search Books

There are several good adoption search books that we recommend.  In fact, when OmniTrace hires a new adoption researcher or private investigator,  part of their training–regardless of their prior search / investigative experience–is to read these adoption search books.

In no particular order, here are our favorite adoption search books:

the adoption searchbook – techniques for tracing people – by Mary Jo Rillera
Mary Jo Rillera has written numerous books on search and reunion.  This book will help adoptees, birth parents and birth siblings reunite with one another.  As well, it will help members of the triad deal with many of the emotional issues involved with search and reunion.  In effect, it covers (1) preparing to search (2) how to search (3) what to do after the search.

BIRTHRIGHT – The Guide To Search and Reunion For Adoptees, birthparents, and adoptive parents – by Jean A. S. Strauss
What happens when an adoptee decides to locate a birthparent or a birthparent wants to find a child given up long ago?  How does one search for people whose names one does not know? And what happens during a reunion?  Jean Strauss does an excellent job at covering all these issues and much more.  This is a fine adoption search book to have in your library.

SEARCH – A Handbook for Adoptees and Birthparents, 3rd Edition – by Jayne Askin
Jayne Askin’s arduous search for the identity of her own birthparents led her to write this book.  Some subjects she covers:  (1) Deciding to Search (2) Getting Moral Support (3) What Will It Cost Me? (4) Reference Resources (5) Beginning to Search: Primary Sources of Data (6) As the Search Progresses: Alternate Sources of Data (7) Search and Support Groups, Researchers/Searchers, Consultants, Intermediaries, and the Courts (8) Reunion Registries (9) Searching on the Computer (10) Search Resources and Services (11) Ending Your Search

Searching for a Piece of My SOUL – How to Find a Missing Family Member or Loved One – by Tammy L. Kling
This book is one of the first that guides the reader through the practical as well as the emotional process of finding a lost loved one.  The author completed a twenty-eight-year search for the father, grandparents, and brothers she had been separated from as a child.  She offers step-by-step information and empathetic support for those searching for answers to the mystery of their lives.

We think that any of the above referenced adoption search books, along with reading our posts and pages on our blog will give you a strong foundation to allow you to reunite with your birth family members.  All of these books are available at Amazon.

Please write us and recommend your favorite adoption search books.

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  1. I am a black male, I believe I was born in PA in 1978. I was in a foster center for several years, my dad was a truck driver , he would come and get me for a few days and always take me back to the center. I think my name was William Johnson, I was adopted to a wonderful family in Orangeburg, SC. I would like to know if I have siblings, and I really need to know the family medical history. Please call me with any news. I don’t have much info at all.

  2. Trisha Quinn says:

    Hi, my name is Trisha Housser well my last name will be housser soon im changing it to my mothers maiden name… My mom resuntly passed away when she was 43 its been a few years now but i made a promiss to her that i would look for my sister for her and i am determaind to keep this promise.My mom regrates on her losing her daughter…

    let me get to the piont. my mom had a little girl and she would have and is my sister. she was giving up for adoption when she was in the ages between 0-2 years old i think. hers some information and i hope you can help me….

    mothers name:Laurie (maiden name: Housser) Quinn
    Birth date: september, 9th , 1960.
    she was born in Huntsville, Ontario, Canada

    sister that i am looking for: Terry-Lynn ( unsure about last name)
    was boren around: 1975-1978
    place of birth: Either in; Huntsville,Ontario, canada. or North bay, Ontario, Canada

    Laurie’s mother : Beave Ferrin or last name Housser.
    fauther : bob? Housser

  3. Amanda Gueldner says:

    I found my birthmother yesterday!! YEAHHHHH

  4. i am looking for my 3babys reginald alston an elnora cox an emaje washington

  5. amber benedict says:

    Hi my name is amber benedict and i am 19 years old.I am looking for my brother and my dad. My brother was put up for adoption one year before i was born, he was born on January 6th 1989. He was put up for adoption in franklin county ohio. My father left before i was born, and i am not sure if we have the same dad. But my dad’s name is patrick curtis, he has redish brownish hair, some freckles and last i knew he had glasses. He was in the army in im guessing around the 70’s but i am not sure, he also worked for cenese catering and he delivered uniforms to certain companies. He should be in his mid to late 50’s maybe even early 60’s. But i am desperatly trying to find both of them to complete my family. If there is any information at all on either of them please email me thanks.

  6. Darin Fowler says:

    I am trying to find my Bialogical Mother. I was born in Riverside County Hospital, California on 05/16/1966. I am a male living in Grants Pass, Oregon. I do not know her name except when my adopted parents picked me up the hospital saidmy name was baby Lamb. Thank you

  7. sherry champagne says:

    hello Mary Jo Rillera
    it’s been a long time…. my son was 18 when i found him thanks to you… i adopted my own birth child and gave him his birth name…
    Donnie Wayne Champagne….
    for your help we have helped others find their families for free around the world. even in viet nam…. hope this email finds you well and still active in helping others…
    sherry and fredy champagne….
    fredy adopted Donnie too as he has no children…
    donnie adopted two brothers…. they have his adopted names as their middle names…
    they are so cute and fine…
    thank you a million times..
    i can not find donnie’s father.,.. i found grandma Amelia Anderson’s grave at Lincoln Cemetary in Chicago… i have hired private investigator’s twice and been looking for 30 years…
    i know you said it was important… to trianglate the family… sorta stuck in a wall… one old lady knew the grandma… she either won’t or doesn’t want to help me…. and the other search seems stopped there.
    you changed my life and my son’s life and my family are all different from your help… thank you forever
    peace love and hugs sherry champagne
    i hope this reaches you

  8. Margaret Winchester says:

    I am looking for my daughter that I gave up at birth. I was young and wanted her to have a better chance at life than i could her at that time. Her date of birth is 11/16/1976 and was born in Jacksonville Florida.I hope to find her because she has family here and want to let her know

  9. Margaret Winchester says:

    The last name i had at the time of her birth was Van Amerongen

  10. Doreen Jones says:

    I am looking for my biological mother and any siblings/relatives I may have. I was born Sept. 1, 1966 in New York (do not know the hospital). I’ve contacted the agency that handled my adoption (Spence Chapin Adoption Agency, NYC) and they have provided me with the following information. My birth mother named me Doreen Lisa Robinson (I assume Robinson was her last name). I was told that she was 19 yrs old and my biological father was 20 yrs old. I was left in the hospital until I was placed in a home and she signed the legal documents for me to be adoped May 16, 1967.

  11. Dev Dawson says:

    Was born at Riverside Hosp in Riverside County CA, 7/8/1983 is date on my birthcertificate (not sure if this is true) I’ve been told I was taken home by my teenage Mother for appx 6wks, then was placed in Foster type care, where I was called Eric. My parents adopted me thru the Morman Church & took me at appx 7mo of age. My folks won’t help, my Mom threatens things like suicide whenever I bring up the subject.
    I am now a Dad & my daughter has experienced some health issues & it would really help if I had some inkling of my natural parents & their family’s background, particularly the health type questions I need answered.
    I’ve contacted the hospital & they did send me a form to fill out (which my Mom intercepted). I just want to get all these ?? in my mind put to rest, don’t want to upset anyone’s life, hurt my adoptive parents, etc.

  12. JUNOKaren says:

    Hello my name is Karen born Kansas City,mo (poss from florence crittenton home) 9-20-1963 my adopted parents lived in Tulsa okla when I was born and moved to houston Texas in dec 1963