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How To Use The Reunion Registry

How to Use The Reunion Registry

Whether you are a birth parent, adoptee or birth sibling, the best adoption reunion registry at your disposal is the Reunion Registry.   This registry helps numerous people touched by adoption reunite with birth family members or those looking for medical information.  Currently, this easy to use, free, adoption reunion registry has over 400,000 entries–birth parents, adoptees, search angels, adoptive parents and birth siblings.

There are two groups who use this adoption reunion registry:  those searching for someone and those who want to enter their information.  Here’s the easiest way to use this registry:

To just search, use the “Quick Search Box.” This is located in the middle of the reunion registry homepage.   Enter all the info you have on the person you are searching for.  Then search through your results to determine a match.  (you may find several possible matches).  Click on their name, birthdate, birthplace, or the name in the “Submitted by” column. All links will bring you to the correct profile. You’ll then be able to see all the information that that person has provided.  Make sure you scroll down the entire page for all the info and details.

You must register or create an account in order to contact anyone about their profile.  Enter as much info that you feel comfortable with providing.  After you create an account, you will receive a confirmation email and you’ll need to verify your email address;  just click the link in the email.  Now you can contact the person you found via a phone call or an email.

If you register on this adoption reunion registry it’s best to register first before you start searching.  Find the “Click Here to Register” button on the left side.  It will take you to a page to create your username and password.  Once you do that, you will see a lot of empty boxes waiting for you to enter your adoption info.  Enter as much as you feel comfortable with or as much as you know.  However, leave a few important details out.  This can help you determine if anyone contacting you are frauds.  The details you leave out of the registry should be ones that the person you seek should know.  That could include a specific hospital, adoption agency, etc.  If you have any doubts about fraud, contact OmniTrace and we’ll do a quick background check on the person in question.

Once you’re done entering your info, you’ll receive a confirmation email.  Click on the link within the email, and start your search.  You can do a quick, basic search or a more advanced search with the options on the left sidebar.  It’s easy to use the reunion registry.  You can always come back to the site to enter additional adoption info.  Just click on “Update Your Profile” under the “Manage Your Profile” section on the left sidebar on the registry homepage.

The Reunion Registry is a great, free resource for anyone hoping to reunite. This  registry is easy to navigate, easy to update, and easy to search and find the one you seek.

If you are unable to reconnect with your birth family members through this adoption reunion registry, then your best option is to contact one of our friendly OmniTrace search consultants and receive a FREE search evaluation.  Our toll free number is:  1-888-965-6696 or you can email us at

Also, please contact us if you have any questions about our “Adoption Reunion Registry” post.

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  1. mary carter says:

    sister looking for borther troy hall

  2. M. Arnold says:

    Big sister seeking brother born 1943, Los Angeles, adopted by “Hollywood Family” through private attorney.

  3. Amanda Bryant says:

    2 sisters seeking sister that was adopted Feb 12 1984 at the kingston general hospital , in kingston ontario canada

  4. Sandy says:

    Searching for either birth parent and/or siblings in Johnston County or surrounding counties in North Carolina Born December 1955

  5. David Rupert says:

    I am looking for my biological father.Henry David Hammond.My mother remarried when I was a baby and the man she married John Rupert adopted me.I was never told this until my mother RuthAnn passed 8 yrs ago.I have 2 boys and for health reasons we need to locate Henry David Hammonds.I cannot get any help from family members.Noone seems to know anything.My adopted father told me the truth before his death.He felt I should know.If anyone could help his name is really all we have.Also he was in the military.

  6. Carol Parman says:

    My daughter would like to find her daughter who was born at Atlantic, IA in June 1972. Mother’s name, Jayne VanderMeulen, Father, Jeff Peterson. The parents still live in that area.Her social workers name was Claudette ? and she was a very compassionate young lady. We really liked her. We would like to talk to Claudette if she could be found.

  7. Phyllis De Santis Cisson says:

    I am searching for my daughter born at North West Regional Hospital Jan. 28, 1985 about and hour before the shuttle blew up. I know she has an adopted sister about a 1 1/2 older and that her parents were professors at a college in up state florida. It was a private adoption held by Helen Tanos Hope.

  8. marilyn says:

    L 😳 ooking for alice bogle birthmother of joseph paul bogle from batonrouge louisiana

    • Brooke says:

      I know this person and can help in contacting them. Please let me know if you are still interested. He has siblings that I’m sure would love to meet him.

  9. I am searching for my daughter, who was born in St. Petersburg, FL on June 19, 1972. It was a private adoption through an attorney in Orlando, FL. Hospital records listed her by my maiden name of Harrison baby girl. I’m here. I love you, though I don’t know you. Pray for help for us to find each other, if this is what YOU want.

    • tina says:

      Was the hospital she was born in orlando? Florida hospital is orlando not st petersburg. Are you sure the last name is Harrison and not Hansen?

  10. dana says:

    Am looking for my birth son who was born July 25,1983 in Sulphur Springs, Arkansas. The adoption was private and handled through Cookson Hills Christian Home. Have never stopped loving you.

  11. misty says:

    iam looking for david brandon darrel born in springfeild illinos david born april 12th 1990.brandon born april 14 1998.darrel born janury 24 2001 i will spend the rest of my life looking for u i love u and alway have and always will and ur big sister is here with me find me on facebook please

  12. kelly says:

    im looking for my daughter brittney nichole moncrief born january 1 1993 in fayettville nc lost her at age 9 i will spend the rest of my life looking for her email is please help

  13. Mary says:

    I am looking for birth parents,siblings, or other related family members. I was born probably in or around Charleston, SC in February, 1949. My birth parents may be dead at this time. I know that my birth mothers name was Mary Mitchell and my birth father was William Thomas Farrell. If you have any information, please contact me. Please help. Time is running out for me. Thanks.

    • Dana says:

      Hi Mary. Would you like one of our search consultants to call you? Or, you can call us at 1-888-965-6696. Thanks!


  14. christie says:

    born in 1971 tippecone county looking for birth mother or family

  15. Maria Adams says:

    Searching for my son, born 9/17/1969 in Queens, NY. Birth name Stephen Namet.

  16. Carrie says:

    I am searching for my sister whom was adopted shortly after her birth 2/19/64 in Atlantic City , NJ her birth name was Donna Frances Lake.

  17. marie acott says:

    Still looking for my niece vickie Marie Ellis born 10-28-1986 Tryed to get info in payment county stillwater,ok but adoption records are sealed

  18. BONNIE says:

    I am helping a friend locate someone that was given up for adoption many years ago in hopes to give this person a better life. This child has always been loved and thought about and her birth mother would love to locate her. She was born December 14,1964 in a hospital in Atlanta,Ga. She was given the name Donna Wilson. If anyone has any information, please notify me. Thanks

  19. Kaylynn says:

    I am looking for my three Daughters, Connie, Amanda, and Jamie
    Connie was born in Powell River BC July 11 1980 Amanda was also born in Powell River BC in 1982. Jamie is a surviving twin sister,born in Children’s Hospital in Vancouver Circumstances beyond my control, has left me grieving daily to know you are all ok and doing good! I have been looking for you none stop since 1989. You have a seventeen year old Brother who also wants badly to see you and know you! Amanda, I felt so blessed when I finally saw you for the first time all grown up! I’d give almost anything to see you again without your Aunt interfering. I still live in Campbell River

  20. M. Chapman says:

    I am searching for my cousin, birth name Shanan McCandless, born Nov 28, 1969 in Los Angeles. California. Her mother’s name was Patricia Grigutis. Patty is deceased, but I would be glad to meet and/or provide family and living relative information to Shanan. Shanan may have been adopted by a Catholic family. She is Caucasian. Any leads greatly appreciated.

  21. Julli Walter says:

    I’m looking for my daughter Daphne Jasmine sapphire-rose Walter at birth

  22. Julli Walter says:

    I live in Eugene Oregon