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A Recent Email To OmniTrace Investigator: Rachel Weiss

Rachel Weiss is one of our top investigators at OmniTrace.  She recently completed a successful birth mother search and here is a testimonial from a very happy reunited adoptee:


Let me start my story by saying THANK YOU to everyone who worked on my case. On March 11 2009 at 3:00 p.m. west coast time I called her. At that initial time I was hoping to get voice mail. After 5 rings she picked up the phone and said such a sweet hello. I asked “is Elizabeth was available” she replied ” yes this is she. Who is this”  I stated “my name is” Andrea S.” excitedly she said “Is this my daughter” I replied with “is that ok ” ?  “Oh honey of course it is”! she told me.  From there on we talked for 30 min and 22 sec.  We talked the next day when she told me that she received the flowers and teddy bear i sent her from the prior day even before I made that first call.

March, 18 2009 at about 10:30 am we met each other in San Diego where she lives with an embrace and a few tears. From there we talked. she answered all my questions and I answered hers. I found out my medical history and that I have 2 brothers that are with her. I also found that there is 2 brothers that I have that were also given up for adoption in chicago. One boy born before me. His name at birth was shawntelle Payne (i think). Another boy after me named Emanuel Payne (again I think).  My comment to that was “awwhhh so I am your only princess.'” I had to break the ice I did not want her to feel uncomfortable. My husband and I saw a video of her parents wedding from sometime in the 30’s. we exchanged pictures and even presents. I made her a scrapbook and she gave me a journal.

My husband and I took her to lunch. (I have to say it was the best salad ever.) We talked a bit more and we drove her home and said our good buys.  Only to text each other the next day on our was back home to AZ.

I have been asked from everyone what do i do next. MY reply is to keep in-contact with each other. I also tell them that Elizabeth is never going to replace my mom and dad who raised me and gave me true life. When it comes to finding the 2 boys in chicago I would live to find them and hope i can ease them with the questions that they might have.

I again want to THANK YOU for everything. If there is anything I can do for you please let me know.

Love Always,
Andrea S.”

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  1. Laura says:

    you are so lucky im looking for my father for all y life and i guess ive been lokking in ll the wrong places because i cant find him still i hope you enjoy you mother like i have to mine its a winderfull thing but i wonder what its like to have your father too well good luck and enjoy your mother ….

  2. Hi Rachel, Candace and Dave!!!I wanted to take the time to thank Omnitrace!! It has been an emotional 7 months. Mere words cannot express my gratitude for all the information you provided me on my biological sister. I had searched on my own for a while. My sister was not registered on any of the Ohio adoption forums that I frequent. There are thousands of adoption forums and I like to consider myself to be a CIA agent of adoptees, especially when it comes to finding my loved ones.
    I am an adoptee myself, and slowly but surely I am piecing my life and family together. The staff at Omnitrace reassured me that they would find my sister in no time. And within 7 weeks they provided me with a wealth of information, far exceeding my expectations! Rachel of Omnitrace even sent out a personal email to me from time to time to see what happened with our reunion.
    I called my sisters Mary and Debbie and we went back and forth about who should place the call. I suggested that Mary do it since she is the oldest. While we were debating back and forth, my co-worker Angela grabbed the email Teresa (Omnitrace Staff member) sent me with the locating info. I thought she was just bluffing. I got off the phone went into her office to talk with her. I told her that we decided to deal with it once every one was off work and clear our minds. Angela informed me that she had called and that a man answered the phone…probably her father. Angela told me how she tried to disguise her Nigerian accent with a British accent asking to speak with Karen implying she was a friend of hers. Karen’s dad would not give her the cell phone number. He said; “If you are really a friend of Karen’s then you would have her phone number.” I didn’t believe her. I thought she was kidding until the phone rang. Karen had caller id and she called back. Karen thought that Angela had found her purse. You see, two days before Angela called, Karen’s purse was stolen, so that is why her dad was reluctant in giving out her cell phone number.
    I was not prepared to do a planned script in case I ever got the chance to talk to Karen. I was put on the spot. My hands were trembling like a leaf. Karen was so excited!!! She knew she was adopted, but she never knew she had such a big family. We talked over the phone for a while. I sent her pictures of Debbie and Mary and none of me. Every time she would ask me about my picture, I offered her an excuse. One day, while getting to know one another, I told Karen that we are of German decent. She was so happy. Karen had no clue about her pedigree. I was a little nervous to tell her that I was biracial. I finally shared with Karen that my biological father was African American and she stopped and asked; “Am I black too?” I could not stop laughing. I told her what I knew about her dad, but assured her that she was not biracial. I was afraid to tell her thinking that she may not want to be a part of my life. Karen was actually excited because she has a son who is biracial as well. What a relief I felt. I have struggled my whole life with “fitting into” this society, so I decided to just be me. Now, I channel those feelings into writing children’s stories about biracial kids. My goal is to raise awareness of the biracial, multiracial, and transracially adopted kids in a race-conscious world.
    Back to Karen….we ended up meeting in January 2009 in my home in Chicago. We shared pictures and compared our toes looking for similarities. We all have this big space between our big toe and the 2nd toe (classic Stindt family trait.) Karen met me, my kids, Mary our sister and our biological mother for the first time. The resemblance between our mom and Karen is uncanny!!!
    To date, Karen has not met Debbie or David. We all reside in different states and it has been a task trying to meet everyone, but eventually we will. So far, I have found my mother, my brother David, my sister Debbie and Omnitrace found the last of the Mohicans—Karen. All of this has happened over the last 7 years. I am the youngest of my mom’s five kids and the cutest I must add.  I feel very complete now that God has blessed me with my family. It was all I ever wanted for Christmas. Whatever happens, I feel I have been given a marvelous gift. Thanks for opening the door so I could have a glimpse of my past. It has definitely been a positive outcome for us all. Thank you so much for doing such a fabulous job!
    I am forever grateful,
    Myrtice Edwards

  3. steven shae chad evan thomphson says:

    i grew up in fosterhomes and i never had the chance to meet my father or mother. my first time meeting my mother was when i was eight, it was weird and confusing because she found me at a park playing one day and i thought she was some crazy woman trying to abduct me. but after that day she always seemed to pop up everywhere. anyways i now talk to her. but my father i have not found. i have seen one pic of him but i never met him or heard his voice. my dads name is steven hooper his birth day is 9/12 and i think hes nearing his fortys but for sure september twelve maby 1972 ish i want to find him. if anyone can help me ud make me a happy man. i turned 18 2009 and i still live with out my parents if u can plz help. thank you.