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“YOU DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Dear OmniTrace,

Oh…my…gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After 15 years of searching, information digging, investigating, interviewing, court record searching, which included the use of my police training, I still could not make that final link to my biological mother. I really had resigned to never finding her in my lifetime. I don’t know how in the world you did it, but you not only found her, but also a brother of mine. I met them the very next day!!! It was the most incredibly wonderful day of my life. I cannot thank you enough!!!

May God bless you and your staff for persisting. I will always keep you and your families in my prayers and ask that God bless your compassionate hearts many times over!!! Thank you for giving me the greatest gift I could ever receive. I love you all!

Many many hugs and kisses,
Joy E. K.
(Originally known as Rachel A. S.)”

This was a great testimonial! Joy was so close to locating her birth mother on her own. Even with all her police experience, she fell short. Our researchers used a few tricks to get the job done. We’ll be discussing some of these “tricks” in future posts.

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  1. delia gerrick says:

    my name is delia gerrick and i am looking for a richard odgen gerrick he is my dad he is around 80 i have never know him i am 47 now and i have 5 kids and 9 granbabies i have been seaching for him my whole life and i am not getting any youger if any one knows how to find him the last place i know of that he might be was in la he is about 80 and his full name is richard odgen gerrick thank you delia gerrick please if someone can find this man email me at thank you

  2. leora says:

    i am so glad to hear of your story. 15 years ago i gave up my son to be raised by people who i knew and respected, people who i knew would give him a good life. the kind of life i could not give him at 18years old. i now have 3 girls, and one day i want them to meat and know their older brother. there has not been a day in my life i have not thought about him and missed him. not a day in my life i haven’t prayed for our reunion. i would love to have the experiance you were talking about. thank you for sharing your story!!

  3. Kayshandra Adams says:

    I’m hoping that you can help me find the person that i am looking for it world take off a great deal of stress.

  4. cheryl franklin says:

    trying to find birth daughter born sept.3 1963 at booth memorial hosp. detroit child&family services 2157 university park dr. p.o. box 348 okemos mi. 48805

  5. marie donato says:

    looking for my first love.his name is mike mikalajunas.met back in 1964 i lived in brooklyn.

  6. linda lopez says:

    i am looking for my brothers that we’er adopted from fresno,califorina. i’m their sister.

  7. linda lopez says:

    if you we’er born in hanford.calif. and you’re real mother was named rosie. please call me.

  8. judy swisher says:

    my husband,michael is searching for his daughter,elizabeth ann swisher lambert.she was born 09-21-1981,in harris county,houston,texas. father,michael swisher mother lisa lambert.raised by grandparents mary&nolan lambert

  9. judy swisher says:

    also searching for mother francine blackwell swisher.last known name may have remarried. please,we’re desperate

  10. judy swisher says:

    please if theres anyone out there can help.i pray to god to get the chance to reunite my husband with his mother and daughter