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When Searching for Birth Family, Don’t Let Anxiety Get The Best Of You

In November 2005, we were hired by Debbie W. to find her daughter who she gave up for adoption in 1967. Debbie supplied the child’s date of birth, the name given to the child by her at birth, the city and state of birth, the agency, the social worker’s last name and the name of the hospital. We did not have the child’s amended name or the name of the adopting parents.

When we begin working on a new file, we supply our clients a few forms to complete and send back to us. Our having these completed forms allows us to act more effectively on our client’s behalf. (We’ll provide information about these forms and where you can obtain them in future posts.)

In March 2006, we sent Debbie an e-mail to remind her to complete and return the forms, which we had yet to receive from her. Here was her response:

“What good is a packet of forms going to do. I gave you all enough info to choke a horse, down to my social workers name. So far I have done all the running around and have gotten nothing.”

We sent another e-mail to Debbie informing her that the completed forms could assist us; however, we would continue to work on her file without them. Here was Debbie’s response:

“How much more info could you possibly need. As each day goes by, I become more and more unhappy with Omnitrace. It says in your ad 100% guarantee. People on TV find others everyday, without any co-operation from anyone. If there is a David that works there, please forward this to him. He said he was the only David there. This is going to have to go higher in the chain of command. I have said before I am going to go to the BBB. I might still have to.”

Well, in April, Chris, who is the manager of our research department made a breakthrough. He was able to obtain the names of the adopting parents. Chris and his research team were then able to search vital records and found a possible historical match on the couple. Things moved quickly from there on. Our researchers were able to develop a current address on the couple. With a little more research, we then established that they have a daughter who matched the date of birth of Debbie’s birth daughter. We knew that we had a match!

Subsequently, we provided Debbie her daughter’s phone number. Here was her response:

“I am still in shock, and I am very scared. When I get my nerve up, I will let you know if it is her or not. Do you really think it is??”

Yes Debbie, she is your birth daughter.

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  1. TIFFANY YOUNG says:


  2. BONNIE ROBINS says:

    My name is BONNIE Im trying to find my son Shawn Patrick Abbs, Born November 16th, 1972, Born in Tillsoburg, Ontario Canada,The adoption took place in Woodstock Ontario in 1982 I think. The last known Place he lived that i knew was London, Ontario Canada. I am his birth mother and would like to know if hes alive and would like to speak with him. So anyone knowing is where abouts please email me at or Shawn if you see my web site please get a hold of me its Mom I love you.

  3. Vickie Raby says:

    Hello: I submitted some information on who I am searching for. My birth father.
    I truly believe he does not exist or perhaps is deceased. His name is Isaac Malka Maloul & he is about 69-70 yrs. old or so. He is Jewish & he attended UT in Austin Texas in 1955/1956.I believe his major was possibly Botany; but, I’m not sure. I was born 9/5/56 & my birth mom, Stella Cronfel found me. I am told that they were suppose to be married;but, his family came & took him away the day before the wedding. She was Catholic. Fifty years ago, the two religions were a so called ‘No No’ at least that is what I hear. Anyhow, I’ve searched off & on for 9 yrs. & have not found him. I really do Not think he exists. Can you help me?

  4. omega baccus says:

    please help my neice, denise hall locate her bioparents in ny where she was born at kings county hospital in brooklyn ny on 6/1/58 and adopted

  5. Autumn Burns says:

    I’ve lost both of my Boy’s. I am Dying inside to find them.,Please Help!i’ve not seen my oldest since he was about seven years in age. his name is Hayden Andrew Burns-Woods D.O.B. 3/20/94. along with mt youngest John charels Palmer his D.O.B. is 4/10/05 i’ve not seen him since he was six weeks of age. PLEASE HELP ME LOCATE MY BABIES AND BRING THEM ON HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!AUTUMN BURNS

  6. Grant Wieczorek says:

    Methodist Hospital January 31 1986 946 pm i thinkish…

  7. Jacqueline Alexander says:

    I am a 39 year old female searching for birth parents. I was born Nov. 27, 1967 in Anderson,IN. Anyone with any information please contact me at I am mostly intersted in medical information. Thank you and good luck to everyone.

  8. susan schellhorn says:

    I have a very dear friend had a son born in sand springs oklahoma in 1970, and at 10 days old, she was forced to give up her child, and she would despertly like to find her son. We had a friend working on this and she is deceased now. The last thing we had any hope of being him was in lawton oklahoma, and that he had been adopted by a dr. Please if you can help at all please contact me.

  9. maryann says:

    please trying to find my family members on my fathers side of the family his name was pasquale butrico.Iknow his last address was in las vegas nevada also famiy in nevada.My 2 aunts were Josephine and Rossie.

  10. Debbie Waycasy says:

    I was so young and my boyfriend wasn’t any help, but I now know more of his story and am in contact with his mother who is seaching also.My mother wanted so much to meet my son, but she died last spring. There is a giant whole in my heart, as I lost my little girl to a tramantic death, I have one daught who will be turning 27 this month(OCT)and two wonderful grandchildren. I missarried a twin with the child I lost. I would love to learn anything about my son. Waycasy is my maiden name, my husband of 26 years passed away, he also wanted for me to meet my son, and did some research at our local Univ. but died before he learned anything.My heart could be somewhat healed just knowing he had good parents.

  11. Celeste says:

    Some people are so mean, and negative. Um my father was inthe army I have the papers at home. But anyway, he was there for 2 yrs. and 11 months stationed in Germany, I found out a few weeks ago that he has a son over there. I’m 31 he died when I was 3 he went to the army when he was 17. His name is Dale Redstone. Could you help me find this brother?

  12. Melissa Whisman says:

    My mother told me my real fathers name but I can not remember it. I can not ask her his name now because she has passed away and I really would like to find my birth father.

  13. Melissa Whisman says:

    I really hope that you and your team can find my father.

  14. Janet Hawk says:

    it is sometimes frustrating and discouraging when looking for lost people but it will go much faster and smoother if you cooperate and give as much info as is requested even if you don’t know how it could possibly help. I give omnitrace alot of info when asking for thier help but they usually come through for me in less than three days!

  15. Minnie Boyd- Webster says:

    I have an older brother, and his name is Vernon C. Hancock, which my family and I haven’t seen since 1993. I have tried to find him in every way possible but I keep coming up with nothing. The last known city where had a possible address was in Milwaukee. I wrote a couple of letters and mail them, but got no response, not even a return to sender. I hope that he, or someone that’s looking to find loved ones read this and maybe contact me. My brother is a deaf mute and born October 19, 1952. We were raised in Chicago, IL, but went our separate ways after mom passed away. So Vernon, if you’re out there… PLEASE, PLEASE, CONTACT ME BECAUSE I LOVE AND MISS YOU VERY MUCH!

    Your little sister,

  16. Vickie says:

    Does anyone know Isaac Malka Malou?? He would be about 78 or so years old. I am looking for him. I believe he may live in Florida. Thanks very much.

  17. Mark says:

    I’m searching for my birthmother. I know very little outside of being told she was young when she had me. I was born 9/14/85 and was adopted through an agency in Lima Ohio. I have a biracial skin tone and am slightly above average height.