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USA People Search

USA People Search 

Have you been conducting a USA people search on the Internet, visiting many people search websites, calling directory assistance, ordering public records, but still cannot find the person you are looking for?  Have you contacted people who you thought were the right person, only to have your hopes dashed over and over?  How many hours have you spent on your USA people search?  Are you tired of spending $10.00 here and $15.00 there on ineffective, so called professional people search websites? 

Those are important questions!

The main reason we are providing our blog is to give you the free people search tools you need to find who you are looking for.  Even with these tools, however, searching can take a lot of time.  You might have to order public records from vital statistics, non-identifying information from an adoption agency, driver records from motor vehicles, etc.  It might take several weeks or months for your request(s) to be processed.  (This is particularly true if you are searching for your birth parents or an adopted child.)

So, please do conduct your own people search and utilize the free resources we provide you here!  You will likely find the one you seek.  But, your people search could take you much time.   

If you lack the time to do your own search, please contact us.  You will first receive a FREE and FRIENDLY search consultation from one of our search advisors:  Peggy, Sharla, Sheila, Barbara, Tatiana and Diane

You can then decide to retain our services at a very affordable rate or continue on with your own USA people search efforts.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by writing or calling us.  At the very least, you’ll receive a FREE search lesson !

You can also call us toll free at:  888-965-6696.

Find Your Birth Family

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  1. henrietta says:

    Birth family in search of black female “baby girl armstrong” or Betty Armstrong born 2/26/75, 7:05 am in lexington, ky. at St.Joseph Hospital

  2. henrietta says:

    name given at birth jacqueline marie corbin; birth mother and family iso: black female born january 23, 1974 @ General hospital now University Hospital in Cincinnati, Oh, in hamilton county. weight at birth: 9lbs 14oz, brown eyes, natural birth. birt mother: Adriane Corbin (16)and birth father Dwight Harris (18) at time of birth. you were placed in foster home after birth to a young black couple in Avondale. your came and visted you until you were adopted at the age of 7-8 mos. case worker name was Lutz. you have 6 younger siblings and they are all eager to find you.

  3. henrietta says:

    white male iso birth mother or family. born 3/18/1972, Chester County, PA in Phoenixville borough Possible last name is Harrison. adopted 7/31/1973. attorney Robert Edmund Masters in Media, Pa. no information on mother of father. adopting family is Arnie and Bonnie Decker. no birth card info. name after adoption Michael Harrison Decker

  4. Tina Arnold/Maiden Melcher says:

    Hi im looking for my daughter born 4/21/1985 at portland adventist medical center in portland oregon. she was adopted at birth. I was very young when i had her 16 years old with a one year old child already that i could barely handle or take care of by myself i mean i was just a child myself and had to make the hardest decision of my entire life i gave her up so she could have the life i knew i would not beable to give her. she has two sisters one a year older full sister, and a younger sister 5 years younger and they both would very much like too meet their sister. We all still live in the Portland/Gresham area if this is sounds like you then please e-mail me at you are and have always been in all our hearts and we hope to meet you very soon. from the bottom of my heart your mother Tina