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Troy The Locator On WE tv

Troy The Locator

Troy The Locator has been reuniting birth family for over twenty years and is one of theAdoption Search most viewed shows on WE tv.  Millions of people have witnessed Troy The Locator conduct reunions between birth parents and adoptees.

A new episode of  Troy The Locator airs Saturday, Sept. 12, 2009,  9:00 PM Eastern Time and 8:00 PM Central. 

Here is what WE tv has to say about Troy The Locator:

Troy Dunn is a true phenomenon: From finding birth parents to organ donors, his brilliant investigative skills are a marvel to all who see him in action. His impressive track record for locating people means that he and his staff are routinely inundated with dozens of new cases to solve on a weekly basis.

But for one week each month, Troy devotes all of his staff and resources to one important case that they call the Angel Case. This Angel Case usually comes to Troy because there is an urgent need to find someone and because she has exhausted all other possible avenues. The Angel Case meeting begins with Troy’s staff presenting him with three to four potential cases and after a brief discussion, Troy decides which challenge he wants to take on. On his way out of the meeting, Troy assigns specific tasks to his staff members to streamline the search process.

Join Troy and his team on these emotional journeys, where everything from creative tactics to sheer luck provide breakthroughs in his quest to reunite loved ones and reconnect lives

Like Troy The Locator, OmniTraceThe Adoption Search Experts – reunites birth parents and adoptees all over the world.  We estimate that Dave Betz and his search team currently conduct more adoption related searches than any other company in the world.  We believe our success rate is unsurpassed by any other search firm!!!  

If you do not have the opportunity to reunite with your birth family via WE tv’s Troy The Locator, please contact us and one of our experienced and friendly search consultants – Sheila, Barbara, Sharla, Lisa, Michelle or Diane will provide you a FREE search consultation and answer any questions you have about your search.  You can call toll free at 1-888-965-6696 or email us at:

We hope you enjoy this season’s episodes of We tv’s Troy The Locator.

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  1. Rosa says:


    This is very important to me, my sister and i have been in foster care for as long as i can remember. We’ve been in 5 different foster homes and in each and everyone we’ve been physically abused and more. We got officially adopted when i was 12 but it wasn’t under good circumstances. I was never accepted in this family, i’ve had to go to psychiatrists, and therapists, and group meetings for angry girls and to this day i still feel a bit bitter. I don’t have a mother/daughter relationship with my adoptive mother. It breaks my heart everytime i see mothers and daughters hugging and laughing. I got along with my adoptive father despite past errors on his part, but he passed away in 2009 and has left a huge hole in my heart and in my life. Please help me find my birth family. I honestly can’t really afford the fees to have a professional find them for me, and that just makes me feel like i’ll never find them. I got married in 2007 and have a beautiful son. But i would like my son to have a family, a grandmother, a grandfather, more cousins. I want to feel that i wasn’t just dropped on this earth all by myself. My sister has been trying to re-convince me to do this search… i’ve tried over 14years back when i was underage but no one would tell me anything. I did find out that my birth mother did take my adoptive mother to court trying to fight for custody, but my adoptive mother told me that my birth mother only wanted me and did not want my sister, and i really couldn’t bear the thought of being seperated from my sister so i said no. I found out yesterday after i talked to my former social worker that that wasn’t true, that my birth mother was trying to find BOTH of us. I’m completely heart broken. i can’t find her, i’ve done name searches over the internet but most of the numbers come up not in service.

    someone please help me find my birth family. my sister needs this, she needs to know our birth family and i need the reassurance that someone, somewhere actually loved me enough to fight for me.

    below i have placed some information, the most i could find out.. i hope this helps… please help me.

    DOB: 6/22/86
    YEAR ADOPTED: 1999

    YEAR OF BIRTH: possibly 1958

    YEAR OF BIRTH possibly 1951

  2. mary says:

    I am looking for my birth parents. I was born in Waynes county, Waynesboro, North Carolina, on September 26, 1970. I also looking for any siblings i might have as well. My birth mother’s name is supposedly same as mine Mary Marie, but thats what my adopted parents told me. I don’t know whether to believe them or not. I was told she was to young to care form but then again I don’t know what to believe anymore.

  3. Rodney says:

    I have been looking for my brother who i have not seen since 1988.Heard through the grapevine he has passed away, i have looked and talked with the police dept. and nothing.You cant tell me that a person can fall off the face of the earth.I cant understand this, can someone please help me…..

  4. Abby Jones says:

    Hello Troy if you read this please help. I’m dating someone who has never met their father or even seen a picture of him. He really needs his dad in his life, he’s just so lost and wants to meet him bad. Please help me find him please. His mom will give as much information as she can if you could please help us I would be so happy and I know my boyfriend would be too. So please contact me to help find a Father who has missed out on his son’s life and doesn’t even know he exists.. Please

    Abby Jones

    • Dana says:

      Hi Abby. We just want to let you know that we are not affiliated with Troy Dunn in any way. We post information about him and his TV episodes from time to time.

      If you would like assistance with this search, please call one of our OmniTrace search consultants at 1-888-965-6696. Thanks!

  5. mercedes says:

    my boyfriend is desperate and looking for his older brother he never knew him or even knew he had a brother until just last month he is 19 years old and grew up believing he was on only child when in reality his father took his brother and left before he was born he never knew his father either. his brother is supposedly in his 30s late 20s his mother has crohn’s disease and it is really taking a toll and stress out on them they spend alot of time at the v.a as his mother served time in the army. if there is anyone that can help us or has any advice please please let me know it would end alot of pain and help us alot! thank you

  6. Kathy Whitt says:

    My granddaughter was adoped in early 1997. She would be 14 years old now. I think she is relatively close, within a 50 mile radius. I live in Clayton, N.C. She has two brothers, who are now 17 and 20. We would dearly love to find Makayla Nicole Cowan. The adoptive parents kept her first name as Makayla. I have sent gifts to her every birthday and Christmas for the last 12 years. I would be happy with a picture of her. Since she is only 14, can you help me find her?

  7. james says:

    im looking for my real parents. i was born in germany in 06-29-1959 dont know my real parents name except that my adoptive mom and dad knew that my real mom was gponna have a boy and she said she wanted me so i was adopted at three days old to james b. lang

    and edna mae (lindley) lang. id really appreciate any help as ive been searching for a long time im 52 years old and would like to know who my real parents were or are. i dont want anything from them just to know them. i once heard my adoptive mom say my name was changed from hanz to james but any other info im not sure of as per say. thank you

  8. murray wilson says:

    Good Day my name is murray I belive I have a sister or a brother somewhere in Quebec I think the childs would have been born in 1966 or 67 I have a brother in Ontario the lady I belive to be the mother her name was Elaine True was her maden name her married name was Elaine Powell and I think the child would have been born at Brome Missisqaw Perkins Hospital this spelling could be wrong hospital in cowansville Quebec or in Magog Quebec why I belive I have another sibling and I may have been adopted because the lady living with my dad said she should tell me my dad wasnt my father and she asked me when I was about 6 if I would like a brother or a sister

  9. Beverly Odom says:

    Troy, I need your help, I have a daughter in California somewhere that I had to leave. They CPS took her because of who her dad was. They was TV media regarding the high speed chance they were in. He had her in the car with him and jumped out to save his self. When I went to try and get her, they wouldn’t let me. I have another daughter with me that wants to meet her sister. Please help. If you check into this story you will find it is very different.

    • Dana says:

      Hi Beverly. Although we do birth parent and adoptee searches, we want you to know that we are not affiliated with Troy Dunn.

      If you would like search assistance from OmniTrace, please call us at 1-888-965-6696. Thanks!

  10. Beverly Odom says:

    My daughter’s name is

    Harley Helen French
    born: Sept. 2 1996
    Redding California


  11. LaTasha Feltus says:

    hello my name is LaTasha Feltus. I am 28 years old and I have two brothers who are older than me. I have been looking for my father Daniel Feltus Jr. since I turned old enough to do so with no luck. I have never seen this man before in my life and want the chance to meet him. I know that he is between 58 to 60 years old. Can you please help locate and meet

  12. audrey bayless says:

    Iam Audrey Bayless,I am trying to locate a foster child ,who has siblings that only found out a few years ago that they had another brother,he was adopted to afamily in Nashville,tn.his birth name was Maurice Parker,when he came into my home as a foster child I gave him the name Rodney,he should be about 46yrs of age now,and at that time my last name was Parris,can you help us in anyway of locating him.

  13. audrey bayless says:

    Iam Audrey Bayless,I am trying to locate a foster child ,who has siblings that only found out a few years ago that they had another brother,he was adopted to afamily in Nashville,tn.his birth name was Maurice Parker,when he came into my home as a foster child I gave him the name Rodney,he should be about 46yrs of age now,and at that time my last name was Parris,can you help us in anyway of locating him, his birth mother is deceased,her name was Betty Jean Parker,she live in Cleveland , where Maurice was born,he never knew.he has aunts,uncles,cousins to be honest,he has quite a few siblings..