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Three Sons Located

We just received this post from one our our OmniTrace visitors (Hi Katina) and thought we would display it prominently.

“Hello, I wanted to thank the search advisor website for helping me to post about locating my three son’s, Jason, Joseph and Patrick. This note is to let everyone know that through this website, my son Joseph found where I was located, he then gave his older brother Jason a tip to go online.  Both were separated at the age of only 12, and then sent to a variety of “not so good” foster homes. I have also learned that when a child has been adopted, their SSN number changes. Children are not informed of everything that happened to lead to the family’s separation. One of my children are now residing in a Christian family, “Joseph” I wanted to let him know how much I love him and that when I was in the crises of our family situation, life was not as simple to unravel. I needed to ask for help, I was in danger, and yet stayed in a bad situation. I can only blame this on the medications I was dependant on, and being “stupid” there is no other excuse. I can say that I have always loved being a mother, and no matter how much time has passed I will never stop loving you “Joseph, Jason and Patrick.”

I was shaken up to learn how many problems my child Jason faced being in and out of the foster care system, when all of these years (ten) to be exact, he had a loving family searching for him.

If you have been placed in foster care, or have been recently adopted, never give up on finding your biological family. Chances are you are not told “everything.” I don’t agree with how children services do things. I needed so much support to get my family on the right path, and then, they separated us. Now, my boys have lost touch. However, Jason is back in my life, and I can only keep praying that Joseph will find this letter and be strong, I hope you can forgive me for not being more able to care for you when you were eight years old.

I found God, and I found hope. Now, I hope to find you, well, and happy, I want to share a part of my life with you, even if that is by email, or the telephone. I don’t expect you to forgive me for not being a better mom, or for the things I have learned that you had to go through. I can’t believe how much you have had to endure since our separation.

May God bless you and keep you always. I know now that God does exist.

Jason hugged me for the first time in ten years yesterday, and I feel to my knees and thanked God. He has never left me, he has never left me.
Your grandpa Dale is a mechanic, and your grandmother has a show car, they love cars. Dale E. Woodruff Sr. J(Mechanicsburg, Ohio) Linda Wells (Springfield, Ohio) Grandpa also races cars on a track. Our family is very musical, I play the violin, your uncle Dale plays the drums, your uncle Shawn plays the guitar, and your grandmother Linda Wells (in Springfield) sings mostly country. They want to contact you, even if you don’t want to ever see me again, which I hope you will give me a chance, later in life. I want to see you graduate high-school, or maybe you could come and see your mom graduate College.

I found a good person in life, Dennis, we started a publishing site: one stop write shop. He has never hit me, and during the roughest of times, when I thought that God didn’t love me, he sat up with me, and told me that one day.

One day.

My three beautiful, warm, and caring children would find me and tell me that things were okay, and that they wanted to be apart of my life.

I know that I have not been a good mother for the past, but I was young and I didn’t know how to ask for help, I was afraid, and in the end, this fear tore us all apart.

If you are a woman in a violent relationship, and you have children, never, ever, ever, put that man above your children. Run, leave now. Don’t look back. Just take your children and get help, they are your life, and they should always come before anything always.

Joseph, I love you. I have never stopped.

Please tell your adoptive parents I said thank you for taking care of you, and for helping you find peace in your life and God. I hear they take great care of you. I thank them for that.
I just want to be apart of your life in some way.

I’ll never give up.

Jason Adams Williams DOB 1/5/89 FOUND
January 10, 2009 Was separated for ten years.

Thank you The Search Advisor and Joseph for contacting your brother.”

Thanks for writing us Katina.  Stories like this are what drives our OmniTrace staff!  You can read additional testimonials and reviews by clicking here.

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  1. Christina C says:

    My name is Christina and 4 years ago my son Ryan was taken from my life.
    To tell you a little bit about my situation at the time, I was in a bad relationship with my son’s father. I removed myself and my son from that situation but was faced with trying to provide for him on my own. I was fortunate enough to find a place to live, even though the situation was not ideal. I moved into this home and was thrown into a world of drug use that I hadn’t really been exposed to, because Ihad no family to help me or anyone else willing to help I stayed in the home. Eventually I was influenced into trying the drugs that were around, and being as stressed out as I was it felt nice to take my mind off things. I chose to make some bad decisions from there on and get involved with some bad people. I love my son very much but at that time in my life I couldn’t be the mother that he needed me to be. He was taken from me when he was 3 years old. I saw him a few times thru supervised visits but eventually because I was still unable to get myself together he was permanetly taken from me. It has now been 4 years, and my son has been adopted against my will to a family that I do not know and his whereabouts is unknown to me. I am desperately hoping to find him and find a way to locate the family that he is with and let him know his mother still loves him and never meant for this happen. I am now clean and have gotten myself together. I just would like to find my child, so if anyone has any suggestions or answers for me then it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.
    Christina c