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The Locator TV Show – All New Episode

The Locator TV Show

We want to remind you that Troy Dunn ‘s The Locator TV Show has an all new episode this Saturday, March 21 at 9 pm Eastern Time / 8 pm Central Time on WE TV.

Troy Dunn has reunited thousands of birth parents and adoptee s.  The Locator TV Show will give you an inside look at what is involved with searching for your birth parents, an adoptee or a birth sibling. 

Here is an episode summary provided by the WE TV website:

“Episode Summary:  In 1985, Wendy and Christopher Radcliff’s mother, Jennifer, left them to be raised by their paternal grandparents when they were young. The brother and sister have called on Troy to locate Jennifer, who originally escaped from an abusive relationship with their father. In the next story, you’ll hear about five sisters separated since childhood. Through many years of hard work and research, the second oldest sister, Nycole, 26, made it possible for four of them to be together again, but they are all still searching for their baby sister Sarah.

The Searchers: Wendy Radcliff – Wendy and her brother have not seen or heard from their mother, Jennifer, since she put them on a plane to visit their grandparents for vacation when they were children. Nycole Kiefer – Nycole and her sister Desiree were lucky to be adopted together into a loving home, but they never forgot about their other sisters and hope to be reunited again.

The Searchees: Jennifer – It’s been 20 years since Wendy’s mother left, and she hopes she will be at a point in her life where she is ready to be reunited with her firstborn children. Sarah Martin – It will be the first time Sarah, 23, sees her mom, and the first time her mom sees all of her grown-up daughters together.”

We hope you tune in to The Locator TV Show this Saturday evening.  Perhaps you will determine that you are ready to have OmniTrace  help you find your birth parents or child given for adoption.  

Please email us at: or call us toll free at: 1-888-965-6696.  

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  1. Rebecca Smith says:

    I am 25 years old with two children of my own. I have always been
    curious about my birth parents but it was when I started a family of
    my own that I became determined that I was going to find them someday.
    It is actually me and my brother Josh that were adopted. When I was a
    year and a half and my brother was six months the state of Texas CPS
    came and took us away from our parents because we had been locked in a
    trailer house in the middle of the summer for several hours with no
    food, water or supervision. We were taken to a foster home in
    Lampasas,TX where we stayed for 4 years together and had 7 different
    case workers before we were finally adopted. I do have copies of the
    files from the court and some pictures from way back then, but some of
    the information has been blacked out. I do know that my birth father Richard Bergman
    had been discharged from the Army for unpaid traffic tickets ( which
    he had been in jail for a brief period for) and stuff. My mom, Rebecca did not
    work but had some mental problems. All these years I have kept in
    contact with my foster mom and she has told me that my birth dad might
    be in jail and my birth mom might be dead or have been committed. I
    would really like your help in finding them. My brother is my half
    brother and according to the CPS reports no one but my birth mom knows
    who his real father is. I believe that adoption can be a good thing
    and that is why when I became pregnant at 19 with my first child I
    placed him in a open adoption rather then struggle to be a single mom.
    That was almost six years ago and I still visit him. Now I am happily
    married with two of my own girls and would like to meet my birth

  2. Michelle says:

    The Wendy and Christopher segment was heartbreaking.

    I hope someday that Jennifer, their mother regrets her decision to not want to ever see them again. She doesn’t deserve them. What a heartless witch.

    • Dawn Grant-Newman says:

      I agreed Michelle that hurt my heart so much…….it make me scared to ask for help to find my siblings…..I wonder if I will get the same results

  3. Leslie says:

    Wendy and Christopher’s “mother” sent me over the edge.

    The hateful words that are bubbling just below the surface just don’t seem to be enough to convey how I feel about this woman who threw her own children away.

    They were with relatives so they were provided for, but grew up saddled with the burden of knowing that their own mother was ashamed of them and ultimately didn’t have enough unconditional love in her heart to love her own children.

    May her soul rot from the inside out.

  4. Holly says:

    😡 The episode with Wendy & Chris broke my heart. Their birth ‘mother’s’ behavior is incomprehensible to me. It’s obvious that she’s a racist bitch, she also seems to me to be a cruel person in general. Why did she fight with their father to keep them to begin with, considering what she later did? I hope that she will regret what she did, as Michelle said, but if she was capable of doing what she did, I doubt if she has conscience enough to have regret about anything. (She sure didn’t take responsibility for anything.) It’s sad that she ran down their father’s reputation, especially since he can’t defend himself, and again, considering what she did, I’d hesitate to believe anything she said or insinuated about their relationship. She sounds like a textbook narcissist to me, and I pray that Wendy & Chris won’t let what she did define them or affect their life in a negative way. I hope so much that they will go on to have a good life, and my thoughts and prayers are with them. I hope that Troy will do an update to let everyone know how they are.

  5. Elaine says:

    The Wendy story broke my heart 😥

  6. Pauline says:

    :sad: Any :sad: mother who goes through labor and delivery I can’t imagine throwing the children to the wind. She makes me sick to my stomach!

  7. Migdalia says:

    I taped the Wendy and Chris segment, because I wanted to see it again. I couldn’t believe that this woman had decided against seeing her own children after abandoning them. How can a mother be so heartless and mean. I cried watching the hurt in Wendy’s face when Troy read her mother’s letter to her. She didn’t even signed it.
    Heartbreaking story to say the least. I hope this woman has a change of heart and comes to her children and they reject her. Their grandparents did a wonderful job raising them and they have more strentgh and dignity than the woman that gave them up.
    I have not been able to delete this show.

  8. Migdalia says:

    I taped the Wendy and Chris segment, because I wanted to see it again. I couldn’t believe that this woman had decided against seeing her own children after abandoning them. How can a mother be so heartless and mean. I cried watching the hurt in Wendy’s face when Troy read her mother’s letter to her. She didn’t even signed it.
    Heartbreaking story to say the least. I hope this woman has a change of heart and comes to her children and they reject her. Their grandparents did a wonderful job raising them and they have more strentgh and dignity than the woman that gave them up.

  9. margaret hill says:

    ❓ i do not understand all the secretes. people all around me know who my birth mother is so whats the deal. i just NEED to know, just for my own, peace of mind and heart. i will never stop looking, now that i have started.

  10. sally sue says:

    Iam 41 years old born May 10, 1968 in Ft. Wayne,Indiana. i am looking for my birth parents,
    I was told that at least my birth mother is from somewhere around Ft. Wayne. I really need to know
    some medical information. i would love to meet my birth family

  11. Jeremy Sparks says:

    My mother was 19 when I was born. She wanted to continue her education. All I know is that she was a sensitive and warm young women that wanted me to have 2 parents. I know little about her. I know she was a high school grad that liked horseback riding, ceramics and sports. She was a Baptist, 5’4 120 lbs. Dark blonde hair, hazel eyes and medium complexion. She listed herself as a caucasion of European descent. I think I was born at Ft. Bliss Hospital in El Paso, TX. I was born on May 14, 1977 at night. The only thing listed about my dad was that he was in the military and had brown hair and blue eyes. He had olive complexion. He was 5’9 and 175 lbs when I was born. He liked mountain climbing and sports. My maternal grandma was 42 at the time I was born. She was a secretary. She had dark blonde hair and hazel eyes. She was 5’2 and 115 lbs. She was in good health other than experiencing migraines. She enjoyed bowling, gardening and sewing. My mom had a brother and two sisters. The brother was 20 when I was born, Her sisters were 18 and 11. They are all dark complexioned with blonde and dark blonde hair. Her brother was tall and her sisters were short. Her middle sister experienced seizures while she was young from what they thought was a blow to the head. The brother was hyperactive and had to take Ritalin for one year. He outgrew this condition as did the sister.
    I would like to know who my family is and thank my mom for doing the most thoughtful and generous act in the world. I want her to know that I have been raised by two wonderful parents. I have a family of my own now. I am tickled to know that their dark skin, dark blonde hair and hazel eyes came from my mom. There is a lot I would like to know about my dad though. If you are out there, mom and dad, I am interested in meeting you and hearing your story if you are willing to hear mine. I live in OK now and I am a healthy happy young man. I am listed in the white pages.
    Jeremy Sparks

    • carla says:

      I think that is beautiful that u still love and respect your birth mom. I was nineteen years old when I gave my daughter up for adoption. I was in a messed up situation and had nowhere to go. I hope that my daughter feels that way about me

    • Jeremy says:

      Today is my birthday. I am 37 now. Even if you are or are not looking for me, mom and dad, I am thinking of you both today. I want you to know that I am doing fine. I am very blessed. Thank you for your selfless act 37 years ago. God has placed me with wonderful parents who have given me a good life. I hope and wish that your lives have been what you wanted them to be. I hope that we can meet someday, but if we cannot, I want you to know that I am a good man. I am a Christian, a husband and father of three (1 son and 2 daughters) who apparently carry my mom’s traits. They are brilliant and funny. You would be proud of us. I want you to have no worries about my childhood. It was full of love and memorable experiences. My parents made me the good man and father I am today. So, If you are thinking of me today mom and dad, know that I am thinking of you too.
      Ft. Bliss
      May 14, 1977
      (born in the evening to a 19 year old daughter of a secretary)

  12. kim cerceo says:

    i have a 16 yr old daughter who has a half sister two yrs older than her she is 19 i have found her half sister and out of respect i spoke with her mother befor talking to her. her mother want let them talk or meet. i suppose that she told her daughter that the man who has raised her all these yrs is’nt her biologisal dad n does’nt want her to knw. my daughter would be ok with just a picture of her. what should i do call and talk to the mother and ask just for a picture or leave it alone? is there any sugestion on how i can get a picture of her without her mom knowing. sugestions on what to do will be appreciated

  13. tracy says:

    just watched the repeat of this episode on bio and cannot belive what a heartless woman jennefir is….she should be on her knees and begging forgivness from her children instead she writes a letter telling them their father was a monster well from the programme the only monster is jennifer the so called mum a title she does not …even animals care for their young…shes sunk so low she cannot sink any lower to me this woman sounds like a nazi….wendy and chris enjoy your life with the family who love you uncondtionally..

  14. tracy says:

    mum a title she does not deserve

  15. i feel for wendy she doesnt know what love is if she cant get them from her pressuse children.I know becuase im still looking for mine after 17 years i regret it.

  16. 😥 she was selfish to do that thinkin of her self not kids 😈 im still lookin for mine today.she will regret it. 😈