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Troy Dunn The Locator on Dr. Phil

Troy Dunn The Locator on Dr. Phil

We want everyone to know that Troy Dunn The Locator will appear on the Dr. Phil Show this coming Friday, 10/21/11, at 4:00 pm Eastern Time. 

Troy Dunn has been reuniting adopted adults with their birth parents for many years now.  He’s a great guy and fantastic showman, and you should take a look at this episode. 

Here’s an excerpt on what the show will be about, obtained from the Dr. Phil episodes page:

“Twins Search for Twins

Dr. Phil’s guests are immersed in an adoption mystery steeped in so many secrets, it took expert locator, Troy Dunn, to reconnect the pieces of their fractured family. Lori, her twin sister, Lonnie, and older sister, Linda, say that even as children, they had a stark memory of their pregnant mother leaving for the hospital and returning without a child and a story that didn’t add up. The siblings say they’ve always had their suspicions about a possible sibling, but it wasn’t until their mother’s death that they discovered a piece to the puzzle — paperwork about twins who were placed for adoption decades ago. Delving into the case, Troy uncovers a shocking surprise, but before a reunion can take place, he must deliver some bad news. Find out what happens as Lori, Lonnie and Linda prepare to meet their long-lost loved ones. It’s a family reunion you don’t want to miss! Plus, if you’re searching for someone, don’t miss Troy’s tips for locating a missing relative.”

We hope you take the time to enjoy Troy Dunn The Locator on the Dr. Phil Show

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The Locator Episodes – New Ones Coming

The Locator Episodes

The Locator Episodes have been phenomenal at reuniting birth parents, adoptees and birth siblings.  The Locator investigative team is top-notch and provides great entertainment when they go into action.  During The Locator episodes, you become part of the emotional rollercoaster that we here at OmniTrace are so familiar with.

Troy Dunn and his staff are inundated with search requests and have to choose from hundreds, if not thousands of cases.  According to WE TV, “…for one week each month, Troy devotes all of his staff and resources to one important case that they call the Read More

Troy The Locator On WE tv

Troy The Locator

Troy The Locator has been reuniting birth family for over twenty years and is one of theAdoption Search most viewed shows on WE tv.  Millions of people have witnessed Troy The Locator conduct reunions between birth parents and adoptees.

A new episode of  Troy The Locator airs Saturday, Sept. 12, 2009,  9:00 PM Eastern Time and 8:00 PM Central. 

Here is what WE tv has to say about Troy The Locator: Read More

The Locator TV Show – All New Episode

The Locator TV Show

We want to remind you that Troy Dunn ‘s The Locator TV Show has an all new episode this Saturday, March 21 at 9 pm Eastern Time / 8 pm Central Time on WE TV.

Troy Dunn has reunited thousands of birth parents and adoptee s.  The Locator TV Show will give you an inside look at what is involved with searching for your birth parents, an adoptee or a birth sibling. 

Here is an episode summary provided by the WE TV website:

“Episode Summary:  In 1985, Wendy and Christopher Radcliff’s mother, Jennifer, left them to be raised by their paternal grandparents when they were young. The brother and sister have called on Troy to locate Jennifer, who originally escaped from an abusive relationship with Read More