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Introducing Sharla Kotler – Adoption Search Consultant

We thought that our visitors might be interested in learning about our OmniTrace staff.  In addition to our management, we have three main departments at OmniTrace:

  1. Our Search Consultant Department
  2. Our Private Investigative / Research Department
  3. Our Client Relations Department

We have six search consultants.  Our friendly and caring consultants interview persons who require a search and (1) obtain any available information on the subject of the search; (2) determine whether the search is viable; (3) provide details about our services; (4) answer all questions and discuss the emotional impact of searching.

Sharla Kotler is an adoption search consultant and has been with us for seven years.  We asked her to write a little bit about herself:

“My name is Sharla Kotler.  I am originally from Montreal, Quebec & moved to sunny Florida over 15 years ago from Toronto, Ontario.

I reside in Boca Raton, Florida & have 2 children, or shall I say young adults!

My background is in the financial services industry and then I made a career change to join OmniTrace and have not looked back since.

I have been working with OmniTrace as an adoption search consultant going on 7 years & I absolutely love my job; it is emotionally rewarding & challenging.  I am a people person & greatly enjoy hearing all of our clients’ different stories & adoption experiences.

In my spare time I enjoy being with my family, working out, playing squash and participating in water sports; however, horseback riding is definitely my passion!”

In future posts, we’ll provide biographies on all our OmniTrace search team.  Please call or write us if you have any questions or would like to conduct a search.  Sharla and our other search consultants would love to hear from you! 

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  1. Kathi for Jyllian says:

    I am looking for a birth father, name unknown who was in the Navy, on ship duty April/May 1986. He had an on board affair with my sister, Laura A. Borrego, also in the Navy, who was born May 10, 1966 in San Antonio, TX. My sister gave birth to Jyllian Dawn on December 27, 1986, in Charleston, SC. Laura has refused to give us his name. We only know that he was tall with red hair and was married to a woman with children [not his]. We think he is from Tennessee. He tried to make contact with Jyll when she was a small child, even writing a letter, which she has never seen. My mother –Jyll’s grandmother – had exchanged letters with his mother, but any name or address was lost when my mother died in 1997. Jyll came to live with me when she was six and stayed for three years. She came back to me at 15 and is a part of my everyday life. She is now 22. Jyll has no contact with Laura, but the last few times they did speak, Laura still refused to give her the name of or even the state where he might be found. The name of the father on her birth certificate was left blank. I have started this search because I am tired of waiting for my sister to give up the information and I’m tired of seeing Jyll cry because she doesn’t know something so important in her life. She is currently in college and she’s in good health. She does not need anything but a connection that she has been waiting for, for a long time.

    • Tammy Bryant Droste says:

      Dear Kathi – Hi, I hope this has reached you with some success in finding the birth father. I am David’s sister, but have not had relationship with David or Laura in over ten years. For reasons, I am pretty sure you know. I really would like to speak with you if you get a chance. I live in Dallas, Texas. My number is 214-738-4407. I have heard such disturbing information about David and Laura as well. I feel so terrible for Jillyn and if you guys need help, I am more than happy to help. You are a wonderful Aunt. How could she not help her baby. I am wondering if Mark, my brother who was a officer in the Marine corp, might have any connections with someone in the Navy that could see who was on that float during that time. You just never know.