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Searching For Birth Mother; Searching For Adoptee – Call The Library!

Searching For Birth Mother | Searching For Adoptee

The Public Library is a great resource if you are searching for your birth mother or searching for an adoptee.

Not convinced?  Here’s just one example of how a library can help you when searching for your birth mother:

If you were adopted in New York City and have your amended (adopted) birth certificate, you can obtain your original birth name by visiting the New York Public Library Genealogy Department.  This department has original birth listings (in birth books and on microfiche) dating back many years.  With the last four digits of your amended birth certificate number and your date of birth, you can find your original, pre-adoption birth listing and birth name.  (Warning, our OmniTrace staff searches the New York birth indexes often and a search can take several hours to complete.)

Here is a sample page of the New York Birth Index:

NYC Birth Index Page

Perhaps we have your attention now on how a library can help you with your search.  :)

If you are an adoptee searching for your birth mother, you will want to contact the County Library where your adoption took place.  Also, if you have information on your birth mother, such as where she was from, you’ll want to contact the County Library in that geographical vicinity as well.

If you are a birth mother searching for an adoptee, you should contact the County Library where the adoption took place.  And, if you have information on the adopting parents, such as their names and where they were from, you’ll want to contact the County Library in that geographical vicinity.

Of course, if your search is not adoption related–perhaps you are searching for an old friend–the library can help you too.  You’ll want to contact the County Library located where the subject and/or the subject’s family members were last residing.

(Please note:  Contacting city libraries may also help with your search.)

When contacting a library, you should ask for the reference department.  This is where you’ll find many resources that can help you with your search.  (Please note:  Many reference departments have separate genealogy departments.)

Speak with a reference librarian and say you are searching for your birth mother or searching for an adoptee–make sure they are not too busy and can give you their full attention.  Reference librarians have great skills when it comes to research and you’ll be amazed at how helpful they can be–and their search expertise is FREE!

Here are possible resources the librarian might research or point out to you:

  • Old and current telephone and city directories

  • Reverse directories

  • Newspaper databases

  • Free Internet access

  • Genealogy records – including birth indexes

  • Genealogy databases – such as Ancestry

  • Trade Organizations and professional association directories

  • Business directories

  • Legal directories

  • Adoption agency directory

  • CD Rom National Phone Directories

Make sure you are courteous and thankful to the librarian who assists you.  It’s good to be polite and you may need their assistance more than once.

Here is a link to find nearly every Public Library in the USA:  Library Finder

We hope this post has demonstrated how valuable the Public Library system can be when searching for your birth mother or searching for an adoptee.

Find Your Birth Family

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  1. christine says:

    i am looking for my birthmother. i was adopted by a couple in passaic nj, i was born in 1968 in atlantic city, december 6th my birth name was dawn but my parents changed it to christine. Please contact me if you have any information im looking for medical records…..

  2. nicole says:

    i am looking for my brother who was adopted by a plano texas family in december of 1989. he was born on november 30 1989 and his parents named him kevin. they also had a son who is 16 years older named chris. this family also has addresses in houston. if you have any information on how i could find kevin please let me know. i have been searching for him for years. i have done many searches in the past 3 years cuz he was getting of legal age. and now he’s 19 and still no internet information on him. which worries me to death.

  3. Karen says:

    I am looking for my birthmother. I was born in 1957 in Trenton, NJ. My birth name was Cheryl Ann Stone and is now Karen Missbach. My mother’s name was Joyce and my father’s name was Robert. Joyce had two sisters. According to the adoption agency (Children’s Home Society) she was 24 at the time and worked as a secretary.

    • hazel arline hunter says:

      :sad: I went through that same agancy for my 37 yr son,she the SW slipped and told me his profession ,he,s a lawyer.I sent her med forms and the 1st letter as he had said a yes to contact.Excited,then months passed ,she claimed she could never reach him,claims his secretarys gave her fake email ? What? Then the secterys thought she was a saleswoman?The SW is supposed to be professional and all this getting us to have contact was another lie,especially when she slipped telling me his profession.Do you think I shoul call the head person at CHS in Jax,Fla.Would you also tell me if they found yours and what did they do or not do for you-BAD Help -Searching

    • Pauline says:

      I am looking for a child my mom gave away for adoption. My mom’s name is Joyce and we didn’t find out about the child my mom gave away until a few years ago. I don’t know who the father is. I just know she and a friend of hers went to New York and came back “not pregnant”.


      • joan says:

        Hi, Did you sign up with ny state registry? Send a copy of your birth cert.

        the forms are on their site,
        ny information registry, google it, and the site comes up.

        ps let me know if you have trouble with it.

        • Pauline Skoviak says:

          Hi Joan,
          So, if I send a copy of my birth certificate, they might be able to find something because my moms name is listed in it? Even if I don’t know who the “dad” is?



          • joan says:

            Hi, yes, NY state registry has a form for siblings to fill out. Also send a copy of your birth cert.
            1) it helps prove who you are.
            2) shows your mothers name.

            3) Fill out as much as you know.


    • Pauline says:

      I am looking for a child my mother gave up for adoption in the 1950′s. My mothers name was Joyce. I do not know the fathers name. I don’t know much as I didn’t find out about it until after she passed away in 2007. Whoever would have known about this is not around either.

      Do you know any other info?


      • joan says:

        Hi, WHat I do know is siblings can sign up on the NY STATE Information registry. Please get to the NY state information registry site, and scroll down, the forms are there. Or call the number and request a form SIBLING form. Send a copy of your birthcert. when submiting that. Put as much as you know.
        and also sign up with


      • alicia says:

        I am helping a female adoptee that was born 1963. Who’s infoar her information sounds similar. The adoption agency got a letter telling her she has a sister looking who found out after her mother passes she was born Marie Barfiled. If any of this sounds familiar please contact!

  4. melissa johntry says:

    iam looking for my son, he was born 01-25-80 in columbus the medical center. he was born shannon dale griffin, i dont know if his name has been changed or not.any help would be appriecated im going nuts without a clue, i have looked everywhere,i need any advice on how to search and get more information

  5. Patricia says:

    I am looking for my daughter who was born on Sept. 3, 1969 and adopted thru Catholic Charities in Paterson NJ. She was given the name of Tammy Lynn Dexter on her original birth certificate. Any information would be appreciated, I would love to know that her life was a happy one. thanks

    • Marie Crouse says:

      I have a friend that was also born in Paterson, NJ in Dec 1968 – with the surname Wanamaker she believes.
      She is so discouraged and ready to give up – maybe you and her could connect with each other – you had a child there and she was born there… if you are willing, email me at and I will give her your contact information. She is in the State of Maine and is the mother of 4 children and would love to find her birth family as all of her adoptive family are gone.

  6. jenny says:

    I am looking for Michelle Counsell who is looking for her 1/2 sister. I have the same d.o.b and was born in WA. Please reply if anyone has any information.

  7. George Peter stitt says:

    I am looking for Lisa Marie Stitt. d.o.b. 04/24/1959 in Pomona, California. She went to the International beverweerd Highschool in The Netherlands – Europe. Please if anyone knows her, or have some information about her, pleas let me know.

    • yohannes says:

      there is a reunion planned for 1974-1978 beverweerd students in July 2011, you can get some info there from facebook

  8. Bonnie says:

    I am looking for my cousin Birth name was Ronnie vicient Pope born 11/01/1955 are 11/02/1955 Born in Jefferson Davis Hospital Houston Texas, Harris County. Birth fathers name Fred vicient Pope born in Madiosonville TX 09/14/1932 & Died in Alabama a couple of months ago 2009 :cry: . Birth mother Louise lilly Busch Pope (not sure of the name order)she lived on Johnson Rd New Caney Tx at one time. Ronnie was Adobted out around age 2 by a Judge in Houston Tx. Please Help us find him we have searched for along time. Also seeking info on birth mother any help would be appreciated. Thank You

  9. Amori S alford says:

    im looking for my biological mother i think her name is tajatah birth name was MarQuisha dawayna loggins mom if you are looking at this im the middle child there is three of us i know were the other to girl are we are all okay but my name has been changed and it is Amori shauntel alford
    Shacretia nichole gray is now 19 im 15 and Tatianna d.Loggins is now 11 and both of them has had their name changed as well and Shacretia name is Nichelle N alford and tatianna is now tatiana D alford please com and find us nichelle’s birthday is June 29,1990,tatiana birthday is april 9 1997 mine is october 14 1994 i just want to know if you still care about us i hate calling people that are not my mom MOM but please please find us

  10. Patsy Rosemann says:

    I am looking for my birth son, William Osmond Kennedy.
    Adopted by Clinton & Inez Kennedy. Born 1/21/1966

  11. LUIS FONSECA says:


    • Dana says:

      Those are two very good registries. You can also sign up with OmniTrace by completing our online search form at:


    • Luis Fonseca says:

      Yes I have. No luck yet. Any more information on “How To” would be greatly appreciated. ;-)

    • kim says:


      I know there were fonseca who lived in park slope, they may have lived in greenpoint since my mom was from gpoint. they were friends. john, gloria, i think andrea was their daughter not sure if that is her name, got this info a while back when i was looking for info. not sure if these names will help, but its woryh a shot. good luck


      • LOU says:

        thank you for you reply in regards to my search. I am actually looking for my biological family by the name of Alvarez. It really makes me feel good to know that someone out there has my interest in their heart.

        thanks again.LOU ;-)

  12. ann-marie l lampert says:

    im looking for ann-marie l lampert birth mom . her name was helen patricia dooling .i need told find her to let her know her little girl. bad time with her adopt mom and dad . i need to let her know that she died on dec 18/09 4:15 am for cancer. please help find her cindy

  13. marianne says:

    im looking for my birth mom i was born june 10 1965 in north atterboro mass i would like to know who i am

  14. Dana says:

    Our post (about using the library) just gave some general directions. When people respond to our blog, we either give them detailed instructions or direct them to someone who can assist them with the look-up.

    Warmest regards,

    Dana Betz

    • Suzanne says:

      Dana, I cant find the post you wrote about searching the library. I am interested in reading about it. Can youstill do the search if you live in a different state than you were born?
      Thanks, Suzanne

    • Don Lindsey says:

      We are looking for a male born 5 Oct 1957 in Washington,
      D. C. His mother, my sister, has some health problems and
      in addition we would love to know him and to have him know his birth family if he is interested.

      Thanks, Don Lindsey

  15. Nicole says:

    Hi! I am looking for my birth brother. He was born around 1977 in philadelphia . I am pretty sure he was born in Aldan PA. My parents do not know I know so I have little information to go with.

  16. DEANNA says:



  17. cheryl montford says:

    Hello i am searching for my birth mother suzanne montieth.I was born august 3 1971. She had me in kingston ontario canada but lived in oswego new york.And gave me up for adoption in new york.Any info or where abouts of her would be greatly appreciated.Or any siblings that might know about me.

  18. Monica Cornett says:

    My mother lost custody of her first 4 children in the 1970′s and We all would love to meet the 3 that we can’t find.Our mother is Peggy Sue Rothfuss(King,too).You were born in Northern Kentucky.I’m the oldest of 3 girls that came after you were taken away.I have heard about you all all of my life.Would like to meet you and if more than that or less we’d be happy.

  19. Christine Harper-Gambardello says:

    Hello: I would love to find my son that I gave up for adoption 25 years ago. He was born 2/25/1985. This is so painful for me and I have never stopped thinking about Matthew. Not one day has gone by that I don’t regret my decision. If anyone knows Matthew Bodine Allison and has any information please contact me here at this site

  20. Dineen says:

    I was born on September 3, 1969 in Oneida County NY. The people that adopted me were from RI ( and I was adopted thru Catholic Charities), they lived in Utica for a few years, then moved back to RI. I have no information at all…I was given “papers” that had no info whatsoever, and everything I did have was lost in a fire that I was in, in college in 1991. I have beautiful twin boys ( fratenal) , that took me forever (in my mind…..almost 2 years) to conceive….I needed someone that “looked” like me!! Needless to say, I have 2 wonderful little boys that look just like me!!!!! If I could find my birth mom or dad; it would complete my life! I have always had the feeling of ” not belonging”. The most important thing is finding out my medical background!! I have no info at all…and it makes me extremely nervous for my children.
    ps…..the only thing I know is my parents were underage( and my nationality is Italian, French and Polish)…supposedly…..

    • mart says:

      Patricia says:
      September 26, 2009 at 8:07 pm
      I am looking for my daughter who was born on Sept. 3, 1969 and adopted thru Catholic Charities in Paterson NJ. She was given the name of Tammy Lynn Dexter on her original birth certificate. Any information would be appreciated, I would love to know that her life was a happy one. thanks

      Did you see this post on here already? Not sure if a possibility or not..may be worth the asking and exchanging of info.

    • joan says:

      Hi Dineen Did you sign up and ask ny state for information.? They have a Mutual consent registry. So does

      Please make sure your contact information is current with these places.


  21. Alex says:

    I am looking for my birth mother – her name is Rebecca J Dickman. Her father was retired Army, I think his name is Carl. I was born in San Antonio, Texas – on or near Ft. Sam Houston Feb. 11, 1978. My birth father’s name is Michael L Garcia. My bio parents were 17 and 16 when I was born – so I understand my birth mother’s choice. I have had a wonderful family life, but would like to have a chance to know more about my birth parents…if I ever had the chance to meet them, that would be wonderful. If not, I would appreciate med. history at least -just to know…

  22. JennyLeigh says:

    :sad: Hello my name is Jen, I am looking for my sister. My mom was raped at the age of 14 and turned up pregnant. Her parents made her give the baby up. The baby girl was born 12/23/1976 in Somerset medical center in somerville, nj. BRown hair brown eyes. Name at birth Brenda Lee Muldowney. Birth mom Robin Lynn England. Please money is very tight especially with christmas coming. My mom cried to me lastnight over this. I am 26 yrs old and lastnight was the first i had heard of any of it. PLEASE ANY HELP WOULD BE MUCH APPRECIATED! Thank you, Jen

  23. Mary K. V. says:

    I am looking for my mother or father. I was born March 22 1962 in Paterson N.J. I know that my biological mom was going to name me Mary. I have been told that their last name was Woodruff. Looking for any information.

  24. PATSY ROSEMANN says:

    Still looking for my birth son. On his original birth certificate It said Russel Dale Saylor. Mother Patsy Saylor.

    Adoptive parents are Clinton & Inez Kennedy. My son’s name was changed to William Osmond Kennedy. He was born in St. Anthony’s Hospital in Chicago, on January 21, 1966. But they were going to move back to Flint Michigan right after He turned one. Contact me please.

    • laura says:

      I found this……William Kennedy, son to the late Inez Kennedy. Living in Warren Ohio with his wife Robin. Good luck!

    • Will says:

      Didn’t know anybody was looking for me, but sure, you can contact me anytime. By the way, I’ve never lived in Ohio, so that is certainly the wrong guy. LOL!

  25. joan says:

    Hi, call the libr in NJ and ask for the archives of phone books,
    check out that name.

    Ask the libr for the 1962 phone books, and have them send you a xerox copy of the page with that name.


  26. Ann Marie E says:

    I had not only gave one couple one child, I gave two beautiful girls a loving couple. I was 17y/o at the time of the first daughter birth, Natalie had some kidney problems so before i allowed this adoption to proceed until i knew my daughter was gonna be ok,after three months i gave this beautiful child away, I was uneducated on adoption and very confused, however i knew that this would be the best thing at this time for my baby. Well almost two years later i gave birth to a second child same father as the first baby, I loved him dearly we cried together, but i informed him that since his recent incarceration that i was going to give this child up for adoption and hopefully this child could possibly go with the first family and be with her biological sister, they agreed… and not to mention very thrilled. I did receive sharing sheets and some pictures, well then in 1996 all of a sudden this stopped, I made calls to Golden cradle and was more or less telling me thing that i wanted to hear, I waited and waited then i finally came too the conclusion that im gonna let it go. Well i can tell you that this has been very difficult for me, mentally and emotionally i was completly devastated by this. I now know that this family that has not one of my children but two of the most beautiful girls in the world, and now MY children are both in their twenties… from the letters i have from the adoptive mother stated several times she would never let this happen, and she did, and I cant even say that how could another human being hurt someone that gave her and her husband something that they could not have, i say she will never know the hurt and damage that she caused me, I now do have contact with the biological father, and he now is aware of all of this.. this experience has left me with wounds that i cannot seem too heal and everyday i feel like someone has put salt in these wounds on a daily basis, All i wanted was pictures and letters to continue, im now 40y/o and im suffering from alot of depression and no one too talk too, i just want some answers about my situation, i have a good reason for waiting this long, i wanted to make sure they were old enough to try too persue this matter

    • laura says:

      I can try to help you locate them, what where the birthdates and where were they born…

      • Judi says:


        can you help anyone? Are there any Maine Children looking for birthmother? One was born in 1967 and the other 1970. I didn’t want to know the sex of either I just can’t stop thinking about them. I went through a lawyer that assured me of good and well off parents.
        I pray he didn’t make that part up. I don’t think he would have. Anyhow, I just am curious. thanks

  27. Krista says:

    :lol: Iam searching for my son. Christopher Steven Smith . He is going on 19 yrs. old. Now i know his last name is Wheeler. Lives somewhere in N.Y.S. Chris born @ W.C.A. hospital. In Jamestown, N.Y. Closed adoption. I don’t know if he even knows he’s adopted. I would like to be reunited with my son. He has three other siblings. This action i took @ 17 yrs. old was the best thing i felt like i could do for him. Out of love and concern for my child. If anyone could be of assistance, please respond. God bless.

    • joan says:

      Hi, Did you sign up with the NY STate Information registry. they have the forms, or call and request one, if you haven’t already.


  28. :| Hello my name is Tamera O’Donnell I was born in Renton Washington King county and I am looking for my father Tom O’Donnell. I know little about as my mother can’t keep her story straight about him. As far as I know he was truck driver that meet my mother and they lived in Kent Washing around the time I was born which is 11/26/1976. Please if anyone knows of him please e-mail me or respond here. Thank you

  29. Lisa says:

    looking for a friends 1/2 sister born in new york,new york, i believe the adoption place was run by nuns. She was born between 1975-1978 (no straight answers) the mothers name is Rose (shes from Bk, Italian would have been 21-24) may have used Mary or Marie on the adoption paper work. The girl was born in the early months of the year, I believe she was adopted by someone in Long Island

  30. joan says:

    Anyone from Rhode Island can request their Orig. birth cert. as of July 2,1012 at Vital records office. 25+ age,
    Also sign up on their Voluntary registry.


  31. deborah says:

    I’m looking for my birth mom my birth certificate states that I was born in Camden New Jersey, on Aug. 22, 1969 my adopted parents are deceased and I have a empty spot in my life that I need to fullfill. Please respond. Thanks for your help.

  32. Tina says:

    I am looking for a foster child that I had from birth to 3 1/2 yrs. She was adopted be a family that lives in Vancouver, WA. They told me I would get letters and pictures all the time. It only lasted for a few years. Te last thing I was told is ” we are having some problems and she is making life a little difficult in out house. We have decided. To give her back to the state because we can’t. Do it any more”. I would take my baby back in a heart beat! Her name is Serenity ( Renny) Fassold, the original adoption took place in pierce county WA. Her dob is 1.27.00
    If anyone knows anything or can help that would be great.

    Thanks much

  33. joan says:

    Dear Tina, maybe contact the courts and say you heard she was back in the system, and would like to offer her a home. You seem to have enough information of birthday, and name.
    AT least say you would like to ask her, if she would like to live with you. etc.
    Lets hope the court would be open to the idea.

    good luck, update us. Let us know what happens.


  34. Joni says:

    Im looking for my father, probebley lived in Texas, I was born at Jefferson Hospital in Houston Tx, April 5, 1983. My mother’s name was Pam Little or Pam Grissom at that time. We lived in the Tomball or Magnolia area. After I was born we moved to Tennessee. My mother has never told me anything about my real father. If any informtion please contact me at 731-307-5410, or respond here. Thank you.

  35. Matthew says:

    I am in search of my birth parents and/or any other relatives. I was born in Bexar County. The agency who handled the adoption was The Texas Cradle Society. I have minimal information. I was born April 24, 1985. Both of my parents are photographers as well as others on both sides I believe.

  36. joan says:

    Did you sign up with the Texas state registry? Also get someone to check the Birth index for you.


  37. Gracie says:

    Hi I had a son in Vancouver WA in October 1994 I think on Oct 2, 1994 maybe it was Oct 4th the dates are kind of fuzzy in my mind as I was so very upset during that time after you had been taken away from me. I named him Richard Ryan and loved him so very very much and was 17 at the time living in a state foster home myself and was forced pretty much to give him up and he was taken from me before I left the hospital. I always had and still do have hope of one day finding you and at least being able to know who you are. if you see this or someone knows or thinks they know you and can help me find you. Thanks so very much.

  38. Billy Dougherty says:

    I am looking for my birth mother, name is Francis Cookie Smith. I was born October 8, 1963 in Reisterstown, Maryland. My mother was around 17 at the time and gave me to my real father and mother who raised me, with no official adoption. I have been to the vital statistics and there is no record of my birth. I have also some evidence that I may have a sister named Gail Smith. I am at a dead end and need help finding this person. Any advice or help would be great. Thank you.

  39. Kaylene Sheldon says:

    I am looking for my nephew his name was Henley at the time of adoption. He should be 22 years old and he was born in January of 1990. The last time his mother saw him was when he was two years old in Carsen City. Please contact me, your mom really wants to meet you!

  40. cathy says:

    Born 4/24/68 in cattauragus county ny. Adopted in olean ny. Believe my birth name was patty, searching for birth mother

  41. Dana says:

    Thanks Joan. We were aware of all this but we appreciate your post. Things are definitely changing for the better, albeit slowly.

    Best regards,


  42. allen says:

    On the eve of my 49th birthday I’m searching for my birth parents or siblings . I was born in Connecticut on October 31st 1964 that’s 10/31/64 . I was born in Middletown at Middlesex hospital and baptized in East Hampton Ct . unfortunately Ct is a closed adoption state and all records are sealed . Thanks MOM I know it was the hardest thing you ever had to do . I hope some day we will meet . just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you on my birthday and hoping you were doing the same .


  43. Marva says:

    I was adopted in the 50′s(Buffalo, NY). I’m searching for my birth mother and three older siblings. I have been registered with the NY State Adoption Registry since 2002. The NY State Adoption Registry will not release my identifying information to me until my birth mother or sibling(s)have registered. It’s a possibility that my siblings were never informed about me. My birth mother will be or would have been 95 yrs. old this year. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  44. Lee says:

    Searching for my husbands half brother???? Male born either 1985/1986 state of Connecticut! Birth mother Francis Smith! Maiden name Chapman….not married to birth father!! Birth parents in early 30′s at time of birth. Baby boy born possibly St.Francis hospital, Rockville general, or Hartford hospital. Birth parents living together at time of birth in Rockville Vernon CT! My husband and adoptee share same birth father! Catholic charities was the agency used! Very hard for us to find you, hopefully someone reading this will know some info??? My husband recently found out about you from a relative! My husband is 33 hrs. Old! Any help greatly appreciated!

  45. Jan Best says:

    Hi, my Cousin Dawn is looking for her brother (my cousin) Terrance James Baker.

    Terry was born at home–in Westernville NY–on August 3, 1945 (approx year). Terry was about 5 years old when he was adopted.

    Prior to that, Terry lived with his young mother Eleanor Baker (Born: 12-25-1928) and his Grandmother Mabel Mae Baker (Born: April 26, 1897, DIED: Nov. 7, 1949). Her also had a baby sister named Ruth Baker who lived in the same residence.

    When his Grandmother died, Terry was put up for adoption along with two cousins Bill and Joe.

    Terry’s father was Terrance Larkin, possibly from the Forestport NY area. Terry’s father may have not known he had a son.

    Any tips or information would be helpful.

    CONTACT: Jan Best at

  46. Robert says:

    My Sister looking for her Daughter born 5/15/1981

  47. Shannon Michelson says:

    Looking for brother born 12/22/1977. SHAWN PATRICK CALLAHAN born in HACKETTSTOWN, NJ to dennis callahan & virginia gross. It was done through bethany christian services as a closed adoption & its been hell trying to find him. Ive been searching since i 1st found out about him (*7 years ago*) I wish njs laws were different :(

  48. Colleen Gilliland says:


  49. Dawn says:

    Hi I am searching for my maternal grandparents. My Mother was adopted a few days after birth and was born in Brooklyn NY on Nov 2, 1949 at Williamsburg Hospital and was adopted thru lawyers Schulman & Schulman. Her father’s name was Thomas J. Applegate and Mother’s name is Josephine Applegate. Father was 19 , Mother 18 at the time of birth and there was 1 child born to her Mother before she was born. The adoption was handled thru private placement and my Mother was named Joanne Irene Lombardi by her adoptive parents- Emilio Lombardi and Josephine Lombardi.

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