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Staying Organized and Keeping Good Notes Will Help You Search For Someone Lost

Search For Someone Lost

When OmniTrace begins a new search for someone lost, we ask our client, who is requesting the search, for as much information as possible about the lost subject of the search and  take extensive notes.

During the course of a search for someone lost, we attempt to fill in all the blanks. We also take notes on any research that we conduct such as:

  • Our telephone calls – who we speak with, the phone numbers dialed, when we call and what we learn.
  • The research we conduct – we record what databases, genealogy records, census records, phone directories, city directories, etc. that we access.  We record when we access these records.
  • The letters and emails that we send, when we send them, the dates we send them and if and when we receive a response.

What we are emphasizing here is to keep extensive notes on everything you do during the course of your search for someone lost.  It’s vital!   Each source that you access will provide you with different details about your lost subject.  A marriage record may get you a maiden name.  An old city directory may get you employment information.  A criminal record may get you a date of birth.  The information you obtain from one source will allow you to search other sources for more information (e.g. obtaining a date of birth from a criminal record may allow you to request driver’s license information).

Trust us here, if you don’t take good notes when you search for someone lost, you will lose track of what information you have collected.  Not having good notes will prevent you from staying organized and putting the pieces of the search puzzle together.

When taking notes, try to clarify which information is exact and confirmed and which information is speculative and unconfirmed.  For instance, if you are an adoptee searching for your birth mother, you may have been told that your birth mother was 16 at the time of your birth and from the Bronx.  This is unconfirmed data and you need to make a note of this.  We have clients who have spent years searching on their own, unsuccessfully, because they put their trust in unconfirmed data.  You must be very careful working with unconfirmed data, particularly dates and places.

So, stay organized, take good notes, be accurate, verify your information (from as many sources as possible), don’t make assumptions and jump to faulty conclusions.  This will help you search for someone lost.

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  1. I was adopted by a woman whos name is Georgia Anna Cambell. When I was 13 yrs old I was taken out of her custody & placed in Sandersville Dention Center for about 1 1/2 years or so, then was placed in the Macon Youth Development Center for about the same amount of time. I did not even know that I was adopted until I was in Macon in councsling & was asked how I felt about being adopted? So ever scense I have been full of questions & have never gotten anything but lies, & stories that make no sense at all. I was then placed in a foster home where I met my first x-husband which the judge signed for me to get married to at 16 because I was a ward of the state.
    I am almost positive that Robert Campbell was my father because he passed away when I was around 8 yrs. old & she started drawing SSI checks for me on him. Robert Campbell was also her father!!!!
    She has given me this story over & over again that her best friend got pregant by this man (WHO?) & they hid the pregancy from another man that she was to marry, & he wouldn’t have if he knew she was pregant. But when I talk to this woman that is suppose to be my mother……she can not remember the mans name that she got pregant by.
    She also adopted my brother in Germany (my step father was in the Air Force), & they wound up having a daughter of their own. She was very loving, caring, supporative, & giving to them, but she was so very horrible to me…..she had to have been to have been taken out of her custody!!!!!!She did things like handcuff me to the bed for 3 days at a time, & my brother would slide my peanut butter crackers & water under my door, or sneak me the key so that I could fix myself something to eat, & then handcuff myself back to the bed. I can not begin to even explain the torture, hurt, & pain, I would go through when she did this. All I could do was lay there on my back & stare at a bunk bed over me. No Tv to watch, NOTHING to do but lay there & be so hungry my stomach hurt. Well I can go on, & on, but this woman & now 80 yrs, old, & she has, & never, will tell me the truth. But before she passes away I want to know the truth, & want her to know I know the truth. I have always tried to tell her I do forgive you, but I will never forget. I would just like to know if the real reason she resented me so very much was because her father raped her & I was the result of it????? That I could see & understand it, if that was it. But she refusses to tell me anything but lies. If there is smething that you could or would do, you don’t know how deeply, & greatly, I would apperciate it. Here’s hoping to hear something other than you are someone else that wants $$$$$. I can’t work, I am disabled,& am trying to get my benifits, which all of this is not helping in the least. Thank You for your time & patience.
    Debra J. Hamilton

  2. I would love to hear something back from someone. Thank You Debra J. Hamilton

  3. Christopher Coates says:

    I am looking for my biological father, his name is James Robert Booth, (Jim). (born on Jan. 12th, 58-59) My mom, Marylyn met Jim in Aurora, Colo., in 1979-1980. He was just getting out of the Navy, his mom Geri lived in Aurora too. Most of his family was from Pensacola, Fl. I was born in Aurora/Denver Colo., in Sept. 1981. My name is Christopher, like his first son was. I havent seen him since I was two and my mom got married and we moved with my step father who was in the Army. I am trying to find him for my family history, and curiousity. Any info on him will be appreicated.