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Testimonial – OmniTrace Researchers Julie & Sari Find Adopted Child


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Julie & Sari,
I am so excited I can hardly contain myself.  I have had about a dozen mail/email contacts from the child I gave up for adoption 38 years ago.  All I can say is thank you.  I am overwhelmed that mine is a good story.  I am also so glad that I had taken pictures of my adopted child 38 years ago.  I had adopted child baptized and took pictures of the infant before I would let the adoption agency take her from the hospital. (The hospital and adoption agency really fought me at the time I requested the baptism and pictures be taken.)  I had kept those pictures all these years.

After successful letters and emails from my adopted child, Shelly, I put together a grouping of pictures, her baptism pictures, and pictures of my other children and family members.  She returned by sending an album of pictures to show me what she looked like when she was growing up in her adopted family.  I think the total reality that you had truly found the right person was when I received her album yesterday–she had pictures of the day her parents had picked her up–identical to the pictures I had taken the day of her baptism.  I truly knew as soon as I saw the pictures that it was the same girl. That tiny little bit inside of me hoping we had the right person but still maybe 1% doubting was confirmed when I looked at those pictures side by side.  

Shelly holds no hard feelings for the decision I made all those years ago, and families on both side are open to further contact, and we hope to meet in person within the next year.  And oh my gosh–we look alike!   Not just a little bit, but a whole lot alike.  I have a second daughter that looks like me as well.  Now there are three of us in this world who look alike.  I have spent hours in the past two days, just staring at the pictures.  We even have the same legs in the pictures that were taken of us in shorts, the same smile, the same look from the side, the same cheeks, eyes, and yes even the same double chin.

I can not begin to thank you enough for all you have done to help me reach this resolution in my life.  My years of anguish over that decision I had to make so many years ago has been softened with the success of this search and all the positive information I have received about wonderful life and family that Shelly grew up in.  I can not thank you enough for the wonderful job you did in your search.  I always had a fear that since my one daughter and I looked so much alike that someday, I would be walking the streets and maybe walk into another person that looked like me.  If pictures can tell the story, the pictures we have exchanged certainly prove that if I had run into Shelly on the streets that I might very well have known that she was that daughter that I had given for adoption all those years ago. 

The money for your services was a nominal amount, and I have been rewarded a hundred fold.  You are gracious, professional people who are to be commended for you work.  I hope you can share with your supervisor how happy I am to have used your services for my search. 
Will keep you posted.
Donna Z B

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  1. Patricia Ann Miller says:

    looking for birth mother.Name Chiquita Jones,birth father, James B Miller.Born in Brooklyn NY

  2. lISA says: