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Open Adoption Records In Colorado!

Open Adoption Records In Colorado

Great news for those adopted in Colorado who are searching for their birth parents.  Persons adopted in Colorado will soon have access to their original birth records, as long as their adoption was finalized between July 1, 1951 and June 30, 1967.

OmniTrace contacted the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment to confirm that Colorado open adoption records will soon be available.  They have informed us that forms will be available to request original birth certificates on June 29, 2009.

In addition, Richard Uhrlaub, Co-Director of Adoptee in Search/Colorado’s Triad Connection,  has indicated that adoptees will be able to visit the county where their adoptions were finalized and obtain their unsealed adoption records.

OmniTrace will post additional details, as we receive them, on exact procedures to obtain your original birth certificate and Colorado adoption records.

Once you obtain your original birth certificate and adoption records, you will still have much work to do.  At this juncture, you will likely have your birth mother’s maiden name and some background history on your birth family.  Now you will need to determine current names and addresses of your family members via, Internet research, database research and genealogical research.   Then, you will need to discreetly make contact with your birth  family members.  (It is possible that your birth mother has never told anyone about your existence.)

Please contact OmniTrace to assist you with all aspects of your search for your birth family (in Colorado or elsewhere).  Call us toll free at:  1-888-965-6696 to discuss all your options.  You can also email us at

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  1. Adoptees in Search - Colorado's Triad Connection says:

    Thanks for spreading the news about Colorado’s Appeals Court victory. These are exciting times! Just wanted to clarify a couple of points:
    1) Vital Records has posted the new form which allows adoptees whose adoptions were finalized between July 1, 1951 and June 30 1967 to obtain their OBC and any other records on file with the CDPHE. Here’s a link:

    2) The Denver Juvenile Court has also established a procedure whereby adoptees who were adopted through that court (ONLY) are able to complete a form called the Family Information Request form and receive records without filing a motion with the court. The fee is $9, but could increase by another $15 if the records you seek are off-site in storage. Proof of ID is required. We hope other jurisdictions imitate this practical example soon.

    3) For those adopted through other jurisdictions, it is suggested that you review the AIS/CTC Law and Legislation page ( to see which option might work best for you. Many courts are releasing records based on a Motion and Affidavit (form JDF 343) completed (by an adoptee who is also an attorney) as noted, with an accompanying copy of the Court of Appeals ruling.

    4) Keep in mind that adoption records are defined by statute (again, see our Law and Legislation page for the applicable section of law and the specific names of the documents). Therefore, it is not reasonable to expect copies of counseling relinquishment records, home studies, or documents from the post-adoption record. However, it might be a good idea to specify those records in your request and cite the statute, in case the court handling your adoption hasn’t processed any requests yet.

    5) Please be patient with court and Vital Records employees. They are receiving a large number of requests, and are not in a position to explain the reasoning behind the time frames (please read the Court’s opinion for that) or offer legal advice. These forms are intended to be “self-help” administrative documents. However, if you know an attorney willing to review yours at a reasonable cost, this is always recommended.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks so much for your information! If you ever need a favor in return, please let me know.

    Best regards,

    Dana Betz
    OmniTrace Corp.

  3. Catherine Victorson nee Cox says:

    I hoped this legislation that I heard about on the news tonight would be helpful to me.

    I am disappointed that my birthdate in January 1949 will not be included which leaves me in the same difficulty.

    Is there any option??

  4. admin says:

    Hi Catherine. Someone from our office will contact you early next week and discuss your options with you.

    Best regards,

    OmniTrace Corp.

  5. Chris Buchanan says:

    I too am disappointed , I was adopted in 1949 and had been a ward of the state, does this create special problems? Thanks , Chris

  6. Rich Uhrlaub says:

    Hello Colorado adoptees! The number of original birth certificate requests processed since June 29 is now between 350-400, and continuing to grow.

    For those who fall outside the 1951-1967 dates, you still have the option of registries or using a confidential intermediary (but plans are forming for more progress!). Also, if you are already reunited you can release records through mutual consent of the parties, or if your search has revealed a deceased loved one, the Colorado Statute (Section 19-5-305) allows you to get your records too.

    For those adopted before 1949, the new Appeals Court ruling states in the dicta of the case that there is no indication in the legislative history that the 1949 law which sealed records was intended to be applied retroactively. However,because that holding is not part of the official ruling (last couple of paragraphs) courts and Vital Records are not allowing pre-’49 adoptees access. It may be reasonable to argue that, based on average life expectancy, your birth parents are deceased if you were adopted prior to 1949.

    Adoptees in Search – Colorado’s Triad Connection is hosting a conference Sept. 18-19 entitled Music of the Soul. Our featured guest speakers are Hon. Ray Martinez, former Mayor of Fort Collins Colorado,and author of Baby Boy R; and Marlou Russell, PhD, a psychologist who specialized in adoption related issues. She is the author of Adoption Wisdom: a Guide to the Issues and Emotions of Adoption. For information, call us at 303/232-6302 or email Location is near the Denver Tech Center (intersection of I-25 and I-225) Hope you can make it!

    Also, just wanted to let everyone know our website will be moving soon – watch for an update.

  7. Dana says:

    Thanks for your post Rich. Sorry I missed your call today. I’m running around like a chicken without a head but will return your call shortly.

    Best regards,

    Dana Betz

  8. julie says:

    This is great for everyone except i was born July 12 1967. and no info on my parents.what steps do i take;


  9. Rich Uhrlaub says:

    Please note our new website address for Adoptees in Search – Colorado’s Triad Connection, and update your links! Thank you.

    Great news! Over 500 Colorado adoptees have received their OBC’s since July 1, 2009. The courts are also generating a new form which will make it easier for adoptees to request court records, and the Department of Human Services just approved a rule which now allows them to release certain records in their posssession. See our website for more details.

    • Dana says:

      That really is great news. Rich, if you’d like to do a full post on our blog about Colorado open records, I’ll be happy to post your information for you (we currently receive over 4000 visits per day). You can email it to me at:

      Best regards,

      Dana Betz

  10. Chris Buchanan says:

    Just an update for some of you out there who were born in 1949, I wrote the state of colorado a letter asking if there had been any more changes to the law regarding adoptions , I advised them I was a ward of the state and born 3/26/49. The answer I received from them was a application for release and a note to enclose a check in the amount $37.50 which I did. They cashed the check and sent me a denial based on my birth year!! How about that,I even explanined to them when I was born,guess the state is pretty hard up for revenue and will stoop very low to get it!!

  11. Richard Lano says:

    just found this..hope it works..I was born Feb. 1st 1967..keeping my fingers crossed

  12. shawn holt says:

    hi i was borned sept 27 1966 male 740 pm at lutheran medical and hospital in wheat ridge co i was told i possibly was adopted 2 times the last time i was adopted i think the date i was told was oct of 1974 i know nothing else how do i find out about me im 46 i have bi polar manic depression emotional stress disorder and i was told i got lung cancer i been lookin for something about me for yrs im on ssi i was told that i was abused as a infant when i was 6wks old i was kicked in the head i was scalded broke left femar i needed eye surgery i had a subdual hematoma its very confusing and with no income its hard i was told i have a older sibling 2 yrs older other family members i dont have nothing to go on all dead ends its like i was never borned

  13. Christa says:

    My mother gave birth to a little boy in a Florence Crittendon home in Denver in 1969. I was born 18 moths later, and only found out about this young man a year ago. I’ve had no luck finding him through Florence Crittendon, and all I know for sure was my mother’s name, race, and birthday. I think she named the child Joey, and I suspect he doesn’t know he was adopted. There are things about his mother (our?) mother that he needs to know. . . is there any way a half-sibling can get information on a person born of a shared parent?

  14. Brian says:

    I want to know who gave birth to me I was born 6/6/1954 in Denver and adopted 11/18/1954 I also would like to find my twin sister

  15. Linda says:

    I was adopted in 1970 and was briefly contacted in 2002 by my birth mother through the State of Colorado. I had the option to have my records opened and agreed. I was told at one time that I have a strong American Indian heritage by birth. How can I verify this and obtain documentation of my background?


  16. Jennie McGill says:

    I would like to get my original birth certificate and my adoption records. A cording to what I have read tonight that I can get both. How do I request this information?